for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

17th April 2018

Without the Gravity Gun, Half-Life 2, its episodes, and many many mods would be very different. It was revolutionary and a LOT of fun to play with.

This challenge features the gravity gun, and adds some new functionality which was optional for mappers to use.

You play through a variety of settings and ideas.

Basic Details
  • Title: GravityGunVilleTwo
  • Filename: SDK2013-GravityGunVilleTwo.7z
  • Size : 96.8MB
  • Author: Dalannar, Ian Spadin AKA Idolon, Matt71490 AKA Event Horizon, OctaGear, Dirk Destiny, Sockman, Conner Bray AKA Bedlams​, purplestakan, Malavek, Alexandru AKA melc311
  • Date Released: 17 April 2018

Download Options

Download to your HDD [96.8MB]


Manual Installation Instructions
  • Make sure you have the “Upcoming” branch of the Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer installed in Steam and run at least once. (Properties – Betas – select “upcoming” from the dropdown list).
  • Copy the “sdk-2013-sp-tlc18-c2-gravitygunvilletwo” folder into your “SourceMods” folder.
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • RTSL.TLC18.C2.GravityGunVilleTwo should now be listed in your “Library” tab.


If you decide to use the Per-Map Opinion Images, please either watch the video below or use the file below:


Thank you.

Theme Details

Half-Life 2’s revolutionary weapon was undoubtedly the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator. You can call it that if you really want to.

But to us it’s the Gravity Gun. A simple concept, executed perfectly in the game – and the perfect tool to demonstrate the physics engine. We learned the basics in Black Mesa East, experimented with its lethality in Ravenholm, and used it from then on for exciting activities such as stacking crates, tossing barrels, pushing around poor headcrabs, and eventually making Combine soldiers into personal ragdolls.

We want you to create a map that features the Gravity Gun. In addition to the Gravity Gun, the player may obtain and carry the crowbar and only one other weapon. Note that this restriction is on Gordon’s standard weapons – so objects like hopper mines and Magnusson Devices do not count as the other weapon and may be used freely.

This time there’s a twist: our latest research has developed a new function for the Gravity Gun. By finding and attaching a rare Stasis Crystal, the now-enhanced Gravity Gun has the added ability to freeze an object in space. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent – but the object will remain in stasis indefinitely until you use the Gravity Gun to move it again.

Use of the Stasis Crystal is optional in this challenge.

Mappers can give players the classic Gravity Gun or the Super Gravity Gun – and both versions may be enhanced with the Stasis Crystal.

We envision the Stasis Crystal having many uses, from blocking, reaching areas, puzzle-solving, attacking, defending and probably many others.

We’d love to see what you can do with the Stasis Crystal, but the regular old Gravity Gun is fun too. Wow us!

So, to summarise:

  • feature the gravity gun
  • adding the new stasis crystal is optional
  • the player may also get the crowbar and one other weapon beyond the gravity gun
  • we’re really looking forward to playing with the grav gun in whatever kind of maps you can dream up and build!

Full details can be found on the challenge announcement page.


The deadline for submission was 11pm GMT Wednesday 28th March 2018


Listed as they are displayed in the mod itself:

Multiverse Learning Center by Dalannar with textures by Salamancer (Tutorial map, not part of the challenge)
Urban Decay by Ian Spadin AKA Idolon
Ashtown by Matt71490 AKA Event Horizon
Banshee by OctaGear
Fuel Me Once by Dirk Destiny
Citadel by Sockman
Climber by Conner Bray AKA Bedlams​
Collector by purplestakan
Echo by Malavek
Asylum by Alexandru AKA melc311

The order of the maps was generated via

Winner and Points

To be announced soon.

Full details of all the current points can be found on The Lambda Cup 2018 Public Points Spreadsheet.


Phillip, Don, Dan, Crowbar and Abraham are the judges for this challenge.

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More About The Lambda Cup 2018

The Lambda Cup 2018 consists of five mapping challenges, each with a different theme.
Entrants will receive points for each challenge they enter.
At the end of the event, the best 3 points totals from the challenges they entered will be added together for each entrant.
These totals will decide who wins the Grand Prizes.
This means that entrants do NOT have to enter each and every contest to win the grand prize but they will need to have entered at least 3 challenges to have a chance of winning the grand prizes.
For more details visit the Lambda Cup homepage.

Release Versions

0.9 – Developers’ and Judges’ Version. First versions of maps. Version used to judge the entries.
1.0 – THIS RELEASE. No known issues. Well, yeah, a missing texture and some sounds, but we will get it fixed soon.


