Day 15

for Half-Life 2

19th April 2007

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
The Story So Far:

You’re Gordon Freeman (surprise!). You got captured and the combine imprisoned you in a re-education centre. They have been putting you through reality simulations for the past few weeks. At first these were relatively benign. But on Day 13 things hotted up when you were placed into a violent combat trial, and on Day 14, your wits were tested with surreal puzzles. What will happen, on Day 15? Is there any hope of escape?

Playing Tips
  • You don’t have to hang around and listen to NPC’s, but you may miss things if you don’t pay attention to them.
  • Secret places really are worth finding!
  • Killing an extremely tough thing may be more about timing than brute force.
  • Keys and cards that you find will disappear into your ‘inventory’ after you pick them up, and will be used automatically at the appropriate time.

Basic Details
  • Title: Day 15
  • File Name: hl2-sp-day-15.7z
  • Size : 23.81MB
  • Author: Chris Fox
  • Date Released: 18 April 2007
  • Related: Day 13
  • Related: Day 14
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Bumtown

    OH SHI- its out 😀

  2. Manual_Monaro

    Well, I was certainley looking foward to this. I thourougly enjoyed the previous two installments, but not without my dislike of many things about them. Here, I found that many previous mistakes that have been made by Chris have continued in full force here. And I’m dissapointed. I really like Chris” work, but he’s starting to take a turn for the worst. Here’s my little review for it:

    The beginning is similar to Day 14. Puzzles! Thumbs up for Chris, he has once again churned out some great puzzles and ideas and implemented them well. Not as “hard” as Day 14’s big puzzle, but still quite fun. (Or funny!) During this is a simple zombie bash-up. Not very interesting, but done quite well. More of them might’ve been more fun. After the puzzles and zombie-bashing, though, everything falls down. Chris has once again done the same thing as Day 14 (After the puzzle segement – chuck a HUGE amount of soldiers in, and nothing else. (Excluding a strider.) At first, Chris did good with a few soldiers taking positions up rooftops. But other than that, just run and gun. There was a card-key chase involved. Fun, but it ended with more soldiers in my face! Seriously, Chris needs to think more about enemy placement, node-path placement, the amount of enemies involved in a battle. He should also think about much more strategic terrain (Like cover, different elevations, arenas etc.) in the game world. (For the players and enemies.) Overall, I was dissapointed with gameplay.

    Design was average. Overall, very simplistic brushwork. It was very well done at the start, (The tunnels were quite well crafted and that ‘shrine” bit and the caves were excellent. Thumbs up.) but towards the end, it was very blocky, cramped and un-interesting. This is pretty much a dissapointment compared to the beautifully crafted beginning segment of Day 14. Seriously, if Chris managed to conjure up something like that, why can’t he be consistent. I’m guessing it’s that he’s not learned alot about creating urban-type settings. I realise this whole ‘setting” is a simulation in the game’s plot, but I don’t understand why it has to be so blocky and uninteresting. Texture choices were reasonably good, but areas like the tunnels at the beginning really needed some trimwork. The urban areas had some o.k. texture choices, but some where obviously not meant to be what they were used for and trimwork was very much needed there as well. Come to think of it the brushwork needed some trimwork there too! Lighting was good, but nothing more. There’s not really anything to complain about it, but nothing to really praise about it either.

    Other Things:
    The custom content was fine (Zombie pie!!!) and the scripting was excellent. Voice acting was quite good, but isn’t very clear. Not the best sound quality, but good for what it is. Certainley better than alot of other mods and maps. That’s with both sound quality AND acting. Thumbs up for that.

    Overall, it’s very much flawed, but I think it’s pretty decent for about half-an-our’s game-time, give or take. I hope Chris” next work will be a vast improvement over this. I haven’t given up on him. He showed originality and a bit of creativity in Day 13, and he strut his stuff with Day 14, (At least for the first half of the level.) so I’m confident with what he’ll conjure up with the next installment. Hopefully!

  3. 123

    oh noes not this guy again… day 14 wasn’t very good

  4. Chris Fox

    My maps certainly aren’t to everyones taste, and I’m the first to admit that they have their flaws.

    I’m just pleased if anyone has a bit of fun with something I made (almost) alone in my bedroom in my spare time.

    My next project is shaping up to be much different, I am working with another mapper (who is a real architect) to make a much different singleplayer story.

  5. Tony

    well I for one really enjoyed it Chris.
    Thanks for making it.

  6. My maps certainly aren’t to everyones taste, and I’m the first to admit that they have their flaws.

    I think that’s the perfect approach. Not everyone will like every map etc. Just build what you want to as best as you can and be damned!

    That’s exactly what I plan to do when I eventually learn to map.

