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18 Apr 2020
18 Apr 2020

The Citizen

for Half-Life 2

The Citizen is set parallel to the events of the original Half-Life 2.

The player takes the role of an ordinary man, pushed over the edge by the oppressive regime controlling his life.

With his home trashed, his family dead, The Citizen leaves his apartment for the last time to seek new friends and a way to help the Human Resistance to smash the iron grip of the Combine. What follows is a winding tale of betrayal, determination and grief.

Many obstacles lie in his path, requiring a sleek combination of agility, stealth, intelligence, and sheer violence to overcome.

Please note, the RTSL file contains ALL the latest patches; The 1.1 version, the July 2010 patch AND the Source SDK 2013 patch. No other patches are needed.


Total Downloads: 22,04221st February 2008
564 Comments and 92 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"