Niker107 created the Mertz Module models. Dalannar created the Multiverse Learning Center map and Salamancer whipped up a number of custom textures for it. Thanks to all of you for working on such short notice!

The RunThinkShootLive.Com introduction video was made by Jeff Muñoz (ThatoneJeff)” and he also significantly helped with logo design – thanks Jeff, you ROCK!

Caleb West (CW3D) created the extended remix of Brane Scan originally by Kelly Bailey from Half-Life 2

Steam Grid View Images

There are ten custom gridview image included in this release.
To use it, switch your Steam Library view to Grid View. Right click on RTSL.TLC18.C2.GravityGunVilleTwo and chose “Set Custom Image”. Click “browse” when a small windows appears and navigate to your SourceMods folder and the “sdk-2013-sp-tlc18-c2-gravitygunvilletwo/steam-gridview-images/” folder and select the image of your choice.
You can of course, create your own image and use that.

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

General Entry Rules


  • Download the Submission Template and use that to submit your entry. The only exception is if you intend to submit only a map with no custom content – in which case you can just send the map (bsp), the graph file (ain), your mapname_readme.txt, and optionally the map source (vmf).
  • End your map with a point_clientcommand firing this exact command: disconnect; startupmenu
  • Maximum two maps per mapper per entry.
  • The map must be original and not have been released publicly before.
  • The map must run in system with only Ep2 installed
  • By entering the competition you grant PlanetPhillip.Com and RunThinkShootLive.Com the right to release the map as part of the RTSL-THC2018-C2-GravityGunVilleTwo Mod.
  • Maps must not appear on ANY other website before the release and for one month after the release of the mod.
  • No assets from retail games other than HL2, HL2: Ep1, HL2: Ep2 and Lost Coast are allowed.
  • Other assets are allowed with written permission from their original authors, which MUST be included in the entry, preferably a link to a public page that shows permission has been granted, in addition, custom assets AND MUST BE ABLE TO BE USED IN MONETISED VIDEOS.
  • All files submitted MUST be in lowercase and any custom assets must have unique names, both folder AND files.
  • Entrants are requested to send their VMF files in with their entry. A section in the ReadMe.txt file will make it clear that they are for educational purposes ONLY and MUST NOT be used as the base for other levels without prior permission of the respective author.
  • Phillip’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into about it.
  • The map MUST have a proper name.
  • The map MUST have a proper filename: entryname_tlc18_c2.bsp
  • Submit a mapname_readme.txt with your entry. Even if it is just your name and your entry, although you should try to create a proper one.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email without 24 hours of sending an entry, contact Phillip IMMEDIATELY.

In addition, any custom content must be able to be used in monetised playthrough videos posted on the internet.


This challenge was not sponsored. If you are an individual or company and interested in sponsoring a challenge, please contact Phillip ( to discuss the options.

Panoramic Images

Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.

Playthrough Screenshots

Coming Soon.

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  1. I only see the tutorial map (Multiverse Learning) choice, all others appear greyed out? I was going to e-mail but then thought if others have the same problem it would save them writing you too.

    1. You have to complete the Multiverse Learning Center before the other chapters will unlock. As far as I know this will be the case in all the future challenges of The Lambda Cup. It is done so that players will be taught the new mechanics before playing the actual entries.

      1. Thanks, makes sense! I didn’t know. I must have skipped over the reading to get immediately to the game!

      2. I kind of got through that, but at the end I had to no-clip…this ones a challenge for sure, I did get the gravity gun bit, but trying to stack and stick stuff that was on a climable angle was hard, maybe I should have settled some drums down first. Anyway, that’s as far as I’ve got for now, I didn’t get the key bind bit for a while to activate the crystal, but I did read the notes on the walls and that was a help. So, into the teleporter. (I’d love to see someones walkthrough, see how they got on)

        1. I did a small walkthrough of the training map for you, I don’t think it’s a good one but it is what it is.

          1. thanks, I’ll have a look when I’ve woken up..

          2. Darnit, the crystal for the Gravgun doesn’t appear nor do the new crabs. Except the first one on the table… (I’m on Mac as you know). I’ll have to skip this Ville 🙁

            1. I’m afraid you would have to miss out on every upcoming Ville then. Each one will have more new content then the last and that means more stuff that’s not working. Our coder is working on getting it to run on Linux but there are no plans for Mac right now.

              1. Thanks for the info. I’m gutted as the Ville’s over the years have always been fine. I’ll keep trying them of course, perhaps I’ll get lucky 😉 Until then I’ll keep my fingers crossed many *maps* are released (still got lots to try) as these are usually guaranteed to work 100%. Cheers mate, appreciated.

