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20 Nov 2010 Poll Question 199 - For mod media, do you prefer screenshots or videos? i like both. though I don't care for out of game rendered weapon pics.an AK47 is an AK47 no matte...
20 Nov 2010 5 Half-Life 2 Music Videos thanks Phillip. after watching them. the only one I didn't much like was "Maybe tomorrow is a bet...
20 Nov 2010 5 Half-Life 2 Music Videos i might just be the only one but i'm using I.E.8 and adobe flash 10. all I see is blank white squ...
13 Nov 2010 Poll Question 198 - What Half-Life games have you finished playing? yeah I think many who reply to the poll will have played and completed all multiple times. maybe ...
07 Nov 2010 Poll Question 197 - Would you like a mod that offered you more control over what weapons you had? For me weapons should be tied to playstyles. Though in terms of HL series mods. They tend to focu...
28 May 2010 Poll Question 174 - How do you feel about starting a mod with no weapons? well "Research and Developement" mod had no weapons as such on the start of it, with only the bug...
24 May 2010 Poll Question 173 - Would character customization have improved Half-Life? i would go with no for half-life. as the story was all about playing the role of a named characte...
16 May 2010 Poll Question 172 - How do you select your weapon? i tend to go for a combo of ammo/enemy. by that I mean if my enemy is using a certain weapon. the...
15 May 2010 Nathan Grove Compilation i agree with what has been said about the maps smoothly fitting together. though the gametime was...
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