R.I.P. Jasper

25th March 2011

It is with great sadness that I announce that Jasper, an active member of the PP community, died on Monday. I am sure I speak for all my readers when I wish his wife and family our deepest sympathies.

Jasper was always interested in helping visitors to the site and I feel honoured that we managed to work together on some other projects.

I know that the maps and mods he found here brought him great pleasure.

When I started this site, I never thought that I would be posting anything like this, but that shows how much a community we have become. His contributions to the site, with reviews, message, ideas etc will be missed.

Please use this post to pass on any messgaes, although under the circumstances, I don’t know if they will be seen by his family. I am sure they have more important things to think about than a gaming website.

Comments on this post will be heavily moderated.

Rest In Peace Jasper.


  1. andyb

    I was totally shocked when I received the message from Sylvia.I will miss him as a friend and gamer.May he rest in peace. My condolences to Sylvia and family.

  2. Fearlezz

    I don’t know who Jasper was. But this sucks to hear.

    RIP Jasper.

  3. Truly sad news. My condolences to his family and loved ones. Jasper gave me some really kind feedback for my HL2 mod which was much appreciated.

  4. WizardExt

    Rest in peace.

  5. s.anchev

    RIP Jasper. He was an active member of the community and Will be missed.

  6. Duke

    That’s terribly sad to hear, I didn’t know him apart from through his posts, thoughts are with his Family, would it be wrong to enquire as to what happened ?

  7. Dannster

    jaspers last comment was unfortunate 🙁

    “I don” want to marry Alyx
    I don’t want to go back to Xen
    I don’t want to die — but probably will by the time they release it..”

    R.I.P jasper you were a good active community member

    1. George Campbell

      Oh my god. I thought his post was a joke..
      This is horrible news, but we should be happy he, and all of use had/have lives. We are incredibly lucky we were born, the odds are something like 1:infinity but yeah, Im sorry to hear, I didnt really know him but ive read his posts and comments and he seemed a nice person.
      Recently a friend died also and I hate the feeling of hearing about a death.

      Condolences to friends and family of Jasper.

  8. Frohman Zelinsky

    Dont cry fellow modders , hes now making maps for us in ValveHeaven. Maybe he is now secretly working on a epic strider map , then he sends it to one of us and we post it here.

    Anyway sad to hear that his soul had to go away from us , you will be missed soldier
    R.I.P Jasper

  9. I can’t find the words to describe how sad this is. My condelences to family and friends.

  10. MikeS

    I’m very sad to read this. I will miss Jasper’s input on these pages and over at the PP forum.

  11. Mel

    With out doubt one of the most amiable and helpful beings ever to use the site.
    Without ever meeting, I feel I have lost a friend.

    1. Without ever meeting, I feel I have lost a friend.

      Beautifully put, Mel.

  12. Stef

    this is the worst news that ever came on PP and a big lost for all the community. All my ‘virtual” support goes to his whole family who let him help us for such a time playing our favorite game and discovering a lot of helpfull information



  13. Casper900

    I dont know who Jasper was but Rest in peace

  14. It never gets easier to hear about death. I thought after deaths of all those loved ones, I was a little more ready for things like this. But as I understand now, it doesn’t get easy. Even though I didn’t meet Jasper face to face, I knew he was a good man, his actions were prove of this, and I’m really sorry. I’ll pray for him.

    “One can survive everything nowadays, except death, and live down anything, except a good reputation.”

  15. Rest In Peace, Jasper. My Condolences to Family & Friends!
    Love your comments.

  16. William

    Holy crap – Stephanie and I will keep him and his family in our prayers. My condolences go out to the family. We have truly lost a great member of the community – I will miss his comments and reviews.

  17. Jgoodroad

    Wow, this was as unexpected as it was saddening.

    I will miss Jasper, He was a good person.


  18. Bschou

    My deepest condolences to Jasper’s family and friends. I was very shocked and sad to read the news of Jasper’s passing. Although I’ve never met him in person, from my correspondences with him online I came to know of his kindness and generosity as a person.