  2. Will there be a Linux version? The use of the Sourcetest/HL2:EP2 and does not work this time (“freeze gun” and mechcrabs are missing).

    1. I’m gonna be completely honestly on this: It is not really our job to get the Source SDKs and features running on systems that aren’t supported by it. Unless we find somebody who will specialize on that matter it is very unlikely we’ll make extra Linux versions since there is more than enough to take care of for each Ville already.

      1. asterixxer

        I tried the and from Source SDK Beta 2013. There is no Support for The Freezing and no support for the mechanical Headcrabs.

        Did you add something to the windows versions?

        1. I’m not quite sure I understand your question. What do you mean by did we add something to the Windows version? Also I think it should be obvious that the SDK 2013 client and server .so don’t work with the new features because they don’t have the updated code base in them.

          1. asterixer

            Was the codebase for this files made by valve, or made by someone else? I thought it was enough to activate SDK 2013 Beta (which is available under Linux)?

            Who modified the client and server.dlls to add these new features? Maybe someone can add these features if the source coude is available for the OSX and Linux Players.

            1. Well, technically you were right with the way you wanted to get things working, though in the case of the Villes it is different.

              The codebase is done by our in house coder Mr. Mazur. He said it’s going to be made for Linux at some point but I don’t have any more information to share on that subject.

      2. The source SDK supports Linux – but the mod don’t (the client/ are missing for linux).

        About the “added things” – the mod contains the new mertz module and the mechacrabs (they are not included by default)

        If help with Linux is required I would offer help (while I’m not good with coding in C++, I do know about Linux).

  3. Play It Later

    I’ll be talking about specific gameplay elements quite frequently, which could constitute as spoilers. The only one I’ve tagged as spoiler was an outright solution to a puzzle.

    Whilst this competition saw the introduction of a new mechanic, in the form of the Mertz Module, I fear the entrants weren’t given enough time to properly experiment or explore the possibilities of the new gameplay it could create.
    This means that the best maps in the pack don’t use it at all, which is a big shame.

    The tutorial map by Dalannar was a triumphant success, I’m very happy to have been a small part of its creation. The aesthetic is great, and the way both new gameplay elements are introduced are both sensitive in pacing and presentation.
    The final puzzle for the Mertz Module may have been the best way the module was used in the competition. Dalannar has managed to make tutorial levels fun and memorable, and I’d be very happy to see MLC levels used again in future villes.

    Urban Decay by Ian Spadin AKA Idolon
    It is great!

    Idolon again shows exceptional talent in creating neat and confident maps with great pacing and flow. The mood is great and there is a lot of diversity in its gameplay. It can be hard to make zombies compelling to fight, but the map pulls it off.
    The map employs good use of loops, vertical-ness and landmarks to make exploring the environment fun.

    I felt as though the “Gravity Gun” theme was reasonably supported, although I felt as though there weren’t enough interesting props to use in many of the encounters. A puzzle which asks the player to prop-stack to get over a fence also felt a little… archaic?
    It was a shame that the map doesn’t innovate on the use of the Gravity Gun, especially missing the Mertz Module, but it’s foundations are solid with an even coat of polish on the entire experience.
    Overall a great play on both runs I did, definitely one to play on hard.

    Ashtown by Matt71490 AKA Event Horizon
    It is bad

    The map unfortunately docks at least 2 points for it’s exceptionally poor performance and missing assets (textures+sounds). The aesthetic is ambitious, but inconsistent.
    The futuristic buildings and flying cars look really great, but single rooms look particularly odd. There were some odd visual and gameplay inclusions, particularly around the elevator near the end. On my first go-through I couldn’t work out how to get the HEV, and managed to progress without it. Additionally failing the ladder jump at the elevator merely gets the player stuck, requiring a reload.

    This entry used the Mertz Module, but I don’t think it managed to create anything interesting from it. The two puzzles it was used for didn’t really explore new possibilities.
    The combat was fairly decent at parts, in particular punting the cars around against the soldiers was definitely a highlight, especially when the cars would pile so high that the enemies were unable to return fire.

    Some interesting premises, but too rough around the edges.

    Banshee by OctaGear
    It is okay

    Banshee is an odd one. Visually it’s quite pleasing in areas, but there’s a lot of odd choices made in its gameplay. The first I noticed was the inability to destroy crates or pick them up with +use, and the fact doors would inexplicably lock behind you.
    There is no combat present in Banshee, relying on exploration and puzzles to build up its gameplay. Navigating the areas was interesting, but the puzzles fail to create any new gameplay, despite giving the player the Mertz Module.
    For instance, there is a puzzle where the player freezes a crate to bypass a crevasse, which I feel like is just prop-stacking to climb a wall, but with an extra step.

