Poll Question 092 – What do you do with maps and mods after playing them?

19th July 2008

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I’ve heard of people who have over 10Gb of maps and mods in their Steam folder. I normally delete a map or mod as soon as I have finished it but I keep local and offsite copies. What about you?

What do you do with maps and mods after playing them?

The Poll


  1. Sabre

    Any of the above depending on how much I liked them.

    Maps I keep installed more often because I can use them in Smod. Mods I tend to keep a local backup in case I have to or want to reinstall. I uninstall them once I finish with them.

    If I don’t like them I delete them completely.

  2. MrTwoVideoCards

    Leave only my favorites.

  3. Mel

    Only leave a few in Steam the rest I copy to file, however I am thinking about transferring them to disc, but if downloads are always assured from PP then there is no need to keep any customer mods or maps in any form.

  4. Speckman

    Out of curiosity I checked my hard drive, 21Gb of maps and mods!

    I guess I am just too lazy to delete them after playing. Maybe I will play them again someday.

  5. A I

    I keep ’em all ,weather I like ’em or not, most for reference or replay. Last check backup HD has 26.6 GBs of maps/mods and 15.9GBs of updates! Thats not including the data DVDs of “old” games, Doom,Duke and many many others, and all the originals! I guess I’m a packrat!! Maybe I’ll give ’em all away(someday)!

  6. tox (dev)

    Good : No delete. + Backup

    Bad,Mad : First delete, No backup

  7. Sortie

    I always keep mods and maps, as I have lots of disk space there is no need to delete any Steam Content. A quick (actually Windows took minutes to calculate it) check of my SourceMods/ folder exluding my own content showed that I have 24,1 GB of mods installed. Impressive how much content people has produced, seeing as Steam claims that HL2 is only 3,4 GB!
    The reason I keep my downloaded content is because it shows me how much I actually have played, I find it awesome to have a very long Steam Games list. It’s also partically because my brother uses my computer from time to time, and he should have a chance to my the mods as well. 😉

    … But 24,1 GB? Daynm. Let’s see who hits 100 GB worthy of SourceMods first. 😛

  8. Straven

    I’ll keep a mod if I like it, and not many source mods have been able to impress me yet… But I do have a lot of mods for HL1 I use the WON version for most of the mods since it just seems to make steam run faster. Current WON Half-Life folder size is 5.24 GB.

  9. Senator33

    The decent or workable maps are kept, then later I run them on SMOD, with maximum weapons, difficulty and gore.

    Keep the better mods….they play well on encores. Maybe one day someone will figure an easy way to play the mods on SMOD also.

  10. 4lyx

    My downloaded map/mod folder rings in at 8.24 gigabytes.

    My actual Steam/sourcemods folder is 42.8 gigabytes.

    This doesnt include individual maps that I installed in any Half-Life 2 related maps folder, so add some weight there.

    I leave everything installed and play them at random to avoid burnout but even that approach is getting old.

    Smod/Sci-fi is good stuff. I ran across SMOD: OUTBREAK and am just loving it!

  11. When I download a map or mod I keep the archive in my hardisk (with a screenshot of the site to remind it) and when my HLmods folder is around of 4.5 GB put all on a DVD

  12. Bladesinger

    My Steam folder is 79 GB, and my SourceMods folder is 20 GB, I think that explains quite well what I do with my downloaded content.

  13. Anonymous

    18.4Gb for me. I keep everything, but every now and again I’ll replay them, and delete the ones that I’m not so keen on.

    In the past I used to delete everything, but found that I ended up downloading something again to play it for a second time. In those days though, Hard Drive space was at a premium. I’m a DJ by trade, and in those days a 120Gb hard drive wasn’t enough to hold my 30,000 song collection and my gaming stuff! Now I’ve got a 500Gb drive, things are radically different!

  14. fragmaster

    Either way id say some id keep if I really enjoyed playing through them too see if I could do something different the 2nd or 5th time through.
    Depends also if I un-installed windows for some reason id later go back to those maps even when my system has been upgraded.

  15. Kasperg

    Delete them, with no backup.
    There’s usually not much replay value to any of the mods I’ve played, and I don’t play multiplayer mods. In any case this is the age of broadband and I know where to find them.

  16. CrowbarSka

    If I really enjoyed a mod I will leave it installed and keep a backup (RAR file).
    If not, I will delete it all.

  17. john

    i like to play big mods not maps and save the download file and burn to cd when I get enough to fill a cd.
    i am not really a map kind of guy and like something long with something of a story.

  18. fragmaster

    If it was possible to see all these maps we have played & played later or played again or forgotten would everyone like to see them once more in a Enhanced Versions or ported over to the Episode Packs for greater detail or even making use of the new Enemies & Situations.

    HL2 Black Mesa Source is doing such a thing to make the Original a experience like no other.
    Maps have been remade on other game engines to make them playable once again for those intrested in the new old creative vision.

  19. Hmm I’m on 43.3 gigs in my steam folder after a fresh install of xp and I’ve been camping most of the last month with no time to download stuff lol.Before the xp install I was over 150 gigs.I try to keep all of them just to help people who get stuck if I can.

  20. Count_de _Monet

    I’ll play anything but “empty” maps without a story or definite purpose, then I usually burn a DVD and clean up my PC.
    BTW, I have a huge collection of Doom (I, II, III), Quake, HL and HL2 wads, either personal or commercial compilations. Anybody interested ?


  21. 23-down

    That depends on the mod.

    If I like the mod and think it’s worth keeping it on my harddisc or I know it was hard to get or is hard to find then I keep it.

    If it’s ugly then I delete the installer + the mod itself in steam or won hl1 & hl2.

    in hl1 I play only sp mods since hl1 is old and no one plays that anymore mp is not interesting anymore.

    In Steam I play mostly only mp mods. Still sometimes sp mods too. I delete the installer and keep the mod in steam installed.

    HOLY SHIT… My steam folder is 41Gb big on my C: hard drive… Ok it’s time to delete some mods… OMG ! ^^

    And I wonder where all my disc space went.

  22. I’ve left mine in steam so far, but once I finish playing through this main set of mods I’ve gathered up, I’m going to start zipping everything onto DVDs so I have backups of each mod to do a fresh install from. this way I can trim out the crappy stuff before I actually waste disc space on a mod I don’t even like. I pretty much got burned with Missing Information mod, which took up most of a disc all by itself and I ended up not liking it at all.

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