    His considerate feedback and thoughtful contribution to my modding efforts and the efforts of many others will be missed. Jasper was a fantastic presence on this website and I’m sure he was an equally fantastic person to all the people in his life who knew him.

    RIP, Jasper

  19. dougjp

    Very sad news indeed. I always appreciated his insight and comments here, as they always were.


  20. Although I’ve never really stuck around enough to know the guy, it’s always sad to hear the passing of a good contributor to a community. My respects.

  21. Frederick

    A powerful reminder of the real people behind the virtual games we play. Thanks for the good times.

  22. It is hard to know what to say about someone I didn’t know except for his contributions to PP. I found myself many times wondering “so what does Jasper think of this mod?” Thanks Jasper for your insight.

  23. tattie

    Words fail me, my sympathy and condolances to his family and friends, he will be missed.

  24. bobdog

    Although we never met, I always appreciated Jasper’s posts on game reviews as we saw a lot of things eye-to-eye, so I knew that if he liked something, I probably would too. That says a lot about a person’s character that he was able to affect so many virtual lives, and as much as we will miss him here, I know his real-life family must be shattered. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

  25. grabbie

    His contributions to the community will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends.

  26. Hec

    God, is strange to see something like this on PP, I mean is terrible, I am a constant user of PP, and I can tell you, I know Jasper was a trully active member for HL community and I felt bad for see that post, I think is one of those posts you never want to see especially if it’s about a HL community brother, I mean, he played and loved it, like I do, and the fact he is not here anymore is sad, jasper also used to comment a lot like me, that’s why I wish him peace wherever he is now, im sure he’s on a better place now.

    God bless and protect his family and I send from this mean my deeply condolences to his family, let them know that here on this community, Jasper will be missed by evrey active user like me, whose we once appriciate his comments help and oppinion in this gaming universe that we share together.

    God bless all communty too and please take care of yourselves, we are like a family because we share a part of ourselves here on this site that let us share our joy and minds about this hl universe.

  27. Count_de_Monet

    The ultimate map.
    Good luck Jasper.

  28. Firstly I would like to offer my condolences to Jasper’s wife and family as they have lost someone, who judging by his posts was a true gentleman. He was never mean to anyone even if he did not fully agree with their comments.

    As long as I’ve been visiting I have always been interested to know what Jasper’s take on a map/mod or topic was because he was always objective not subjective.

    I hope at some point in the future his wife and family have a look here to see the high regard that the PlanetPhillip community had (and still has) for Jasper and take comfort in the comments of those from a number of countries. Mel said

    Without ever meeting, I feel I have lost a friend.

    I think that’s true for all of us

  29. if only life had a F6 button. best of wishes to his family and friends.

  30. Joure

    I too want to give my condolences to Jaspers family, friends and relatives. Never met the guy, but read tons of his comments.

    Seeing everyone’s comments here though, made clear that he left an impression on a lot of people. It’s good to see a fellow gamer lending a helping hand.

    I remember his critique on 1187 and he gave his honest opinion about it. In fact I feel a bit bad about him and others struggling through a mod they not even find that much fun.

    But Jasper a long with dozens of others have given their honest feedback, and we have taken a lot of suggestions and observations into consideration when working on episode two.

    Thank you Jasper. You and others like yourself that have helped me to show me my flaws and hope to learn to improve on those flaws.

    Rest In Peace

  31. Gradius

    God… How I wish I were reading this in six days time.

    Rest in peace, Jasper…

  32. This is very sad news,
    I wish to offer my sincere condolences to his family and friends.
    His help and contributions to this site will be missed by all of us.
    The Cat’s Whiskers at Crunching Combine will have to continue in heaven.
    Rest in Peace Jasper

  33. Devath

    The community has lost valuable member, Jasper was very active on these boards. Hes critique was always appreciated. May those words live in the work of others.

    Thanks for informing us Phillip.

  34. Duke

    My last post seems to have disappeared, I cant imagine why, but sad to hear of our loss, I would still like to know what happened though…

    1. It’s best not to ask; it’s probably private matter to Jasper’s family. 🙂

  35. Salling

    As a quiet but daily reader/player over the last couple of years, I feel this I s the time I must leave a cooment.