    There’s not really anything “wrong” with Banshee, the author clearly shows great skill in building up environments, but the experience feels notably uninspired.

    Fuel Me Once by Dirk Destiny
    It is okay

    Fuel Me Once feels like the antithesis to Banshee in the way that it manages to use the Mertz Module in a few cool ways, but lacking a lot of polish.
    To begin with, the large door and ladder puzzles were heavily inspired ideas, undoubtedly one of the best ways the Mertz Module was used in the ville. The exploration of the environment is fun, and the visuals overall are passable if quite cramped and contrived. Fighting the headcrab/zombie enemies was a decent use of the Gravity Gun.

    The combat in the second half was a little lackluster however, I felt that the enemies took a little too long to come in and there wasn’t enough space, or variety of architecture, to fight them in.
    If the combat was a bit tighter, and if the map was quite a bit larger (and given space to breathe), then it would probably be a PIL.

    Citadel by Sockman
    It is good

    Citadel pulls off a decent atmosphere and manages to make some novel use of the Mertz Module, another map without combat.
    The rapid-fire puzzle gauntlet works well to reduce mental burnout, and is compelling to keep driving forwards. Having said that I did have to take a break halfway through this one.

    Unfortunately, whilst the map introduces a few puzzles that explore the Mertz Module gameplay quite well, there are a lot of puzzles which use it as an inconsequential gimmick. For example there are lots of puzzles where the player must redirect lasers into receptacles, like as found in Portal 2, where the Mertz is used to freeze the cube in midair in order to intercept the laser.
    This doesn’t really explore the Mertz Module well, the gameplay would be identical without the Mertz Module if the laser panned across the floor, allowing the cube to redirect whilst being placed upon the floor. I feel like half of the puzzle elements within are like this.

    Having said that, there are a couple of genius concepts which explore the freeze gameplay very well, puzzles which at their core are only made possible by the new mechanic. These were great “aha” moments.
    SPOILER: Using a frozen cube to intercept another cube coming from the spawner, preventing it from hitting a button, was my favourite

    The visuals are reasonably good, especially in the intro, and there is a good “wind-down” at the end.
    I personally got a bit burned out on this entry, there was a bit of “filler” in the puzzles, but the good puzzles were very clever and inspired.

    Climber by Conner Bray AKA Bedlams​
    It is dire!

    It appears as though little time was devoted to this entry, taking less than a minute to complete.
    The addition of hunters did not work with the environment, left to wander a tiny corridor without proper noding.
    The end goal was very unclear, the visuals were very basic, and the Mertz Module was used in a fairly barebones, if acceptable, way.

    If this entry was a bit longer, and explored more gameplay themes, I may have enjoyed it more, but there just wasn’t enough substance to it at all.

    Collector by purplestakan
    It is bad

    I don’t think my review for this map should “count”, as I was unable to really play it. I could not find the second gas canister at all, and could not work out how to progress past the pit, requiring me to cheat in both cases.
    The second half, with the fuel canisters and the snipers, was more enjoyable and polished (I especially liked the mad dash away from the flames), but neither used the Gravity Gun as a gameplay element.

    Echo by Malavek
    It is okay

    Both visually and in gameplay, Echo exists in two halves, something I’m sure was caused by time constraints. There are moments of high visual quality, or decent gameplay, rapidly broken up by bare environments and questionable gameplay.
    Fighting the zombies and the antlion guard was fun, and a decent use of the Gravity Gun and environment, even if the latter fight was far too cramped for the fight. Leading an antlion guard over hopper mines was something I haven’t seen much of, and was quite amusing to see.
    Fights with the antlions and soldiers, and the battery puzzle, were notably poorer.

    Echo was inoffensive, but felt like a rushed product, without much inspiration behind it.

    Asylum by Alexandru AKA melc311
    It is great!

    Finally, my personal favourite, and one I was able to test in an earlier state.
    Visually Asylum is pretty great, using familiar but effective prison motifs. The pacing is sensitive and uses the Gravity Gun quite well.
    The highlight of Asylum is the ability to punt open sliding doors in a “game show” style, in which melc311 hides all manner of things behind. Opening these doors feels great, as they feel heavy and satisfying, lending itself to a simple but addictive gameplay loop.
    Whilst this entry does not use the Mertz Module, it does manage to open up this interesting and novel use of the Gravity Gun.
    If this gameplay mechanic was made more of a focus, perhaps making the second row of doors key to the critical path, and then introducing a Mertz-Module puzzle with the doors later on, it would be an easy Personal Favourite.

