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I really like Half Life, shocker! Using this site to manage mods I've played or want to play. I mostly do HL1 mods, but I can dig an occasional mod for 2. Take care!
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I try to be balanced, but I lean more towards cautious. Surprise turrets have traumatized me.

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  1. Portal 2
  2. Stephens Sausage Roll
  3. HROT
  4. A Short Hike
  5. That Which Gave Chase


  1. They Hunger Trilogy
  2. Smart Decoy
  3. Edge of Darkness
  4. Half Life: Echoes
  5. Sweet Half Life

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Latest 25 Comments
16 Apr 2024 Case Closed I am going to upgrade my score to "Play it Now", I quite enjoyed this after a replay. My issue wi...
15 Apr 2024 Half-Life: The World Machine Really neat mod! I had my gripes, but I did enjoy it. I thought the level design was simple but s...
26 Sep 2022 Uplinked Banger Mod! Meant to be an extension of Forget about Freeman, and sorta a Uplink remake, It is...
24 Aug 2022 Crowbar of Time Putting my score as a "maybe", I do like it but its very jank. Mod broke on me quite a few ti...
20 Aug 2022 Bridge the Gap 2.0 Honestly, why play it ? Looks nice, intuitive level design, fun combat, and it's super short....
17 Aug 2022 Down Time A pacifist run is completely possible with this mod! I read a review wondering if this was p...
17 Aug 2022 E-Lab-orate Has a super nice flow to it, cool puzzles as well! I originally beat the map in about 13 minu...
16 Aug 2022 The Xeno Project Neat little mod. Starts out a little rough at first, but picks up after the tank fight.I don'...
16 Aug 2022 Focalpoint I found the mapping and detailing to be impressive. Its a very good looking mod. A lot of scripti...
14 Aug 2022 Edge Of Darkness Incredible mod. I don't know where to begin. So much top notch stuff here. Amazing environment...
11 Aug 2022 ETC - Earthquake Test Centre *Decent length to, doesn't drag. sorry about that
11 Aug 2022 ETC - Earthquake Test Centre Well done! Noticed how just how well done the level design is, nicely lit and detailed! Keeps...
10 Aug 2022 Radix Definition of short and sweet. Good level and combat design. Very nice and detailed mapping, love...
10 Aug 2022 Timeline 2: Iced Earth I didn't finish this mod so I wont use the recommendation system. I think the first part, "Be...
08 Aug 2022 Timeline 1 I sadly don't really vibe with the mod. I really like the concept, time traveling to see old, uni...
06 Aug 2022 Prototype 98 Not a fan. I tried my bit, none of the puzzles are hard, just clunky designed.
04 Aug 2022 Case Closed Solid mod! Surprisingly more difficult than I was expecting, but not in a unfair way. Combat a...
03 Aug 2022 Smart Decoy Such a smart, short mod. I absolutely love it! I think the highlight and show-stealer is the l...
02 Aug 2022 Black Guard oh and how can I forget -really questionable level design I.E. very obscure paths you would have...
02 Aug 2022 Black Guard I really don't like this one. -absurd amount of backtracking -key cards -underpowered weapo...
26 Jul 2022 Introduce Yourself Hello! Name is Matthew! I don't really have much to say except that I just adore Half Life 1 ...
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