Poll Question 198 – What Half-Life games have you finished playing?

13th November 2010

What Half-Life games have you finished playing?

Not the most interesting poll question on PP, but I am hoping the results prove interesting. As you would imagine I have played all of them but I suspect that HL2 and EP2 will be the “winners” here.

I have to admit I am curious as to how many players have play BS and OP.

Anyway, get voting and let’s see what the results are.

The Poll


  1. sink257

    Played all of them, multiple times, too!

    1. True, I wonder if I should have let people enter how many times.

      1. IDM

        Many,many,many,many,many times, including every mod I could get my hands on!
        Cant wait for HL2 ep. 3, and the mods that follow!

      2. Rog

        Oh man, I don’t think I could count how many times on some of them. Fired up here and there.

      3. yeah I think many who reply to the poll will have played and completed all multiple times. maybe the poll should have been about what of the series hasn’t someone played or completed at least once.

  2. not to cause trouble but I find the question misleading. by finished I think of “i will not play that game again, I am finished with it”. in that light that would be blue shift, I did replay opposing force redux and just finished half life 1 redux- great new engine and graphics. the the others I have replayed lots of times to a few times. my big plan is to play half life 2 and the episodes in order after episode 3 comes out and I finish it.

    1. Trouble maker – just joking. The reason I added the “finished playing” is because I know a lot of people who have started but not actually finished some games.

      1. oh, completed the game. got ya I have completed all the games. snicker. have a great week Phillip.

  3. s.anchev

    Finished all of them. At least 2 Times each of them (Yes, even BS).
    About 10 times for HL1, I think. That was such a revolution…

    However, it Will be interesting to see who has finished the add-ons.

  4. It appears there are a few Valve employees that view PP. 😀

    If we ask nicely, do you think they will share?

    1. ANonEntity

      Wishful thinking, Wozzle, or what?
      Could be HL2-Ep3 dosen’t exsist, and never will be………………!?!?!?

  5. Finished playing, all of them.

    Finished with and not replaying, including maps & mods:
    Half-life (1)
    Blue Shift
    Opposing Force

  6. AI

    Played all of the above, many times over! Kinda like all six of my “Star Wars” movies I don’t get tired of them!! 😉 Also used “FakeFactorys” 10.9 conversion, realy sweet! Started going thru my stored maps/mods!

  7. toops

    Half-Life 2 around 10 times. Each time with its own reason.

    1. toops

      Why didnt you include Decay?

      Shame on everyone for forgetting that one!

        1. toops

          So apperantly Decay doesnt count as a Half-Life game, eh?

          Second, there is a PC version. Only its a mod ported by modders.

          1. I never said it didn’t count as a game, I just said I only added PC games. Yes, it’s a mod, but this poll is about retail games.

  8. Armageddon

    I’ve played all but EP1, I played like half of it and it was so boring.

  9. Played the HL2 series through about 10 times. Half-Life 1, I’ve completed, and I’m doing it again.
    OpFor was… Well, disappointing. Pretty buggy and a lot of instant kill thingys, far too many weapons and the most underwhelming boss I’ve EVER encountered in any game. Had decent combat though.
    HL:BS completely bugged up for me. Stupid Rosenburg.

    1. Pyro

      I didn’t like OP4 either. My biggest complaints are that the new enemies are way too strong, but are kinda balanced out by overpowered guns, the M249 in particular.

      I also thought the gameplay had horrible flow; the early chapters are just a lot of really monotonous puzzles with a few spots of easy combat. The later chapters weren’t much better.

      I absolutely love BS, though.

  10. Pyro

    I’m sad to say I’ve never played the original WON (?) version of HL1, nor have I seen too much of the beta.

    But everything else, yeah.

    The best part is, I’m still finding new caches of hidden items. Valve is awesome.

  11. I never finished the original Half Life due to switching to Opposing Force when it came out. I stopped short of tackling the “Nihilanth” and when I went back to try again the graphics seemed too crude. [HL2 having just come out]!
    But I have the WinXP version so I may give it another go. Loved Blue Shift!
    So I wait with baited breath for the “fabled” ” Black Mesa” mod to appear on the horizon!
    As for “half Life-2”, I finally finished it this year. But I bought it when it first came out!
    I remember my first “Steam” download as I installed the game. It was epic on my ” dial-up” modem!
    “Episode one” was completed after some mods and I caught the train to “Episode Two.
    As for “Episode Two”, (part of the fantastic “Orange Box”), I am currently stalled half way in the White Forest due to playing to many map mods and messed up saves! Also a blown G-force graphics card forced me into building my first PC and other distractions, including “Portal 2”!
    So, I will probably replay “Episode Two” from the start and try to finish before 2011!

    Thanks to VALVE and all those incredible modders out there for a “Full-Life” of gaming!

  12. Solid Rider 2

    I have played the games many times, except Half-life 2 episode 3…..sometimes I complete it, sometimes I don’t…it goes on….

  13. Jean Knapp

    It is incredible, but I’ve played the Half-Life 1 series a lot of times and I’ve never managed to finish any of them. The most far I’ve got was in HL1 when I reached Xen. Then I simply lose the saved files (not the system fault).

    I think the greatest thing about Source is the chapter thing. You can play any group of maps you want with the necessary weapons and itens. I even tried to do “map xenlevel”, but I don’t have the longjump thing.

    Well, I just hope one day I can battle Nihilanth. Maybe with BM:S.

  14. Gilfrarry

    You can get the longjump module back by typing “give item_longjump” in the console, when you do get to map c4a1.

  15. Flynn

    HL1, HL1OP, HL1BS, HL2, HL2EP1 and HL2EP2. The first ones were by far the best.

  16. I have played and completed all of the valve released games, several times, and probably will play them several more times in the future too!

    Plus god knows how many hours I have spent playing mods – I download all of PP’s mods and only delete them if they are truly sh1te.

    And don’t forget Portal and all it’s mods.


  17. OG Loc

    All except for EP3 and Portal 2. Because they’re not released yet! XD

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