    It balances a great mix of combat, puzzle and exploration alongside the game-show doors, with some of the most natural inclusions of manhacks I’ve seen in a while.
    The final combat area feels a little rushed, which I’m almost certain it was, but melc still shows great skill in the fact that it’s still a challenging and fun fight, requiring frantic and accurate use of the Gravity Gun (or running away!).

    Puzzles involving tripwires or electrified floors are fairly simple and formulaic, but still feel good to solve.
    Whilst Asylum does not use the Mertz Module, it strikes the cleanest balance between gameplay innovation and polish. The sliding doors mechanic is something I want to see explored and elaborated upon.


    Overall the Gravity Gun theme, and the Mertz Module, is not well represented in this ville. However there are many entries which are at least worth checking out, and Urban Decay and Asylum are fantastic maps when standing on their own.

  4. I worked on an entry for this challenge but unfortunately I ran out of time to complete it. It’s a shame I didn’t get to enter, but I’m looking forward to seeing all the other entries.

    I made a video showing the concept for my map just in case anyone is interested:

    1. Wow, that would have been a great map.

  5. Play It Later

    I’m sad that the overall map quality is not as high as in previous villes. But that means
    there are new mappers, who will improve in the future!

    Urban Decay by Ian Spadin AKA Idolon
    It is good

    While the gameplay was fun and the gravity gun is used well I found it a bit too easy at many cases – it was not to hard to run away from many of the zombies. Lighting was used well to show entrances.

    Ashtown by Matt71490 AKA Event Horizon

    In the beginning visuals were great – fancy and cool. Unfortunatly they were very slow to nearly unplayable.

    The visuals later have a unfinished look but were still very slow – I somehow failed the first “test”. What do you have to do? I also “failed” to get the HEV – without, fighting the combine is somewhat hard.

    I won’t give it a rating because it feels unfinished to me.

    Banshee by OctaGear
    It is okay

    Some puzzles (with Mertz mod) but nothing more – well thats it. Having the flashlight would have been nice.

    Fuel Me Once by Dirk Destiny
    It is okay

    While beeing fun it is to short. The puzzles especially, the one where to build a staircase were fun. The fight at the end (was there more I skipped?) was easy but nice.

    Citadel by Sockman
    It is great!

    Nice combine themed portal-like cubes and laser puzzle. It is a great showcase of the Mertz module. I once broke a level (a cube got stuck in a vent) when to block the cube to fall down but could reload a save.

    Climber by Conner Bray
    It is dire!

    It’s bad. Some points:

    – Light is too bright, at first it looked like it is missing complete light, so the game showed the fullbright but this wasn’t the case.

    – The texture choice is strange, at best – a red carpet like texture for ground and many walls, the outer walls are in a brick floor (not wall) texture.

    – The hunter fights were absolutely useless without and without tension – with close space and objects available it was over after 2 to 8 seconds. Because of the limited space, it is possible to finish the map without facing both at a time

    – By grabbing a few objects, one could directly go to the exit, without fighting the second hunter.

    The basic idea of fighting in closed space (may be in a small labyrinth?) and later building bridges over the walls could bring a great result (maybe you improve this map and release it independently later).

    Collector by purplestakan
    It is okay

    Ok, but a bit short, and i found a few bugs when you have to “refill” the generator, the fuel cans must be used for a specific position. The gas and later the sniper sequences at the end are both fun to play, while the later is a bit hard.
    Otherwise it has good look but it is missing some lightning effects, and the ending is a bit apprupt.

    If you need help:
    One fuel can is on the second floor (the elevator worked for me), the other one is in front of the “generator”. To cross the bridge, use the one on the second floor.

    Echo by Malavek
    It is good

    Good, but a bit short, and visually nice. One (the normal antilon) fight’s space was a bit too small (in my eyes). For me the SMG1 was not needed (and had to much ammo). Visually appealing, especially the start area (with a minor but negligible performace impact).

    Asylum by Alexandru AKA melc311
    It is great!

    Great – a nova prospect themed map with a great design (it really feels like the original one), I did not require the SMG1.

    If youd need help (where to go immediatly at the start):
    Open the first door with a “blast” from the gravity gun.


    The overall map quality was not bad – but not really good either (with some notable exceptions). All in all a good mapping theme – interesting puzzles can be mad with the stasis crystal.

  6. Play It Later

    The Gravity Gun does not earn my like much because of how it feels rather unsatisfied to kill stuff with blunt force trauma rather than peppering them with bullets. I have to say the Mertz device idea really catches my eye when I saw it in the announcement, so let’s see what this Ville has to offer.

    Urban Decay
    It is great!

