Poll Question 215 – What would you most hate to happen in Episode Three?

13th March 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Loosely inspired by this SteamPowered thread, this poll allows you to enter three answers.

To be honest, I only checked the first post of that thread and haven’t had time to read the replies.

Anyway, please vote and also comment if you feel strongly enough or there isn’t something listed.

The Poll


  1. William

    I voted other – only because there is one thing that trumps ALL these others….
    “It never coming out”

    But in seriousness… I think if Gordon freeman talked that would pretty much ruin it for me. Keeping it open ended doesn’t hurt it much because of the mod scene and ending it outright isn’t bad either. I couldn’t care less about Alyx .

  2. Major Banter

    There’s some humorous things in here; Gordon and Alyx getting married for example. That’s just not going to happen, so no matter how much I’d be utterly mortified if it actually DID, it’s not relevant to my answer.

    -Freeman’s death would be dramatic, and far more emotional than any other character death I’ve ever had to go through. I’d love it because it’d be traumatic as hell.

    -Alyx’s death would be overly predictable. I don’t think she could simply be knocked off now.

    -I went for the next three; Gordon speaking, no new weapons and no new enemies. I know none of these would be the kind of thing Valve would do – especially after so many years – but a less competent studio would consider doing these. I didn’t mind Isaac Clark speaking because it’s 3rd person, and I felt like a puppet-master rather than actually being the character, and that’s important.

    -Regarding G-Man, I think there’s something worse than a “good guy” – the fact that we find out what he actually is. I would love to know, but equally I don’t. That mystery is so perfect it doesn’t need anything adding or taking away from it.

    -Headcrabs, schmegcrabs.

    -Going back to Xen would be the best freaking thing ever!

    -The finish of the Half-Life arc would be…like losing my little toe. Painful, annoying but ultimately it doesn’t make any difference. I’d hate to see it go, but I’d love to see it bow out.

    -I can’t see Valve doing an open finale. But that’d be just plain infuriating.

  3. s.anchev

    -Gordon Speaks = FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    -It was all a dream = Die Gabe Die.

    -And “the arc does finish and it’s left open” = I’ve to wait 7 years AGAIN???

  4. I don” want to marry Alyx
    I don’t want to go back to Xen
    I don’t want to die – but probably will by the time they release it.. 😐

    1. Frohman Zelinsky

      R.I.P Jasper
      You told your own furture 🙁

    2. Hec

      You are on a better place now buddy, and im sure when ep3 is released, you will enjoy it too much in heaven, god bless you jasper.

    3. William

      This comment made me cry.

  5. Vic

    I voted “Alyx Vance dies”, because that would be rather… well, unneeded. We’ve already gotten rid of Eli and Lamarr, and Mossman might die, so why kill Alyx too? What purpose could it possibly serve?

    As for the other two, I used the “Other” option. “No new graphical improvements”, for one. It’s been close to 4 years, so I think we can expect some new engine features. It wouldn’t make me hate the game, but it would be rather disappointing, especially since Valve has had a good track record of strong graphics on their games. Looking at the things Valve’s doing with Portal 2, we can expect Episode Three to at least look as good as Portal 2.

    My second choice was “No new gameplay elements”. I wouldn’t mind not seeing any new weapons or enemies, but I want to see some brand new gameplay features. Gabe even said something about that a while back.

  6. CowThing

    If Gordon ever says something, even a single word, it would be terrible.

  7. Of all the topics mentioned in the “What would you most hate to happen in Episode Three?” the only three that would really annoy me are:
    No new weapons, no new enemies and old ” Gordo” speaking!
    All theses in a mod I’m fine with, but not in the main game that would be wrong, especially since I’ll be coughing up some money for “Episode Three”!

    To be fair “Valve” can finish the story anyway they’d like to, as long as it does not turn out to be a holodeck simulation!

    As an ending I reckon the “G-man” could suggest you, (Freeman) need to stop Alyx Vance at all costs from a path the “Vortigaunts” have chosen for her. Leave you, the player to decide how you complete the story ending.

  8. Nihillo

    I wouldn’t mind Gordon or Alyx dying, it would be sad, but hey, that’s good story writing. I wouldn’t mind the G-man being a good guy either, it’s not like he’s an antagonist in the series, he’s just… weird… as long as they don’t give a contrived explanation of why he is a good guy, it will be fine. I also wouldn’t mind the story having an existential plot twist in the end, hopefully not something clichd and predictable such as “it was all a dream”, but it is a reasonable ending.

    What would *really* bother me is the series as a whole ending on Episode Three, not only because I like Half-life, but because I believe it’s too soon to end it, we don’t have any answers yet and the series hasn’t reached it’s potential.

