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Latest 25 Comments
15 Feb 2021 Autonomy Lost Pros: * Great looking levels, very atmospheric * Some nice setpieces * Some nice scripted sequ...
15 Feb 2021 Prisoner of Event This was fun, play it!
14 Feb 2021 Retaliation Pretty good, action packed and no obtuse progression, not as good looking as more recent mods but...
14 Feb 2021 Shepard's Adventures It feels like it's missing something, background music in some areas maybe? I dunno, either way t...
13 Feb 2021 Arctic Incident This was great! play it!
11 Feb 2021 Dark Operations Pretty good, play it!
07 Feb 2021 A Soldier's Tale Really enjoyed playing this, a bit rough around the edges but overall it was great.
05 Feb 2021 Technical Problems Not enough ammo, you can get stuck in the water section if you miss a trigger. It needed a little...
04 Feb 2021 Fate Reversal This was really good! some minor bugs like getting stuck in lifts but nothing a noclip can't fix
02 Feb 2021 Smart Decoy This was great! action packed and no obtuse progression.
01 Feb 2021 Affliction There were some minor bugs like some level transition that failed to trigger, but overall it was ...
01 Feb 2021 Military Duty This was fun, short but sweet
08 Mar 2020 Tunnel Woes A straightforward, short but fun level, generally good looking and it doesn't overstay its welcome.
08 Mar 2020 Hunt The C-nt Either the levels don't do a great job at directing you to your objective or I'm just that bad at...
06 Mar 2020 E-Lab-orate Short but sweet, very good looking level with just the right amount of ammo, It doesn't do anythi...
06 Mar 2020 Introduce Yourself Hello, I'm new here, I have been playing Half-Life and its expansions and sequels for years but o...
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