    Jasper will be missed a lot, and he leaves a big emty space in many peoples hearts, and my condolences goes to his family and friends.

    Rest In Peace, Jasper.

  36. What ever the cause was, he probably done a lot of good things before his unexpected death. Although I do not know that friend of yours, Mr. Phillip, I hope he rests in peace and his family is safe.

    If time travel was even possible, I’d prevent his death as one of my top priorities along side with other global disasters that have happened recently. Not being naiive or anything, but I guess at times like this, you’d wish time travel was even possible to save a life you cared about the most.

  37. Genesis

    I too thought this statement sounded very strange to me from Jasper,

    “I don’t want to go back to Xen
    I don’t want to die — but probably will by the time they release it..”

    I had read a hundred comments and thoughts written by Jasper and I thought “where did this come from?” Now I know and now I am truly sad…..

    Beyond never having met Jasper and yet still feeling I would have liked to have been his friend, he stirred up something from my past, a friend I had actually met online playing Half-Life ozdm. His name there was Drifter and he too loved cats and Jasper’s comments here on PP made me think that he might be the Drifter I once knew and lost touch with. I now even more than yesterday believe that Jasper may have been my friend Drifter. I may never know the answer to this question and that makes me very sad and I am afraid to FINALLY send an email to my old friend feeling that he might never now respond.

    Thank you Jasper, thank you for making me retrieve lost memories.

  38. lj4linux

    R.I.P. Jasper.
    “May the light of lights illuminate your way…”

    Mel was right, there’s nothing more to say.

  39. Shadowmancer471

    This came as rather a shock to me.
    Jasper was one of the friendliest and most dedicated people I have met.
    He will be greatly missed by all of us I am sure.

  40. Since I started frequenting this site, Jasper has been a permanent fixture in this community. He was always willing to help others, whether it be critiquing posted mods or commenting about Phillip’s latest improvement to the site. He has left a legacy for all of us to follow.

    I hope his contributions will not be forgotten.

  41. Major Banter

    Jasper was always at the very top of the comment lists, always prepared to hand over hard-earned money to support the site, PP’s projects, the community. It’s very difficult to see beyond the words he typed and his little cat avatar, but there was a real human being there with real emotion.

    I suppose this brings the weight of mortality on us all, and that even the best of people are still only human.

    I politely assume Jasper was suffering an illness of some sort, and I can only praise his strength of character in simply “getting on with it’. He will be missed, and his absence will be felt more keenly than his presence ever was.

  42. Kyouryuu

    This is very sad news indeed. My condolences to Jasper’s family.

  43. Vic

    This is incredibly sad and very shocking. Jasper was an awesome person, even if I only knew him from his comments and recommendations, which were great. He always had something great to bring to a discussion. Every time I saw his cute kitty avatar I knew I was in for an awesome message. My condoleances to his family.

    Rest in Peace.

  44. Riven

    My condolences as well for Jasper.

    I enjoyed reading his comments on maps and for that I thank him for being part of the community and a more active member than I could ever be.

    I admired his tenacity in the mapping community.

  45. not much to add that hasn’t already been said by our community, this is a big loss for us and a greater loss by his family. I too only knew Jasper from the PP site but just his insight, reviews, honesty and willingness to help us here can only show what a fine and decent man he really was.
    May God rest his soul and provide strength to his Family at this time.
    It is not often, if ever that I can truly say I would miss someone I didn’t physically or personally know but I will miss Jasper and that is a testament to his life.

    Godspeed my friend.

  46. At the risk of sounding sentimental (I didn’t know him so I don’t want to make it sound like I was close), I just think it’s sad he (probably) spent a while looking forward to Episode Three and now he’ll never have a chance.

  47. ~ Jazz ~

    This.. this has to be the worse news I can get coming back home from my break from computing (hardware failure) I want to keep thinking to myself that this is some elaborate early April Fools joke.. but it isn’t. I’ve always enjoyed Jasper’s input on maps and mods.. and hearing this late but still very heartbreaking news just tears me up in my eyes..

