Adnan’s Rotational Gravity Gun

for Half-Life 2

21st November 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

This is a REALLY useful gameplay mod I found recently for Half-Life 2. It allows you to rotate an object that you have picked up with the gravity gun. Simply press the USE key and move the mouse. Installation is as easy as placing the extracted folder in your Sourcemod folder and selecting it from the games menu.

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  1. This is such a cool mod, I wonder why it hasn’t recieved much attention. Vert useful, especially for the puzzle type mods.

  2. Mike S

    This would have been useful when I was playing Leon’s excellent HL2:C2A mod. There was one place when I needed to set up two gun turrets to take out millions of headcrabs. The damn turrets would not go where I wanted them to. Wonder if Valve know about this? I can see a lot of potential in the ability to rotate objects.

    It’s true what they say, isn’t it? The simplest ideas are usually the best.

  3. Michael

    I haven’t installed this yet but I am surprised at how much stuff there is in the installation. Is all that really necessary for this mod or does it include other mods too?

  4. To my knowledge there isn’t anything else included but I don’t know enough about the inner-workings to be 100% sure. I’ve email the author and informed him that I have posted it, hopefully he will drop by and respond to any direct questions.

  5. Ryan "Quakis" Rouse

    This is such a cool mod, I wonder why it hasn’t recieved much attention.

    Probably because a lot of people play Garry’s Mod which has this in for the Physics Cannon. However, I don’t know how different this one might be though.

  6. I disagree. I doubt that many PP readers have played/used Gmod. I’ve always had the feeling that Gmod is more for people who like to create, not people who like to just play.

    Reading the author’s webpage, it seems that his code is used in Gmod. I’ve also found a similar mod that adjust the gravity gun and haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.

  7. Mike S

    I thought Gmod was more a develpment tool than a playable mod. I think I heard it referred to as a sandbox, in fact: you can mess about and construct things, but actually play it as a game?

    A potential poll, Philip? How many people use Garry’s Mod…

  8. I thought Gmod was more a develpment tool than a playable mod.

    I think most people think that, I know I did.

    but actually play it as a game?

    Yes and no. I believe you can play through HL2 with it and use its spawning features, but not being an expert I’m not entirely sure.

    A potential poll, Philip? How many people use Garry’s Mod…

    Yes, good idea. I need to finish the series I am on at the moment first. Although I haven’t said anything yet, the current series of questions are all going to be used in a future article and if you look carefully you should be able to see a common thread. All except the first that is.

  9. Maybe?

    Unless something went wrong when I dl this mod, trying to run only opens the original game with Point Insertion. Am I to understand this is HL2, but because of the change with the Gravity Gun it’s being called a “mod”. I for one love the original game and have play thru using all three difficult levels. I”m not sure I”m ready to again with that being the only difference,as cool as it would be.

    1. Ade

      I agree. I recently found this and I think it’s great, tested it in neoforts, too bad no servers for that and I don’t own gmod so I thought to myself let’s try this. Turns out.. it really is the entire hl2 game but with a twist.. I don’t see why the coder didn’t bother to do at least a proof of concept mod together with a mapper, shame. When I do decide to play HL2 again for the nth time, I might come back and dl this again.

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