for Half-Life 2

23rd April 2007

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

This is a story of a citizen who escapes a few cops. He runs to an alley and finds a hole in the ground that leads to the drainage. The cops doesn’t follow him but now he’s trapped in the drainage and have to find a way out.

Basic Details
  • Title: Drainage
  • File Name: hl2-sp-drainage.7z
  • Size : 11.08MB
  • Author: Remonttimies
  • Date Released: 22 April 2007
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Chris Fox

    Looks very interesting, I will definately download this when I get home from work!

  2. #2Graves

    Hey Chris Fox nice to see you around. Are you going to keep on releasing those beautiful “Day 1x” maps? Oh about the mod, hoping for the best, but the SS looks familiar to some other mod…

  3. Graves

    Played n” liked it. Really. Nice experience. All the concept inside a sewer has been made good. Final impressions are good, only with a minor flaw in the map #3 where the sewer look so big, possesing a fall that is, what, 1/2 size of the citadel. But otherwise, good map. 3/5 is the final score.

  4. Matt Glanville

    I agree with Graves. It had a good pace and some nice action sequences, though I did feel sometimes the areas were a bit sparse and empty. Lots of repeating textures. The room where you get the airboat was just a huge cube, and the lights along the ceiling looked a bit weird.

    The airboat sequence was AWESOME, looked and felt like something right out of Half-Life 2 with its twists and turns and bombs and being shot at and aaarrgghh!

    I liked the whole canal area, especially the place where all the metrocops attack. Perhaps a little extra lighting would have been nice? It was all quite dark.

    The escape at the end was tough, but I like the fact that you didn’t have to sluggishly destroy the helicopter, it was just a race to the exit.

    Nice work, fun to play, good atmosphere, could have done with some more detailed mapping.


  5. dufferx

    Haven’t been able to get it to install. Made two downloads to no avail.

  6. whats not working?Its only maps and graphs and they go in your hl2/maps folder

  7. dufferx

    Agree, but no dice as yet. Still fine tuning Vista, so have probably unintentionally messed something up. HL1 won’t run on my Vista, so have it on a laptop.

  8. Jay

    what do I have to type down in my console in order to play theses great looking maps????

  9. “map drainage1” without the quotes

  10. dufferx

    Got it installed and found it pretty well done.

  11. Frederick

    Good set of maps. Enjoyed the air boat ride.

  12. I really enjoyed this one, overall. Some random comments:

    I don’t care for (or believe in) the practice of throwing a player in a perilous situation immediately upon map load. I know, it could have been worse than a couple Combine with shock wands.

    I found navigating the map just right in terms of difficulty: Not brain-dead easy, but not frustratingly difficult.

    The airboat sequence was wonderful; I particularly loved the on-foot “cavern” portion.

    Near the very end, I found myself wondering for a moment if I was mistaken in having left the airboat behind!

    Very enjoyable work; great gameplay.

  13. SPY

    i realy loved playing this sp-mod, or better said a sp-mappack. I try to follow what is new on HL2 sp-mod/mappack stuff, and play therefore nearly every new released one. and with most of them I think there not bad made, or even ok. but I can’t remember when it was that I realy loved a new sp mappack/mod.
    biut this one I realy love, although it remembered me in some places (canals) a bit to much about playing HL2 again, I still think these maps should be played by everyone. first I like the size of the maps, to often people release mappacks/mod with a number of maps. only when you play them you find out that the maps are so small that together they would have been one nice map. these maps are as big as possible, (bigger starts to give mapping problems). and, the fps stay high, so there well optimazed. the architecture is very well done, and the fighting scenes are well balanced placed throughout the maps.

    this one is worth to be played, and will give you 2 to 3 hours of fun.



  14. this one is worth to be played, and will give you 2 to 3 hours of fun.



    I’m estonish it took me 50 min…on normal setting.