    Why is a pit there at the beginning? A schmuck trap? But that is very trivial for what this map offer. The map gives you the Gravity Gun and the revolver as weapons, which did their jobs quite nicely and balanced since the only kind of enemies here are zombies. The town really gives off Ravenholm atmosphere. The only other issue is that my character won’t pick up the Gravity Gun when I first found it. I had to progress a little bit, before backtracking to get it. Spamming E did not help.

    It is bad

    The rain itself is very poorly optimized. My laptop that can run games these days smoothly even get low frame rate problem. The map is very empty and just…..nothing. When you look behind the hotel, you can see an untextured building. The building with green light to the right of the hotel is very distracting yet you never get to see it again. I can see that you can jump through the broken gate, but the invisible wall says no. What I was doing anyway? The progression is very random, like I was a test subject in a totally-not Aperture Science lab. And I somehow ended up escaping and uh…. go into a building that has zombies? The only reason I did not give this DIRE because it is still “playable”.

    It is okay

    This is a puzzle map. Well, the puzzle involves you stacking props to reach a location. There is nothing much to say about this one. The location and visual feels OK. But there are some problems here. The vent does not use the breakable model, but that is very nitpicking. I appears to be unable to grab any props outside the “gap” while I was standing inside it. And this map can be complete without even getting the Mertz Module at all. It is there, but nothing requires me to use it.

    Fuel Me Once
    It is okay

    This map started off somewhat confusing to me, I thought that the gas is on the other side of the ramp, so I started using the Mertz device to build a bridge to get there. Turns out it has invisible walls. I had to look at Dolmo’s playthrough to make sure that the metal gate puzzle is not intentional. I was like: “Are you serious? Are you kidding me?” It was quite hard, I cannot click to freeze it fast enough. Some headcrabs later, the building stairs puzzle was a nice touch. I did not know that I was stopping the gas from leaking, it looked like water to me. The same puzzle from the start returned, except in this case it’s a very, very slim ladder. I had to pull out some marksmanship

    to nail the shot. The fight was kind of anticlimatic, I heard a dropship and it just deployed 2 Hunters. I was expecting a squad of Soldier to show up.

    It is great!

    Another totally-not-Portal map. But this time it is even more like it with laser-powered doors. This map incorporated the Mertz device, and it did quite well on that. The puzzle escalates in difficulty quite nicely. Well done. Thank god, the lasers just tickles you because I think I burned my face and legs with it.

    It is dire!

    Oversaturated amount of light, very tiny space (with two Hunters to fight as an insult to injury), no clue where to go. What is this?

    It is bad

    Well, it was OK for the first minute. For me, it later turned into an unpolished mess right after the generator. The gas cans somehow must be used in specific parts. Then I found myself jumping towards the broken walkway I was not supposed to jump. I could clearly jump that, but the ledge bounces me off every time I did it. Then comes the falling platform, it was so cheap. It came out of nowhere and lowered my health significantly. (From 95 to 44) After that, there is no way to heal myself. The gas room puzzle does not make sense, I’m not sure if fire can make boxes explode. And I find myself running from the snipers multiple times. I did not know I was supposed to use gas cans to get rid of them since I did not know it counts as explosives.

    It is good

    The start was eh….good, I guess. Broken floor returns here. The normal Antlion encounter gave me too little to none area to move: the exit of the vent. It has nice pacing though. From Antlions to zombies to Soldiers. The area with the zombies was too dark. The fight with the Antlion Guard was nice, although the arena could have been bigger. The SMG is not needed that much, I felt like I could plow through the Soldiers with the remaining mines and explosives. Onscreen saving message is…. informative.

    It is great!

    Well-paced, well done. The door punting was welcomed, but I don’t get it why does it applies to every doors. The combat was excellent, especially the shower room fight. Really rewards exploration and solving puzzles in a careful way. (Saving explosives from blowing up to be used in later parts.) A recreation of Nova Prospekt but in an “asylum” instead. Minus point for white door at the end though.


    This Ville was alright. The Gravity Gun was not the main star of this show that much as I expected. The Mertz device, even though appears in a few maps, was fun to use. I expect most of the maps to be puzzle maps which I will struggle to solve. But I guess it takes a different mind to do that. The Asylum takes the number one spot for me, followed by Urban Decay and Citadel.

  7. 2JEL

    Disappointed that it does not work for linux.

    1. You should go complain to Valve for the lack of support. As I said before it’s not our job to get things running on unsupported systems nor did it say anywhere that it will work on Linux so I don’t know why people are always getting their hopes up. Anyway, our coder is working on something this weekend.