  7. Frederick

    Not a bad little adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Dufferx

    I agree with Phillip. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to more our your endeavors. I know that the criticism is meant to help and hope it is so and also taken as such.

  9. Manual_Monaro

    Up until the third map (Not counting the intro map.(Where you’ve fallen through the chasm.)) I really, really enjoyed it. But like I said in my review, the last two maps with the soldiers weren’t very enjoyable for me, simply because of how it was executed.

    Just thought I’d reassure myself.

    I pretty much agree with Phillip. (And Chris :P) It’s like how zombie maps aren’t really my thing, (I know this sort of contradicts my opinion on this mod, but I still enjoyed it.) unless you have it Ravenholm styled with traps, the gravity gun and plenty of physics objects.

    Still, I always play most (If not, all.) maps & mods when they come out, no matter what style they use or how “bad” they seem initially! It lets me get the most out of my game and the game’s community!

  10. Chris Fox

    This site is certainly a lot more active these days 😀 So many nice comments! 😀

    Thanks to all of you, especially Tony — your comment really made me smile. 😀

    I look forward to being able to give all you a go of my next project.

  11. I really enjoyed it. I didn’t mind the last parts & enjoyed the enemy action. I also found plenty of areas to place my strategic attacks. Loved the hidden areas for goodies & was I ever surprised when I dared to venture into “Trick or Treat?”. Loved the puzzle solving in the beginning as well. Overall, an enjoyable experience.

  12. cubedude89

    Another great mod by chris fox!

    I love your style! You’ve done so much that ive never seen in any other mod.

    Great job.

  13. NoBob


    Anybody know why the shift key for running doesn’t want to work for me on this mod?

  14. cubedude89

    They keyboard options were changed. You have to set them back to default or how ever you like them.

  15. NoBob

    Going to have to forget this one…the run shift key just won’t work for me, even if I hit use defaults or clear and set the shift key…

  16. then make a copy and rename it userconfig.cfg

    Then any adjustments get made to that.Its either that or your shift key dont work.

  17. Uhm NoBob, those keys won’t work until you are able to get the HEV suit. Do you have the HEV suit yet?

  18. Mel

    Day 15:
    This worked for me. Once again the author torments our hero with another chance to escape this time by way of drainage system, caves and bombed-out urban areas, and once again progress to freedom is blocked by hordes of foe barring the way.

    It was good to note how gameplay had again been improved compared with both Day 13 & 14, and how the flow and connection of each level were far better scripted. I had just one problem, this was with level change part 2 which would not work via auto and resulted in being physically stuck at the start of the level, however this was easily resolved by loading level via console.

    The author again shows talent to produce what appear to be uniquely designed sets and is not reluctant to attempt textures and colours other then the norm, this may not work all the time, nor may it work for all but it does add a note of uniqueness.

    Much of the action and progress hinges around rebel dialog and this was well done, very much as Alyx in the original HL2, only this time its Anna who ably supports and nurses Dr Freeman along the way.

    Once again the combat is challenging but beatable on normal mode, with the howlers in the cave being particularly tough to get through with life left.

    The urban levels were also tough but I found the challenge fun and enjoyed them.

    So we have come along way since day 13 with the author’s wicked sense for playing mind games, leaving Dr Freeman and all wondering if tomorrow will come.

    In terms of game construction the author as also come along way since day 13, building on experience and no doubt feed back we now have promise of better things to come, even if it does mean more torment for Dr Freeman.

  19. NoBob

    Hey Goddess, Thanks for that. I don’t have the HEV suit yet. Was hung up on not being able to run. Located the suit, but without a weapon to break the planks..Am stuck, no weapon, met the young woman in the office, waved at the one across the chasm, found the health in the hidden chamber behind the hole in the underwater grate, and found the Zombie Pie and health in the cave, but could someone point me in the direction of a weapon to break in to get the HEV suit, please? Thanks.

    And don’t really understand why you have to get the suit to be able to run…

  20. Mel

    You need to make good use of the dums which are stored in the room with Anna.

  21. NoBob

    Thanks mel. Got the suit, made it down the chasm, to the roof…

  22. SPY

    i have to agree that I am no puzzel fan at all, therefore I gess I shouldn’t play this one. but still I like to try it, becuase of the comments here, and how the screens look. I have played map1, untill I came stuck right after I met the girl in the sewer. she is talking about that the fence (where the suit is behind) is to strong of a human to break. so I tried to go on without, what can’t be done because of the zombies. and I have tried to stand close to that wooden wall with suit behind it, in the hope that the zombie would swim at me and hit the wooden fence instead. but that doesn’t help, like I said, I’m no puzzelfan. can someone please help me with this. after many times trying I cheated on to map 2 (download manulay). but you start without a weapon and fast zombies jump at you, what is also no solution.