    I, like most of the people, really was pleased with the experience the start was surpising, the sewer part was enjoyable but misses perhaps a little more sounds or music (something really smooth but trilling) the mix of combat through it’s various intensity according places, the some massive and solid huge buildings I encounter (the place where you need to activate a bridge for the airboat and the first hangar you encounter the helicopter where even if a little bit empty hugely squaled to give them a great atmosphere…finally the rush “rally” with the airboat to slalom through the mines was real top quality…another highly recommanded map pack

  15. hypoxic
    Play It Now!

    worth the download and time to play!

  16. Play It Now!

    I thought this was one of the best map packs I’ve played in a long while. The airboat dash was manic!

    IMHO, anyone with HL2 should play Drainage.

  17. Mel
    Play It Now!

    The opening map starts with the player needing to run like hell from two baton bashing Combine, which leads to a plunge into the drainage system.

    You find the suit early into the map, how it got into such an obscure location is anyone’s guess. The first action takes place in a admirably constructed opening with a high vaulted ceiling; the author cleverly crafted the beaming light down onto floor and the action below. Progress is made deeper into the system through a few easy but thoughtfully constructed puzzles, till you reach another opening with again high reaching ceiling. Here you find the water buggy and start a journey of exploration.

    The next level is the best part of the game and you will need to go full speed to outpace some good Combine placements and hardware, great stuff that you may want to replay just for the hell of it. Having claimed down, you leave the buggy behind, shame, but you are soon engaged in heavy Combine activity re-enforced by dropships. Finally your last encounter and combat also includes some button pushing, followed by some last moment Combine resistance before entering the light and credits.

    I am not aware of any storyline or objectives within the mappack but not sure this matters too much, although this maybe seen by some has one of the negative points of the mappack.

    The map gives the player ample and balanced gameplay within suitably constructed sets, designed to keep your interest and wits about you, without worrying about the point to it all.

    The design throughout is of a high standard if a bit limited due to being mainly situated below ground, if you like all your action topside then this may not be for you. I found it an enjoyable experience and the author deserves praise for opening up the scenery with some admirably scaled larger areas, a feature many inexperienced mappers get wrong, when they try to design large sets and action within, the two are often a miss-match of scales.

    The textures throughout are fitting to the environment with the author including as much detail and content as one could realistically encounter within the context of the mods surroundings.

    Through the maps you encounter headcrabs, zombies and howlers with the odd pocket of Combine, nothing too challenging but more then enough to keep your wits about you, until you meet the harder Combine encounters of the later levels.

    The water buggy sequences enrich the gameplay, adding both longevity and continued interest to what would have been a difficult format to stretch to 4 levels or more.

    The inclusion of a few puzzles plus the search and find elements of the map, all add to the good overall gameplay rating of the maps. The canal sequence is great fun and well worth replaying, I am not sure how original this sequence is, but it fits very nicely into the gameplay, opening up the game to include pace and action in an outside environment. Not saying any more you need to play through to find out what action.

    Negative Points
    – No storyline or set objectives.
    – Weak ending.
    – Very limited use of HL2 cast.

    Positive Points
    – Well constructed sets.
    – Good balance of gameplay.
    – Some good replayable sequences.

    There is not a lot that could be included or improved upon, the author having stretched the drainage format to the limit, nor is there any thing noticeably new in the way of skins, weapons or incidental content. This is not a hard mod to complete, with plenty of ammo and health along the way, you can suit yourself to what level of hardness you play.

    The ending is a bit sudden and leaves the player without any feeling of final achievement, so maybe this is not the end just chapter 1 and to be continued.

    I hope we get more from the author, his work shows lots of promise of greater things to come.

    My Recommendation

  18. The Abandoned Workshops

    You were being chased down by the police through some alleys and escape into the sewers where the adventure starts from there. Although considering the theme of this map it is rather enjoyable and balanced yet a little too easy in some spots. You will be both walking and driving the airboat through the sewers trying to escape while being hunted down by zombies, headcrabs and the combine, trying to avoid any traps on the way. Ammo and health supplies is at a good balance as well. There are four short parts to this map of which become a little more epic the further you get and the playtime is at a good length. Some good use of the game’s music throughout fitting the scenes well.

