1. MikeS

    Excited? Me? Let me put it this way. If Valve said, “Look, we have Episode 3 and Portal 2 ready for release, but we can only put one out this year, which do you want first?” I’d take Portal 2. The reason for this is Portal 2 is going to be epic, unique and – judging by the teaser videos – filled with genuine good humour. I’m rushing to get my current novel written and sent off to my agent so I can take time off when the game is released. I just hope I don’t get too stuck! 🙂

    1. I’d rather have EP3 other than Portal 2.

    2. Winter

      Seconded. Humour, gameplay, and an involving story. im a story orientated gamer, and Portal 2 is my light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. mildly excited. Portal will be fun, I’m sure of it. But it won’t last long, and I doubt that modders will see any of the engine enhancements any time soon (if at all)

  3. OG Loc

    Portal 1 was pretty easy, Portal 2 looks a bit more harder, but I’m sure it’ll be easier. I hope Valve makes EP3 after this. NO Valve, don’t say you’ll make Left 4 Dead 3 yet! Let that wait until after EP3! Can’t wait until Portal 2, EP3, Halo: The Forerunners, GTA 5, Doom 4, Quake 5, and…… wow I got so many games in my head I can’t put them all down.

  4. Anon_250668

    would you want a portal memory mod for portal 2?

  5. Talon

    I will probably play it at some point, but I’m more interested in episode 3.

  6. I have tried to keep myself spoiler free because I don’t want to over-hype this for myself. I know that Portal 2 will probably be of excellent quality, like all Valve games, so I don’t really need to look too much into the game details.

    That and I have a mob of games and mods I have yet to complete so I’m in no hurry to add to the list.

  7. Kyouryuu

    I’m actually not all that interested in Portal 2. Mostly because I thought the first Portal was a great little game that didn’t outstay its welcome. It was just 3-4 hours long and got its point across with clever mechanics and puzzles. The thing is, I don’t honestly know how well this is going to translate to a $60 standalone sequel.

    I’ll play it eventually, but it’s perhaps the first Valve game in years that I haven’t “pre-ordered.”

  8. When Portal 2 was announced, I was pretty annoyed at Valve, and I wasn’t really looking forward to it.

    Until a few weeks ago when the achievements were leaked. Why? Because it’s almost certain information pertaining to Episode 3 will be present, however small.
    That is good enough for me. I have a timer built into Firefox that counts down to its release. :3

  9. Can’t resist this great game , I must play it.

  10. CovertChaos

    Headcrabs fart?

  11. Major Banter

    Valve simply cannot go wrong; I know they will eventually, and their upcoming MMO is probably going to be an example of that, but taking the most intuitive and intelligent game of 2009(?) and rigging it up to the spanking-new Source code, giving it a complete overhaul and doing what Valve do best, making stuff better….

    It’s going to be awesome.

    As a developer, it’s also awesome because I know this is the precursor to Half Life 3’s engine.

  12. Clutch

    I’m a sucker. I’ll buy it. Just to be able to play something that’s (hopefully) not a multiplayer, graphics-crippled, run and gun, console port. Hope I live long enough to see HL3, though…

  13. Hec

    I’ll play it but im not that psyched about it, I would really will get mad and so excited, when HL2 EP3 finally comes!!. hope that portal2 would reveal some detaill about the conection it has with HL universe, but I have my doubts about that.

  14. Tops

    With all the trailers focusing only on Co-op and the fact that it has E10+ rating…definitely gets me less excited about P2

  15. I am so excited I could sing

    Original. Portal 1 is fun, this looks much better especially since they are putting a lot more effort into it. I love humour too.

  16. Anon_250953

    A good hit, but Valve has been delaying this kind of content far too long !

  17. frumbert

    I’ll probably miss the launch – I’ll be down a mine somewhere chipping for diamonds, or fleeing from hissing crawlers 🙂 Some day I’ll surface and find that portal 2 has been out for ages…

  18. Bit late with this but I was very excited. Played it and can confirm I love it. Now, did Valve mention something about EP3 some years ago? Now that is what we were really waiting for 😉

  19. esswok

    I have play HL since 1998, never liked portal
    I will never play portal 2,
    what is it politicaly correct you can’t even kill things.
    It’s a video game I love to kill the crap out of things and then kill it more untill it blows apart. make a whole and jump threw it what for. life has real challenges I don’t need to think in a game game is for relaxing.

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