  23. Andyno

    You need to make good use of the dums which are stored in the room with Anna.

    Thanks for help but I still don’t understand – I navigated the zombie to break those crates but I’ve found nothing useful (medkit + shotgun ammo). BTW, I’m not English native speaker and I’d appreciate if there’s someone who can translate the word “dums” because I can’t find it in any available dictionary. Thanks.

  24. Mel

    Sorry Andyno, that should read ‘drums” which in this case means metal cylinder shaped barrels normal used for oil or fuel storing.

  25. Mel

    Leon, use the drums ie metal barrels which are in the room with Anna, This room opens after you trigger the switch in the cave of howlers. You will need 4 drums in all, 3 to get over and one to get back after you have the suit.

  26. Andyno

    Thanks for the explanation Mel, but I still don’t know what to do. Where is that cave of howlers? I suppose you don’t mean the cave where’s a horde of “camping” ‘speedyzombies” because there’s no way to survive.

  27. Mel

    Yes, that’s the cave and you can survive. Do your best to get beyond them into one of the three coffins at the back of the cave, you may need to try a few time but once in the coffins the howlers stop attacking and you will find shot gun, ammo and grenades, in the middle coffin is a switch which will open the door to the room with Anna and the barrels.

  28. I only used two drums/barrels to get over and back with suit.

    Andyno, run straight into that cave of speed demons and jump into the coffin or whatever it get more ammo to shoot them and after they die off abit jump into the other and get more ammo.

    Also the switch in the middle coffin opens the gates to the stairways where anna is.

  29. If you find yourself running low on health if you jump into the water on the far side there is an opening in the metal bars where you can go through and climb up for some health

  30. NoBob

    Oh, I didn’t use any drums. Thought perhaps mel had forgotten that they were supply boxes. Anyway, you take the two supply boxes in the office, where the young woman talks to you, down the corridor to the barrier by the HEV suit. Stack the boxes on the step near the wall, climb up onto the barrier, turn round and pick up the top supply box, and then jump over the barrier. Once you’ve got the suit, put the supply box on the table and jump back over the barrier…that’s how I did it anyway.

  31. Chris Fox

    Wow….so many new things to read! Thanks to everyone for the great comments!

    I feel I’d better clear something up. I never intended for people to use physics objects to climb over the gate which stops you getting the HEV suit. I didn’t think there was enough stuff lying around to let the player do that … I guess I was wrong.

    The real solution is to find the “Zombie Pie” which is hidden in the cave which the zombie is guarding. If you throw the zombie pie over the gate, the zombie will get angry and want it back, and will walk over and smash the gate.

    Updates on my new project coming soon. Day15 is now a speck in the rear view mirror — haha.


  32. If you throw the zombie pie over the gate, the zombie will get angry and want it back, and will walk over and smash the gate.

    Haha. It’s been amusing to see the different ways people have tried to get the HEV suit. I’ve really been holding myself on this one. I thought the clues were pretty clear – but maybe I was just having a good day.

    Yeah, run through the caves full of speed zombies with no suit & no weapons. Maybe … if you’re suicidal. I’m sorry, but just what did everybody think the zombie pie was for?

  33. Mel

    Well Goddess I did run the caves and kill the zombies first without the suit.

    Chris, I tried throwing the pie but did not work for me, could it be that having killed the original zombie guarding the pie, it won’t trigger with other zombies?

  34. Well Goddess I did run the caves and kill the zombies first without the suit.

    You’re very brave!

  35. SPY

    so that’s where the pie for, I already smashed the thing severel times to a zombies head, but that didn’t do anything. and I knew the pie should had some purpose, why would it be there. and much easier as climbing over stuff.
    thanks all,


    (Coastline to Atmosphere, sp-mod)

  36. NoBob

    Thought the Zombie Pie was a joke…Do remember the young woman saying that the zombie was guarding something important, but some pie?! And then to throw it over the fence? Oh well, at least I know something more about the author/mod designer’s thinking…

  37. Mel

    Goddess said:

    You’re very brave!

    Yes I know.

  38. Inginuity is a good thing 😀 I had no idea about the pie.I figured it to be another prop like magazines etc.

  39. Chris Fox

    I guess I was stupid to think that no-one would survive the big pile of zombies without getting the suit first….lesson learned!

