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Alex Vance

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1 March 2010


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I do quite a lot of modding for Garry's Mod and the like. However, i'm not experienced in C++, especially for source (although i am in other languages). I'm mainly an animator, and a bit of a modeller. When it comes to Garry's Mod i also script.

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24 Sep 2011 Poll Question 242 - Why do you play HL games and mods? I play the mods because HL2 was brilliant, and I want that feeling to be replicated with mods.
21 May 2011 The WOW Factor Although this isn't a Source mod, I found a hell of a lot of these in Half-Life 2 itself - but n...
09 May 2011 Beyond Portal 2 What I'm confused about is how you could find the interaction between Wheatley and GLaDOS laboure...
01 May 2011 Discussion Podcast 002 Oh, good. I was wondering about that email that was sent a while ago which didn't seem to go anyw...
01 May 2011 Discussion Podcast 002 Was this other guy... Me, per chance? ):
08 Apr 2011 Precursor Decidedly excellent mod. I'll get the bad stuff over with first. In some parts, the combat was...
02 Apr 2011 Poll Question 218 - How do you feel about Portal 2? When Portal 2 was announced, I was pretty annoyed at Valve, and I wasn't really looking forward t...
28 Mar 2011 R.I.P. Jasper At the risk of sounding sentimental (I didn't know him so I don't want to make it sound like I wa...
17 Mar 2011 Poll Question 215 - What would you most hate to happen in Episode Three? Some of the things would be bearable - no new enemies would be annoying, but I'd accept it. Obvi...
15 Nov 2010 Poll Question 198 - What Half-Life games have you finished playing? Played the HL2 series through about 10 times. Half-Life 1, I've completed, and I'm doing it again...
26 Jun 2010 Poll Question 178 - What is acceptable in a Half-Life game? This was a very interesting poll. One of the things that made it most hard to determine was what ...
16 May 2010 Poll Question 172 - How do you select your weapon? Ammo and enemy. One of the things I noticed while playing Half-Life 2 for the first time is th...
05 Apr 2010 A Turing Test for FPS Gamers? Ah yes, I remember doing something like this. I play a lot of HL2DM and my favourite weapon by f...
15 Mar 2010 Poll Question 163 - Is Endless Spawning a Valid Gameplay Mechanic? Again, yes, but only with good reason. It can be great in places where you're not supposed to co...
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