    Above average throughout, the structures in the one are simple yet quite effective to the theme. However many areas still felt empty and could have uses some other forms or details, maybe some cob webs. Typical sewer layout in some areas while a little different in others like the large cave like area. Typical yet good texture choices, aligned fairly well but got repetitive throughout. Map also uses a lot of junk prop models around as a form to fill some of the gaps, of which make sense but got in the way during some points. Level of lighting is great considering the theme as you didn’t always have to resort to the flashlight due to dark lighting, yet it looked moderate and some interior lighting didn’t look too good and could have been more atmospheric. However, in a later level during the mid evening airboat chase the dull lighting rather moody to the area an worked well in that setting, none of the models in this sections got in the way either during gameplay which kept the pace going.

    Fairly good map, enjoyable yet easy gameplay with above average design os which can look great if improved upon.


  19. grinder74
    Play It Now!

    i just finished this one, very good work 9/10

  20. Robspace1
    Play It Now!

    This one can be summed up in just a few lines. It’s great! Why? Because it is.-Well also because it has all the action of Hl2 as far as the fighting and running and gunning. Your not overwhelmed by any one type enemy and they come at you in managable bursts. The airboat sequence is one of the best I’ve seen. Simply amazing chase trying to outrun the choppers. The author must have spent many hours on that part alone and I could have stayed on that part for hours it was so much fun. It is tough to beat on normal setting though. Ok-more then a few lines. This map pack is well worth playing and as an added bonus I had no tech problems at all. Also, the music and sound effect were fantastic! It was flawless. Good work!

  21. Play It Now!

    nice map I really enjoyed it.. ! but the end was hmmm “ok”

  22. Personal Favourite

    This game is a beautiful gemstone. This game does many things well, and the best thing is it’s overall fun-factor. It’s four chapters are about an hour long (an hour and a half if you really take your time), and the quality is there. Those tunnels and sewers and canals are dripping with atmosphere. Not too much combat, but not too little either, a few nice puzzels, and a fantastic airboat ride lands this game as one of my personal favorites. Replay value is there. On hard, it is very difficult to make it through without dying, a real good challenge. And the enviroments change up nicley, never allowing for bordem.

    On the downside, you can’t just start it from your Steam menu…you have to start HL2 and drop the console command menu and type “map drainage1” to start it. The author of this game should really fix that, since the game is worthy.

    The mapping is done well, keeping the player moving one way with no confusion, but also making the player feel as if it is more open than it really is and allowing for exploration. This is done by mapping it with a few “dead end routes”…that is to say routes as you go that are off to the side that either lead back to the main path, or just “dead end”. Unfortianatly, none of these routes contain any goodies, so it is fruitless to explore them, and this is a downside…but still nice to have that option of exploration. The sewer tunnels reek of “Route Kanal”, and one can leave the airboat to explore the walkways on the side’s.

    There are no secret places, but there are a few Gman sightings if you look carefully, and something else: hidden skulls! If you will remember, Half Life 2’s Water Hazard many “hidden skulls”, and this game has a few. The arcahtecture is done right, everything makes sense and the textures are nice.

    Anyway to sum up, this is one of the FEW SP mod/map-packs out there that is of Valve quailty. A MUST PLAY for any HL2 fan, worthy of space on your hard drive.


  23. JC

    This is a wonderful, top-notch map-pack; however, the version hosted here at RTSL is outdated (chances are it won’t work properly).
    There’s an updated version of this pack (40MB approx), it works perfectly with the current version of HL2.
    I’m not gonna post any links (it would be kind of disrespectful with this site), but you might want to Google it, this map-pack is a must-play and a keeper.

  24. Personal Favourite

    This mod is the one that deserves to be on Steam. I feel that the creator tried to replicate Half-Life 2 aesthetics, especially aesthetics of Sewers and Canal levels. I liked balanced fights with zombies, but not ones with Combine. You can easily skip them by running past the Metrocops.

    Also some places are really huge, but I see that creator tried his best to fill them with props and enemies.

    Overall, this is a perfect series of maps, that could be a singleplayer mod on Steam. I love it.

  25. Play It Later

    Looks and plays good.

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