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30 Jul 2021
22 Jan 2024

Half-Life: The World Machine

for Half-Life

You are Flynn Weißhaupt, a computer engineer of Black Mesa who worked on the Gibson, a powerful supercomputer. Now with the Resonance Cascade, it is your mission to retrieve the data of the Gibson and destroy it. Because The Gibson is too powerful to fall into the hands of alien forces or the military.


Total Downloads: 86511th November 2023
17 Comments and 12 recommendations, most say "Play It Later"

Half-Life: WAR (Demo)

for Half-Life

You are Captain Tony Snyder, a former member of the Navy Seals, and just joined “The Savior’s Order” (T.S.O.), a top-secret military organization specialized in espionage, sabotage, infiltration, you name it.

Since you’re the new guy in T.S.O., you’re getting a simple mission for now. T.S.O.’s informants have been talking about a headquarters of a yet-unknown terrorist group. The headquarters are located in Poland, but the T.S.O. is still not sure where the group originated from. Your mission is to infiltrate the headquarters, and gather information about the unknown terrorist group. Of course, since you’re the new guy at T.S.O., Agent Six will be assisting you in your mission. You will meet Agent Six near the entrance to the headquarters. Good luck.

Note: this release comprises the first mission of Half-Life: WAR, which is still in development.


Total Downloads: 1,28027th August 2021
16 Comments and 8 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!


for Half-Life

Half-Life, Uplink, and more.

Uplinked is a series of eleven maps that aims to be an extension to “Forget About Freeman!”. Uplinked takes place between the original maps, hence it can be started from “Forget About Freeman!” or “Black Mesa Inbound” like the original game. The general premise is the same as the Half-Life demo, Uplink (tune the transmitter to gain access to Lambda Complex). Locations vary from Uplink or Half-Life Alpha inspired to completely original ones. Be aware that Uplinked has more puzzles compared to the original game, therefore might require more thinking.


Total Downloads: 2,33026th June 2021
31 Comments and 14 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"

Local Motive: Definitive Edition

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

On the outskirts of City 17, Gordon is found on a train in the middle of a Combine outpost by a man named Levi. Gordon and his newfound ally must run, think, and shoot if they wish to live to see another day. Featuring high quality voice acting, custom animations, and more of that Half-Life 2 gameplay that you love. Local-Motive is a treat for all Half-Life fans!

Local-Motive is a free Half-Life 2 modification originally released in 2016 as a RunThinkShootLive exclusive. This remastered version features updated visuals, polished gameplay, and an all new commentary system to provide insight into the development of both the original and the Definitive Edition.


Total Downloads: 2,13920th April 2021
8 Comments and 6 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"

G String

At long last, the full standalone version of G String is released, now on Steam. If you’ve played the beta or followed the long development of this mod turned retail game, the time has finally come to savor the full experience of G String by Eyaura!

Slip into the Standard Issue Biosuit as Myo Hyori, a gifted Korean teenage girl who must face the perils of the future. Survive many hazards, explore a seemingly endless metropolis and beyond as the world around you implodes and history marches towards its inevitable conclusion.

This is a cyberpunk inspired first person shooter with light environmental puzzles and a long, detailed singleplayer campaign focused on story and world building. G-String aims for an old school approach where there is minimal hand holding and your biosuit automatically keeps track of your health stats, ammunition count and armor condition.

You need supplies to heal yourself, replenish your ammo/armor but your suit automatically takes care of your lights, sprinting and breathing (open air and underwater). Your on-board neuro-enhancers, air filters and light sources automatically recharge using movement and/or sunlight.

Courtesy of Bortz Bioengineering your biosuit is very resilient but you do have to be careful: prolonged exposure to toxins will lead to fatal failure! You need to watch out for all sorts of environmental hazards, especially later on when the pace picks up considerably.

Your telekinetic/pyrokinetic abilities will be available from the start and throughout most of the game, they should be enough to make progress until there are more means of input available. Worthy to note that initially your night-vision will be disabled as your biosuit was damaged presumably in earlier lab experiments.


Total Downloads: 15,57516th October 2020
10 Comments and 3 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!

Leon’s Coastline to Atmosphere

for Half-Life 2

This mod continues the story where Half-Life 2 finished and offers one possible scenario.

After the big explosion you fall to the ground and are very badly injured.

Some people find you and take you home to a small village outside the city where the citadel was built.

After 3 months you’re strong again and want to fight on.

I have added this to the frontpage because there has been a patch released that addresses issues that have been casuing this mod to crash. I have also been live streaming it. – Phillip


Total Downloads: 9,36216th November 2015
589 Comments and 62 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!