    God speed Jasper,
    I will miss you very much *Drops that can*

  48. Grey Acumen


    Other than Phillip, Jasper was one of the few people that I actively spoke to with any regularity on this site. It pisses me off more than a bit that this would have to happen during a time when I barely have any time to stop by this site and couldn’t even be here when the announcement was made.

    I hope Scraps will still stop by occasionally once affairs are set in order, at least so she can see these responses from so many other people who share some small part of her loss.

  49. SPY

    MY GOD!!!!

    i missed Jasper already for more then a week!!!
    and I am COMPLEATLY shocked by this news!!!!
    really, this news wants to make me cry, better said, it does make my cry!!!
    I never met Jasper, but he was a very active member of my development group as beta tester. I think it all started a years or more ago when he asked me if he could beta test my maps, I do remember that I did hesitate but still agreed. and just a few hours after I did gave him a download link I knew it was a good decision to trust him with my maps because he gave me a full beta test report, with screenshots and everything. from that time on Jasper was a daily visitor on Baltic.Forever.com (our dev forum). most days he even visited twice or more to give input and a friendly advice. he became a real friend over time and we both had in comment that we love cats.

    He was very excited about Crysis2, and kept us all up to date about this game, he even already ordered it on line and said about it;(quote;)

    I’m supposed to get the game on disks Friday 25th.
    I’ll copy the spec” recommendations from the box.
    I’ll open the game and play.
    11 days to go
    I’ll post again then.

    and as always did his comment end with a small joke;

    The Cat’s Whiskers at…(to be advised).

    his last comment on our site was from 20 March, what is 9 days ago now. I didn’t notice it at first that he didn’t comment again, we all have sometimes a few days we don’t stop by on the forum. but 3 to 4 days I really started to miss him, especially because I had uploaded 2 new maps, and there was no test report about them from Jasper, what was strange!

    in our shout box he commented about my cats illness (she is very sick, has probably some kind of cancer);
    “That’s terrible, Spy. As Baltic says, lets hope the doc is wrong. Very worrying for you.”
    this was also on the 20th, now it seems that he maybe was already sick too then, although I don’t know his reason why he isn’t among us too, (and I do think we should bother asking the family about it, although I too would like to know what happened).

    My god, I still can’t get it fully,
    Jasper isn’t anymore among us…
    i really have lost a good friend, and I feel somewhat ashamed that I only read about this news now, but how could I know. I only was in contact with him, and not his family.

    i have read above that he has comment somewhere;’
    “I don’t want to go back to Xen
    I don’t want to die — but probably will by the time they release it..”
    can someone please show me the place where he did say these words, I like to read his full comment there….

    i will stop now, although I could go on and on and on about him.
    i will now sit down in a chair, away from my computer, smoke a cigarette and think about him.
    Jasper, you are missed so much.
    you were already on my credit list of my new mod as beta tester, but now I will add another extra text to there,
    RIP Jasper
    a o so valid team member!!!!


    1. Anon_252228

      Hello. This is Mrs Jasper. I would like to thank everyone for their comments on jasper. Have to say I didn;t realise how many friends he had, I now know what he had been doing all this time on his computor. The comment he made on 13th march about “not wanting to go back to xen”, was just that, another comment. He died suddenly of a heart attack, in his sleep, and knew nothing about it. Pity about crysis 2, I know he would have loved it, not my sort of game though, I will be looking out for HL Ep 3, and will play it for him.
      Once again thankyou for lovely comments.
      Sylvia (mrs jasper or scraps)

  50. SPY

    my time to adjust my comment above is expired and therefore I need to add a new comment, this because I suddenly remembered that just a few weeks ago Jasper and I talked about that he would become my texture artist. he wanted to do so much more as “just” beta test, and I suggested making textures because I always need them. and he promised to look in to what he would need to do for that, what kind of programma’s etc. he was willing to learn a lot and looked forward to this.
    i say this just to point out that his death probably also came a s a surprise to himself, otherwise he never would have wanted to study for texture artist.

    now I really stop,


    1. Leon, Jaspers comment was posted in Poll Question # 215 on this site about episode 3

  51. =EX-Mo=

    It is very sad.