  8. Play It Later

    This contest brought an interesting set of entries and I’m sure presented some challenges for the mappers. I loved the new gravity gun option for freezing items and wish that it was used in all of the maps. For the maps that did use it, I could always either climb somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be or run into invisible walls. Normally I really dislike invisible walls but in this instance I can see why they needed to be there. If you have 2 large enough objects like pallets you can just keep climbing upwards with nothing to stop you.

    My favorite map was Citadel. The setting was terrific and the puzzles kept me interested. Urban Decay and Asylum were also pretty good. A lot of the other maps were really short and sometimes had no real ending which was a shame. Ashtown had some very interesting visual effects like the rain on the windows and the transports flying overhead, but those things caused my computer to become very laggy. It also seemed like there were a lot of unfinished areas.

    I would have liked to see a map where the player had to climb up a great distance by using the gravity gun mechanic for freezing items, like maybe up the side of a mountain or building or something like that

  9. Maybe?

    I was originally working on an entry for GravityGunVille2 (I can assure you it was going to be drastically better than my last map), but due to a terrible cold I could not finish it. Nevertheless, I still played through and recorded the whole thing.

    I have made a full playthrough with deaths cut out, located here:

    Multiverse Learning Center
    It is great!

    [Philip: if this shouldn’t be here please remove it.]
    This tutorial was a lot better than I expected. There was a lot of detail added to it, the concepts were explained well and it didn’t feel like a generic, boring ‘do this now this’ tutorial. The sketches and signs were made well, and made great additions to the map. This could have just been a couple of rooms showing what the new components do (similar to the ‘zoo’ developer map, but with more detail) and finished up, but the creator decided to step up a little and add some lore, more interesting puzzles and detail. If more tutorials are made for future RTSL challenges, I look forward to them.

    Urban Decay by Ian Spadin AKA Idolon
    It is great!

    This entry was quite enjoyable. The atmosphere was nice, the map was very detailed and the combat was well-made and fun. Two tracks of custom music were added, which was quite impressive. My biggest issues with this map was the underuse of the gravity gun (the only thing you really need it for is pushing the car) and the hordes of zombies that sometimes just weren’t fun to fight. The map was generally quite short as well. Nevertheless, I still think this was one of the best entries in the Ville.
    Yes, I’m aware of the death hole.

    Ashtown by Matt71490 AKA Event Horizon
    It is bad

    (I know you’re reading matt. I’ll try to go easy on this.)
    I can see the potential in this map, but there are a multitude of issues that plague it. The obvious one is optimization. On an Intel Core i7 4770k with a GTX 970, I had drastic frame drops and some sections of the map were barely playable. There are also a multitude of map-breaking bugs scattered around the map; the HEV suit container does not open despite the animation playing, and the elevator at the end of the map does not work. The texturing threw me off a little as well; during the gravity gun puzzles, the ceiling texture was black with stars scattered throughout it. If it was intended to be a sky, it was obvious it wasn’t. I spotted a few leaks here and there, most notably around the beginning of the map on the streets.
    Another major issue is the filesize. The map was 200 megabytes. For reference, all of Undertale, including the assets (textures, sounds, music, etc), scripts, the full GameMaker engine and everything else in the game is around 400 megabytes. The largest map in GravityGunVille2, Citadel, is only around 34 megabytes. (Tip: you may want to use a source repacking tool, like CompilePal in combination with PackBSP to reduce filesize drastically).
    I’m not giving this It’s Dire; I only save that for ‘four horsemen of the apocalypse (no cubemaps, node graph out of date, leaks and no skybox/obvious cutoffs) maps and troll maps. I can see effort was put into this. However, this has major map-breaking issues that need to be addressed before it can score an It’s Okay or even an It’s Good.

    Banshee by OctaGear
    It is okay

    This map was…. Okay. Not really much to say about it, honestly. The environment was nice; it had good prop placement and nice puzzles, but the map in general was simply bland. Having no combat is completely acceptable as long as the rest of the map is stimulating, but in this case, it wasn’t. The only ambience sound-wise was a looping alarm, which eventually just got a little annoying. The primary puzzle was just a variation on the overused ‘make a bridge with frozen props’ puzzle, which isn’t very fun or creative.

    Also: ‘You escaped savely ~’.

    Fuel Me Once by Dirk Destiny
    It is good

    This map was good; if it was a little longer it’d score an it’s great. The coast environment was quite nice, and although the primary puzzle was still a variation on the prop bridge puzzle, it was still quite enjoyable. The combat was okay, although killing the hunters was quite easy.
    There are a couple major issues with this map: First of all, the playerclip across the ramp was not obvious and I died a couple times to it. The gate you’re supposed to go through looked like it was part of the environment (this would be okay if the alternative wasn’t dying). I also took a couple minutes to find the switch for the fuel dispenser, as I assumed it was just part of the prop.