  9. Aaron M

    If Gordon ever says something, even if he used sign language = LAME

    1. Actual speech I would dislike, but some hand signals for maneuvering a squad, like the combine do would be awesome.

  10. Bones

    This one struck me a while ago, and I hope it doesn’t pan out this way; but I’m sincerely hoping G-Man isn’t written off as an Aperture AI or something equally underwhelming.
    Some loose ends are best left untied.

  11. Kyouryuu

    Having the same kind of non-ending that Episodes 1 and 2 had. It’s time to wrap this sucker up. By the time Episode 3 comes out – if it ever comes out – we’ll probably be closing in on the 10 year anniversary of Half-Life 2. I think that’s more than enough time for teasing the outcome of this story.

    I’m not saying you need some kind of ultimate resolution where you find out everything about everyone. But I would be looking for closure to the Combine story arc. Something other than just teasing future events for another game five years down the road.

    1. Hec

      we’ll probably be closing in on the 10 year anniversary of Half-Life 2.

      Wow, hope not I mean I hope at least it’ll be released in 2012, because being 10 years after the HL2 would really suck, better they could be planning a whole HL3 instead, and I have to say it I really hate to wait!

      1. Kyouryuu

        Keep in mind that Episode 2 came out way back in 2007. That’s a lifetime in this industry. And since there hasn’t been any word about Episode 3, I’d say it’s at least a year off. Both the Modern Warfare games and BioShock have had two sequels in that time span!

        I tend to believe that one of two things occurred. Either Episode 3 became Half-Life 3, or Valve decided to not pursue it at all. There’s something to be said for how quiet Valve has been about it. They obviously don’t want to talk about it right now and would rather focus on Portal 2 and now DOTA instead.

        1. Hec

          Yes there’s a strange halo of mistery on ep3 and the worst of all is that we as gamers we don’t have any certain clues of anything!, that’s really frustrating, I hope ep3 better offer something really good to worth it!

        2. or Valve decided to not pursue it at all.

          I can’t believe that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make this last release the last HL series game for a good few years though.

  12. zonbie

    Well, chalk this up to bad reading…but I am pissed off because I didn’t notice that this was a “pick any three” poll until I had already submitted only one choice. Next time, please put the phrase “Pick Any Three” in a question calling for such.

  13. Miigga

    “The G-man is a good guy”

    I don’t want G-man to be simply a good guy or a bad guy, I want it to have more depth than that.

    “It was all a dream”

    That would just be a crappy cop-out

    “Gordon and Alyx get married”

    ahaha that would just be ridiculous and stupid

    1. I would have to agree with all of that.

  14. Hec

    Wow I hope valve is not considering seriously any options there to happen in the game, because that would be really bad, personally if freeman dies kind of all the game dies too so that really would piss me off, I think in each new episode release valve offers something fresh and new both in enemy npc’s, weapons and story line, in ep2 we could see a darker G-man so I don’t think we are going to see a benevolent G-Man at all, maybe whether Freeman talks is irrelevant to me, and I consider an open ending possible maybe for a further HL3 or something like that…, but I hope non of all those options listed happen, I really want a major unimagined surprise instead.

  15. David Lundvall

    If Gordon Freeman starts to speak everything would break for me.. There are a lot of crappy choices, but one of them would just not do it for me..

  16. They leave it open ended and I’m all done with Half Life storyline. If they can’t close the combine story here and give at least some satisfying information about g-man I’ll be sure that they have nothing to explain because they don’t have a good story to tell.

    They may kill even Gordon, I don’t mind , I just want to know how this ends. I don’t care anything more than this right now.

    1. NoFace

      Yeah, in HL1 there were no combine, in HL2 they kept a few things from HL1 but built a new load of stuff so I hope in HL3 they get rid of the combine and make something more. I think the borealis in ep3 should be the key to that.
      But even if it seems like in ep3 there are still combine, I wouldnt give up lol, there is a lot more that may come.

  17. Tops

    While there are just some silly ones like “‘Gordon and Alyx get married”, I would be very, very disappointed if still after TWO games there are no new weapons or Valve again only adds 1 new enemy.

  18. Cwook

    I think I saw an article on LambdaGen with evidence that it was HL3, not episode 3.

    1. It’s irrelevant what you call it. It’s just the next release.

      1. Vic

        It’s anyone’s guess, at this point.

    2. Dias

      “I did mention HL3 in a presentation about what kind of people we hire, but used it solely as a placeholder for a future Valve product.”

      The reason he was mentioning Half-Life 3 is because hiring people now for Episode 3 would be kind of pointless because a full team has already been working on EP3 for some time now.

