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29 June 2009


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I'm a tough player..

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28 May 2010 Human Error can someone please help me!? I get an engine error when its loading the menu (after the movie tha...
01 May 2010 Research And Development MAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!! this is not one of the best mods i've played BUT THE BEEESSTTTT MOD I'vE PLAY...
09 Apr 2010 Poll Question 167 - What type of car would Freeman drive? 2 door sports/convertible. I think he would use this car cause he worked in Black mesa where they...
08 Apr 2010 Compromised Ok finished them in cinematics and scripted sequences.. and to tell you the truth those cinematic...
07 Apr 2010 The Great Forever Tomorrow This mod is good at the beginning.. then is ok but still good.. but like after 30 minutes you fin...
29 Mar 2010 Poll Question 165 - How did you learn about mods? I learned about it actually from an illegal copie of counter strike, Half life.. I was just a kid...
27 Mar 2010 Lakeside Village That was an awesome zombie mod!
04 Mar 2010 Riot Act Great game I liked the tatoo in her hand was pretty cool. and the game has a great story, gamepla...
03 Mar 2010 Penetration great game, pure solid hl2 action baby :D.. It didn't crash my sistem
01 Mar 2010 Poll Question 161 - When does Half-Life stop being Half-Life? I guess the g-man is also a big and important influence in HL, he moves gordon through places, he...
29 Jan 2010 Timefall Mann! how did I miss this mod ... this mod is freakin" cool!! If you're lookin" for a posible hal...
19 Dec 2009 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere one of the greatest mod and HARD REALLY HARD! mod I have seen! I finished it in hard mode but sad...
15 Dec 2009 Drew Mobley's Prison Break man.. What a great escape! I enjoyed killin" dr breen :D I blew his head with the magnum hahaha xD
09 Dec 2009 Drainage nice map I really enjoyed it.. ! but the end was hmmm "ok"
07 Dec 2009 Calamity A MASTERPIECE!
29 Nov 2009 Justice nice and dificult map... I finish it in hard mode and was quite tough.. but I liked it
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