Super Definition Azure Sheep

for Half-Life

5th May 2005

Basic Details
  • Title: Super Definition Azure Sheep
  • File Name: hl1-sp-super-definition-azure-sheep.7z
  • Original File Name: Super_Definition_Azure_Sheep.exe
  • Size : 71.9Mb
  • Author: Azure Sheep Team
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  1. Heyzors

    How much better is this than the original? Does it look good enough that is actually worth replaying (again) or is it just good to have if you ever do want to play it?

  2. AI

    When you install this mod besure to create a new folder named Azure-Sheep in your HL folder! This install program does not create one for you and makes a mess!! Will find out soon if the graphics are any better! I liked this one!!

  3. AI

    I’m about 3/4 thru the mod and I would say there is a big difference in the graphics, Kate looks more like a real woman now and all the action (my namesake AI’s) all look much better!! but I do kick the graphics up as high as I can when I play HL1 or any of the other low end games!! Made for a worthwhile download over the original!

  4. Heyzors

    What folder are we suppossed to put this in? Aren’t we just suppossed to put it in the folder that all the old models and crap were in?…just replace them.

  5. AI

    Read my message #15 above and get rid of all the old files, this is a new remake!

  6. Mister Y

    Hey guys, is the link posted here directed to the high definition file?
    and do you need the high definition pack from blue shift to play this or is it a complete remake and you don’t need anything. Maybe v. from half-life?

  7. Yes the link points to the super def file.I dont know if you ned the high def pack from blue shift or not.Not even sure if I have it.
    I Played it in Half-Life steam and it works fine,but it does not make its own folder so whatever path you select to install to make sure to add \Azure-Sheep to the end(I used that folder name because AI did,could probably use any name)

  8. AI

    I used Azure-Sheep folder cause that was the name of the mod, that’s all! As far as HL1 goes I use my original (vanilla) version with the update and I don’t have the HiDef installed! Some of the maps/mods I have won’t work right with the HiDef mod installed. Hope that helps a bit!

  9. Mister Y

    Thanks, you helped me alot.
    I think this is the best site i’ve come across
    concerning half-life single player mods.
    Half-life is my long lost love for I’ve played it, since I was merely a child.
    back in the old days there were like 8 mods available, and now there are 399 mods/maps available. These past few days i’ve been nosing around this site, and downloaded a hell of alot mods. Do you have any suggestions about wich mods Í absolutely have to play. I’m dutch so excuse my english, greetings to all the half-life fans.

    Mister Y

  10. Heyzors

    My original folder for Azure Sheep was asheep. Does it really matter?

  11. AI

    Glad to help when I can, there are alot of people on this site to help ya, and don’t worry about your English, it’s just fine!! I live here in Minnesota (ya,sure,youbetcha, bygolly!!) I’m sure Phillip(admin) could make some suggestions also!! Heyzors, It’s probably best to dump the old folder and create a new one!

  12. Heyzors as long as its a different folder name ,no it does not matter.My other is named asheep.they are 2 different mods and get thier own folders(Tou dont need the old one either,they are seperate mods).Only difference is this one does not make a folder hence my post about \Azure-Sheep folder.Can name it whatever you want ,I just did it becuase AI did and it seemed normal.

  13. Mister Y I would recomend for length of mod the They hunger series plus Timeline series.That should do ya a couple months unless you play all day

  14. Having trouble here. I’m stuck at asmap04b or, medium security specimen labs (or something). A corridor is here, past zombie holding pens, with all but two doors being ‘sECURE ACCESS’. There are sentinel guns and two silver doors. One opens, one does not. Through the door that opens we come to a stair down. At the bottom, round the corner, there is another silver door. This door refuses to open and appears to be the only exit on this map. The door just makes a grinding “opening” noise and does nothing. Is this the only exit? Have I missed something? Have I got a bot stuck in the door and, need to restart? Would I be better with the lo-definition version? Will I have to use NoClip? If so, how? Valve Hi-def Pack is off.

  15. In answer to my own question and, if anybody else gets stuck here. It looks as if the author intended for this door to need a whack with the pool cue to open it. However, you’ll have to whack the floor just in front of the door and to the right. Whack away until you get the usual “blood splash’. It will take between one and six hits and, voila, the door slides open. Having a good laugh with this mod.

  16. Matthew

    Does anyone know what the licensing terms are for the models? I ask this because I’m working on a mod and I’m wanting to use and modify them. Does anyone know who I need to contact for permission to use them?

  17. I can’t access this from Steam as I don’t get the Custom Game option. Can anyone please tell me how to correct that?
    I tried running from the CD, which gives me the custom option, but the game doesn’t start. The screen says “LOADING” but nothing happens. My non-Steam game is version
    Also, how do I add a picture to my profile?

  18. Avoid It!

    This sounds like it only has new models and slightly improved graphics, it doesn’t change the gameplay in any form, and giving it anything other than “Avoid it” is putting above the other mods, and believe me, even if they are crap, there’s still a chance you can have fun with them, even if only laughing about bad they are

    I think that weapon or models mods like this should be merged in some way to their main mod, so anyone downloading the main mod can know about their existence

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