  19. Pedro The Swift

    How about if Gordon speaks once–
    and says “I DO”

    it needs to finish.
    you listening valve?

  20. The ending of episode 3 should absolutely be left open to provide inspiration to modders and be the basis of a incredible mapping/writing competition.

  21. Ark11

    Why speculate about this when Valve probebly hasen’t even gotten past the planning stage for Ep3.

    1. There’s a few of answers to this:
      1. because it seems that people enjoy it.
      2. if you believe they have only just started planning the release, these sorts of discussions may actually help valve understand what players want. Personally, I don’t believe they have only just started planning it. I believe they have been working on it since finsihing Ep2 and I am sure that Valve know what players want.
      3. It could help modders in some strange way by telling them what players want.

  22. Duke

    pfft…Half-Life 3…THAT should be out already and they should be working on 4 by now…what are they playing at ? Get some overtime in already….

    1. NoFace

      Sorry but:
      Valve != Activision
      Valve > Activition

  23. Believe it or not, I’m fine with wherever the story goes. However, everything must be done the LAIDLAW way. All I care about is that Laidlaw is writing the story and doing his best. If that’s not true or not up to snuff in it, I will dismiss it as garbage despite whatever advancements they make. Half-Life is an experience and a brilliantly written one at that. So long as Laidlaw continues his trend of exceedingly excellent work there’s nothing wrong.

  24. frumbert

    Xen in source engine would rock. Can’t imagine why I haven’t seen more Xen mods.

    If they use the “cave drip” or “door open” sound from Doom (and every sci-fi movie made ever) that would suck.

    If I get to blow up that Mossman chick then that would rock.

    If I get to use the portal gun that would suck. Neat tool, wrong game.

  25. Some of the things would be bearable – no new enemies would be annoying, but I’d accept it.
    Obviously taking out a few of things that make Half-Life Half-Life – e.g. Gordon speaking – would be bad, but to varying degrees. As mentioned before, finding out who he is would be bad.

    But I have to say, the worst thing of all would be to find out it was all a dream. Not only is this dreadfully cliched, it would completely take away the seriousness of it all.

    That’s why I didn’t choose Gordon or Alyx dying, or even getting married – despite the let down, it still wouldn’t take away the seriousness of it all.

  26. Anon_249177

    I think Gordon dies at the end of the episode. Fair enough if you ask me. And then the new sequels begin, and the series take another path.

  27. Frederick

    It would suck if they continue using that new weapon from the last game that requires you to toss a fragile ball of cotton candy at a strider and then shoot the cotton candy with a gun to make it explode. Worst Weapon Design ever! I am surprised that Gordon did not shoot the scientist for coming up with it.

    1. NoFace

      It was fun and funny. If you complain then you probably just suck at aiming.

    2. The Magnusson device — it was easier than running around collecting N rockets under fire.
      But I’m surprised somebody didn’t shoot Magnusson anyway.

  28. I didn’t pick any of the answers given.

    If Gordon speaks – not a big deal to me. I like Valve’s approach, where Gordon is silent, and they’ve done an impressive job of delivering believable drama without him having a speaking part. But if they made Gordon speak and the story was done well, that would be fine.

    Gordon and Alyx get married — cool! I feel like they’ve done a good job with a delicate problem, making Alyx a likeable and believable character. That romantic tension is begging for fulfillment!
    Also, the story arc gets to reboot with “Son(s?) of Freeman”! And the grandson Eli never got to see carries on his legacy.

    Alyx dies – ouch. Painful. But they would probably treat it with the gravity it deserves.

    No new enemies / weapons would be disappointing, and unlikely to happen, but if the story was good it could make up for it.

    Back to Xen — I was disappointed that HL2 didn’t go there. So back to Xen in ep3 would be awesome. Especially if, unlike HL1, the place of Xen in the story line is wrapped up more coherently.

    My list of worst things if they were to happen:

    – They don’t resolve the main big questions. Like who is the G-man.

    – Alyx marries somebody else. Especially a bad guy.
    Or Alyx turns out evil / betrays Gordon somehow. (Unless she later comes around.)

    – Gordon has to start doing evil things in order to finish the storyline – like killing innocent people (not in defense). I’m not counting zombies and Combine.

    I don’t expect any of those to happen except maybe them not resolving the identity of the G-man. That would be very hard to do in a way that made sense and kept people happy. But I sure would like to know what a lot of his suggestive phrases were referring to.

  29. Herr_Alien

    “Gordon and Alyx get married”

    In my version, Gordon dies. That leaves Alyx as the main hero for the next game.

  30. Flynn

    If it was the end of the series, I would hate that.

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