    Rest in Peace, Jasper

  52. TB Biggs

    So many well written comments here are a testimony to how well we lived.
    As Leon said, jasper was the “new guy” on our team. He has already contributed so much and was forging ahead with many new ideas. His energy was enthusiastic and I’m quite sure, remains that way.

    Mel/John. Well said.

  53. SPY

    Thank you so much Tommiezat, for pointing out the place where Jasper did say those lines;

    “I don’t want to go back to Xen
    I don’t want to die — but probably will by the time they release it..”

    i had searched through all forum topics to see if I could find it myself…
    he did write those lines on Edited at 9:39 PM, 13th March 2011 so I don’t think he knew about his death up front, I assume he just meant that the release of ep3 would take years and years. as I said before did he comment after the 13th till just one day before he went away on our dev forum, and never said anything about being ill or anything. and I am quit sure he would have mentioned something to us when he made this comment in that way here a week before the 20th.
    seems his death was a sudden event, what is all the better, I just can hope he didn’t had any pain and that it was quick. but now I start to say things I really don’t want to say.

    i just am proud to had you as a friend Jasper, and that you now are well.


  54. OG Loc

    I never really knew him at all. But I’m sure he was a fantastic guy. Poor sap.

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  56. Does anybody else still find themselves pausing during their days and thinking of Jasper? I catch myself, thinking about something and then wondering what he will say when I email him about it.

    I am reminded of an opening scene in Amelie where a character has just returned from a funeral and is drawing a line though the person’s name.

    I don’t want to remove his email address from my contacts or from Steam Friends. It seems heartless and disrespectful. Of course, I’ll have to remove the email address as that would be silly, unless I keep sending the emails just to make myself feel better.

    1. Mel

      Yes, there is that empty feeling knowing that we will not read his reviews to new mods, also missing that anticipation of his response to ones comment. I think the next review I post will be with heavy heart.


  57. KARL

    I did not know Mr. Jasper well, but it is always sad when someone leaves us.

    Rest in peace, Jasper

  58. SPY

    couldn’t help myself to get back to this topic here on PP, to see if and what was added here again as comments. and I am glad to read you’re comment Phillip. of course will we all have to delete Jasper email address from our emails contact list, but I will do so in time (and that could take years. just noticed that I have a contact there that I haven’t mailed to in 9 years or so. )

    what to me came in to mind a few times the last few days was that it is so said that he can’t play crysis 2. for months he kept us all up to date with his Crysis 2 updates. each time a new trailer was out he gave us here and on another forum the links to them. he followed it like a hawk. then he even bought 2 new fully up to date high end computers. one for his wife and one for himself, a special game computer. this will have been 4 weeks ago or I so I believe. now he was ready for Crysis 2.
    crysis 2 was released in the USA onTuesday 22 March 2011, 2 days after his death, can it be more cinical??!! the last 2 days I am playing crysis 2, each night late at night just for a hour or 2, (not longer, so I can enjoy it on its best. each night again) and I know he also liked to game like that,. he would have LOVED crysis.
    crysis2. 2days to early, 2 new game computers, 22 March,….22


    1. Leon ol pal,
      You have a good heart to come back and think about good ol Jaspar. I bet he’d do the same. But hey everyone: Let’s not act sad, Jaspar wouldn’t like that, I wouldn’t think. Let’s think happy thoughts, like the good times we had. Want me to turn on the “I Wanna Know what Love is” song for the atmosphere? Jk lol!

  59. I realize that this is almost a month late but wow, this really rattled me. I regret that I had not become more a part of this community, and gotten to know him better. Condolences to his family and those of you who knew him well.

    Rest in Peace.

  60. k00pa

    I don’t know what to say, he helped me lot with my last mapping project…

    Rest in peace.

  61. I feel pretty bad coming this late but this is just terrible. I didn’t know him personally but I remember reading a few of his comments here. My condolences to his family and friends.

  62. Eyaura

    I did not know him but Rest in Peace Jasper. Never spoke to him personally but his name rings oddly familiar, maybe I have read some of his reviews. Clearly your contributions to the modding community were great and will be appreciated forever. You are in a better place now and I am sure you will find peace.

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