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I'm the best. Sorry :(
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Latest 25 Comments
16 Mar 2014 Forest Train Great map, glad I played it. The enemies and encounters were fantastic. My only gripes were th...
24 Jul 2012 ChaseVille I held off on reading phillip's reviews until after I played the maps, as I usually do. But I th...
24 May 2012 Station 51 Fun map, a bit challenging, but I suppose that's a pro more than a con. Plenty of detail and i...
24 Apr 2012 7 Things I wish Steam would allow me to do - The 7 Series These are all good, but one thing that I'd really really like would be a volume bar for steam vid...
24 Feb 2012 Magellanic Stream Very fun map. I finished the raising water part with one HP after a zombie slap and getting shot...
21 Jan 2012 Poll Question 258 - What kind of speakers do you use? just a pair of sennheiser HD-515 headphones. Not quite premium but not quite basic either. So...
11 Dec 2011 7 Console Commands for Players - The 7 Series mat_wireframe takes values other than 0 and 1, it also has 2 and 3, maybe 4. Also it doesn't onl...
26 Oct 2011 7 Types of Half-Life Players - The 7 Series I honestly feel like I'm all of them except four and five. And Phillip, there's nothing wrong ...
16 Oct 2011 Poll Question 245 - How do you choose a mod to play? Half decent reviews will get me to look at the screenshots, if the screenshots look alright, then...
16 Oct 2011 Would you play an anonymous mod? I'd play an anonymous map, I'd be too curious to turn it down. I didn't know it was your birth...
03 Sep 2011 Poll Question 240 - Do you snack when playing? I personally have nothing against eating while I play. In fact I frequently bring food into the ...
19 Aug 2011 Poll Question 238 - What do you do when a mod gets hard? Combat situations are rarely too hard, only real exception is when you don't have ANY cover at al...
05 Aug 2011 Poll Question 236 - How does the weather affect your gaming? like you, I prefer to play games at night. It's like the world stops late at night, there are no...
31 Jul 2011 Poll Question 235 - Which HL gaming location would you most like to visit in real life? Definately Xen, that place is crazy. Plus, I need some reference for my mod :(
22 Jul 2011 Whoopservatory Very enjoyable experience, the map was supremely detailed. Magnar has created a map with excellen...
24 Jun 2011 Radix I was really debating even leaving a review because I can't think of anything that anyone hasn't ...
19 Jun 2011 Poll Question 229 - Have you been playing the 100SDoN maps? I'm only playing the better ones, but I am enjoying the whole thing.
09 Apr 2011 Poll Question 219 - If Black Mesa Source and Portal 2 were released on the same day, which would you play first? I'd definitely play Portal2 first. BM:S is just a cosmetic upgrade to a game that I've already pl...
04 Apr 2011 Audio Interview with Patrick Murphy The answer you're looking for is around 49:30
04 Apr 2011 Audio Interview with Patrick Murphy I kept thinking you were saying "charging his flatulence", Phillip, when talking about the hunter...
01 Apr 2011 Poll Question 218 - How do you feel about Portal 2? mildly excited. Portal will be fun, I'm sure of it. But it won't last long, and I doubt that modd...
30 Mar 2011 Precursor Absolutely fantastic mod, there were several points where I had health in the single digits, but ...
26 Mar 2011 R.I.P. Jasper Rest in Peace, Jasper.
20 Mar 2011 Poll Question 216 - Has Source modding peaked? I don't think it's peaked. Valve has committed to making the SDK less painful to use. And sour...
04 Mar 2011 Aether I was wondering when you'd put this up phillip, but glad you did. I didn't notice that this wa...
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