    Oh well, at least I know something more about the author/mod designer’s thinking

    Yup, I’m a little touched 😉

  40. I honestly thought it was a good puzzle with good clues Chris so don’t call yourself stupid. If you dropped or threw the pie in the cave, it would disappear & a new would then drop from the sky & there was even a message/clue that the cave seemed to have strange qualities (or something to that sort) and you couldn’t take it into the other caves (which also gave you a message/clue). So, if you kept receiving the pies & couldn’t take it elsewhere, provided with Anna’s comments, it seemed the logical thing to do.

  41. SPY

    i didn’t feel the need to walk around with the pie, like the others I also thought it was just a prop laying around.
    but I have said this already, why comment again is to say that as a mapper myself I know al to well that you never can imagen what players will all do and not do in your maps. therefore it’s strange to think of good puzzels, puzzels that can be solved by everyone.

    (i hate puzzels, haha)

  42. cubedude89

    I love puzzles.

  43. NoBob

    Thanks Chris. It was fun.

    In terms of graphics, the only issue I found was that if a combine was behind a door, arms would be appear through the door. The strider’s legs also seem to go through walls as it was walking. That was a bit unnerving, by the way, when you first hear the thudding, and the room shaking…then you realize what it is.

  44. SPY

    it’s a commen problem with hl2/hammer mapping that npc’s (non-playeble-carakters) like the strider and combines sometimes stick through walls and doors etc. you can block them extra by using brushes made of inviseble texture, but for some odd reason the strider doesn’t seem to be afeected by it. I had the same problem in map 5 of Coastline to Atmosphere. you just can’t do anything against it, other then simply not using the strider in your map, what ofcourse is no option.


  45. Play It Now!

    Finally play it and found it not so good as day14 but well worth the download the zombie pie was an excellent idea like the special stone ending was perhaps a little disaponting but logic

  46. crazy_person
    Play It Now!

    it wont let me sprint in the map with the strider, but other then that good mod.

  47. jack

    oh, I should mention how retarded in every way a thing can be retarded it is to take away the suit, no flashlight means YOU CANT SEE IN THE GODDAMN DARK.

    Not seeing in the dark means you cant find pie’s to steal from poor zombies in the first place. Please dont make the suit a gameplay object, Leon pulls it off in coast because you can rebind keys to weapons and get them to work that way but he never left you in the dark. I might add I use SMOD TACTICS, a special version I will be releasing to the public pending permision and the ironsights eliminate a need for crosshairs, but thats another issue with taking away the suit.

  48. Play It Now!

    This map felt longer than the previous Day 13 and Day 14. Fights were also more intense and difficult but well balanced.Puzzles were nice with good hints 🙂 One thing I haven’t really understood though was about the timing on the particularly tough zombie – I had to take him out in the old fashion with the shotgun at close range, LOL!

    And just because I am stupid and blind can I ask the keycards makers in general to manufacture them from some really visible materials – lime green or something 🙂 And make sure to put some invisible barriers in places the player is not supposed to go! At least when you are Chris Fox and people know that you are doing novel and innovative things!

    I’ll share my experience here because I believe it may be useful to mod creators and you will all have a good laugh.

    So I fell to the chasm then made it upstairs where Anna is waiting for me and tells me to retrieve the keycard from her dead buddy upstairs. Went upstairs, got the card, killed all combines then went in the courtyard and killed all combines. Took me a minute or so to figure out how to operate the door – liked the idea! Went in, got the second keycard and the other key, retrieved everything from the hidden stash, went outside and into the next building. Again found the keycard, opened everything, retrieved everything, back in the courtyard and to the next building. Went into the next building and at this point I don’t really know what happened – I assumed I bumped into the table and the keycard fell down, face down. Couldn’t see it, searched for it, nope nothing here. Climbed the container to the window, something tells me that I can smash that window and yep, it works. At this point things were already going pretty bad – I understand that it was good to have a breakable window there so you can easily take out the combines that come into the courtyard when you actually find the keycard but why did the window had to extend so further to the right to make the jump to the second floor of the other building possible?
    So I jumped confident that I will find the keycard there – nope, no luck. However I notice that the wall at the back is not that tall. What if I lob a grenade behind it? It worked! Aha, I said to myself at this point, Chris is playing his mind games again! There is no fourth keycard, you just need to go over the wall – that’s what those explosive barrels in the previous room are for!
    So I went back, took three barrels there – again there is nothing to prevent you from doing this, stacked them and went over the wall. Oops! Obviously I was out of the map – so it looked like there had to be a fourth keycard after all 🙁
    So I reloaded a previous save, searched far and wide and finally when I get back into the building again notice the keycard on the table. @#%$#%^&!

    All the above was just my mistake but I find it interesting how certain design choices supported it. Live and learn!

    I finished the mod and felt happy and satisfied 🙂 Very good design, gameplay and experience overall!

    1. Unq

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