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08 May 2011 Poll Question 218 - How do you feel about Portal 2? Bit late with this but I was very excited. Played it and can confirm I love it. Now, did Valve me...
08 May 2011 Poll Question 219 - If Black Mesa Source and Portal 2 were released on the same day, which would you play first? Quite uncannyily, I only checked on BMS yesterday as I haven't checked for almost a year and not ...
02 Jan 2011 The Citizen I did install the July patch. I did reinstall it last week with the patch and it worked fine. At ...
02 Jan 2011 Joutomaa Redux Okay, here is my penny's worth. I gave it a PIN as I believe you should give this a go just to se...
02 Jan 2011 The Citizen Thank you for replying tommiezat. Glad to know it isn't just me. Does anyone know if there is/wil...
31 Dec 2010 The Citizen Haven't played this for a while so thought I would give it a go before playing the second part. H...
14 Aug 2007 Poll Question 043 - Are Single Player FPS games too violent? This is a very debatable poll. Violence doesn't actually bother me in films or games. Although th...
06 Aug 2007 Poll Question 042 - What is your pet peeve regarding Single Player mods? Criticism is a good thing. I don't like seeing "This sucks!" or "The map is unoriginal". If I cre...
05 Aug 2007 Poll Question 042 - What is your pet peeve regarding Single Player mods? I've read all previous comments and there seems to be quite a lot of people saying that there nee...
28 Jul 2007 Riot Act I don't care to much for stories so I can't complain about that. My only gripe is health. There ...
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