    Citadel by Sockman
    It is good

    This is so close to being an It’s Great map, but there’s one major issue: design. The puzzles were quite fun and creative, bringing in something new after all of the ‘prop bridge’ puzzles. However, the atmosphere was bland, with one looping sound and ambient track, and a combination of only using a few textures over and over and using the same cube for each puzzle made the map a little dry.
    The puzzles themselves were great, but not exactly superb. They were fun, but relatively simple for the most part; for example, sending a cube out of a window, freezing it and grabbing it from the other side. The last puzzle I got through by quickly grabbing the cube away from the laser and out of the door in the short window I had. I’m not sure if that was intentional. The pure white section at the end of the map also took away from the experience. In general, despite the lack of detail it’s worth a play and is the longest in the ville.

    Climber by Conner Bray AKA Bedlams‹
    It is dire!

    Remember when I said I’d only use It’s Dire for ‘four horsemen of the apocalypse’ maps and trolls?
    Guess what: This is both!
    (I also saw the author boasting before release, stating that this would be by far the best map of the Ville and his personal best map.)

    Collector by purplestakan
    It is good

    This map started off quite well. The design and atmosphere was very good, the headcrab placement made for interesting combat and the whole thing gave off an eerie vibe. I got stuck on the gas puzzle for longer than I’d like to admit (this was my fault; I kept using the wrong canister for some reason), but was still a good concept and let you explore the area a bit more. The music speaker activated by the switch in the control room combined with the atmosphere really freaked me out, even though it was an (obscure) radio sound packaged with HL2.
    And this is where it starts to get bad. After activating the switch, you need to go upstairs to a now-open door. However, this wasn’t obvious, and I died a few times as the gap between the two downstairs bridges wasn’t very large and looked jump-able. This could easily be fixed by simply keeping that door closed. The door upstairs leads to another bridge, which breaks as you step on it, causing you to fall to the other side of the downstairs bridge. However, there is a critical issue here: you take fall damage, and it isn’t avoidable. If you’ve taken too much damage beforehand, you have to either cheat or restart.
    You are then lead to an area filled with gas pipes. This area also fails in good level design, as after activating a switch a pipe explodes without warning, and causes you to take some more (almost) unavoidable damage. By the time the explosion was done I had around 13 health. This explosion opens a door, which leads you outside to a few combine snipers. You throw a gas can at these, you proceed to another building and within the hallways of the building the map just… stops. There’s no warning or fadeout whatsoever: it just ends. I took a look in hammer to see if this was a mistake, but it seems to be intentional. This is a bad way to end a map, and leaves it without a conclusion.

    If the map was extended a little more and the unavoidable damage was removed, it could deserve an It’s Great. It seems as if the last segment of the map was rushed through.

    Echo by Malavek
    It is good

    This was short but sweet. The prop placement and atmosphere was nice, and the combat was done well. The battery puzzle was a little annoying, as using the flashlight to find small objects gets dry quickly. The Antlion Guard fight was well made, with just enough space to move around while still not being too open and easy. My total playtime for this was close to 9 minutes; a little short, but not too bad.

    Asylum by Alexandru AKA melc311
    It is great!

    I’d say this is the best map in the Ville. It took me some time to figure out how to open the first door, as opening it with the Gravity Gun wasn’t very obvious. From there, the map was great. The combat was well made and well paced, the ‘turret hallway’ was fun to navigate, and the secret doors scattered around with extra resources worked well. The prop placement was done well, adding both atmosphere and allowing utilization of the gravity gun. Once again, this suffered from the white room syndrome at the end, but otherwise: if the map was just a little longer, it would definitely deserve an It’s Wow.
    (One minor issue: props shouldn’t trigger the tripmine explosives around the end.)


    In all honesty I’m a little disappointed in this Ville. Most entries weren’t bad, but at the same time most were bland and generally not very enjoyable. There were a couple goodies stuffed in here, but I’m not sure it’s worth a full play. The gravity gun was also quite underutilized. Citadel is a good example (but a little on the extreme side) of what the maps should have been more like. I still appreciate the effort put into these, and I’m excited for the next one (and the upcoming 2-month Special Challenge).

  10. This might be a little bit strange, but I get a weird crash when I try to open the options menu to resize the resolution. When clicking on it, the game freezes, then starts STEAM VR for some reason, and then it closes. Additionally it starts the Oculus Home program. I’ve never seen such a strange bug, but it would be cool if it would be fixed.

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