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25 December 2010


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co-host of Steamcast, former co-host of Podcast 17, former lead editor for LambdaGeneration
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  1. Deus Ex
  2. The Beginner's Guide
  3. Monkey Island
  4. Pathologic
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27 Jun 2016 Poll Question 350 - How would you feel if Half-Life 3 were released and it didn't support modding? I'd be extremely disappointed considering the impact Half-Life modding has had on the industry as...
01 Jul 2014 The Citizen Returns Are the missing weapon and flashlight icons a part of these engine porting bugs? I can swear ther...
11 May 2013 Half-Life 2: Our Benefactors After two chapters" worth of engaging and climactic urban warfare in the streets of City 17, we f...
02 Aug 2012 Audio Interview with Magnar Jenssen plus Live stream Yeah, the time on the Podcast 17 scheduling event was broken. It was showing the wrong time for m...
08 Jul 2012 Half-Life: Surface Tension The one you need a Barney for, that leads into the parking building with the Garg in it.
07 Jul 2012 Half-Life: Surface Tension The first time we reached the surface following the Incident, we were forced back underground 25 ...
06 Jul 2012 Half-Life: Hazard Course Well, first off, I don't think I ever stated or even implicated that it wasn't Valve's story to t...
06 Jul 2012 TREE: Why Chapter Titles are so Important I agree, a lot of thought needs to be paid to creating clever, creative, and intelligent chapter ...
06 Jul 2012 Half-Life: Questionable Ethics We rise out of the dark pit where we last left off, only to find ourselves confronted by a pack o...
03 Jul 2012 Half-Life: Residue Processing Residue Processing is, perhaps, the epitome of a filler chapter. No new story or dialogue of any ...
08 Jun 2012 Half-Life: Anomalous Materials The Anomalous Materials lab represents the moment Half-Life really gets going. We are introduced ...
07 Jun 2012 Half-Life: Black Mesa Inbound That was just the employment. Gordon had evidently been at Black Mesa for well over several weeks...
04 Jun 2012 Half-Life: Hazard Course Great work!
03 Jun 2012 Half-Life: Hazard Course It can't be that bad, I think! Still, if you really don't want to add any audio commentary, I'd s...
03 Jun 2012 Half-Life: Black Mesa Inbound is, without a doubt, the most memorable chapter of the entire Half-Life series. It's also one of...
02 Jun 2012 Half-Life: Hazard Course The Hazard Course was, ostensibly, the first thing many players saw (and experienced) when they f...
01 May 2011 Mesa Fallback Great review, Phillip! I'm definitely going to check the mod out. But uh... the military WAS kill...
27 Mar 2011 Poll Question 216 - Has Source modding peaked? I wouldn't say "peaked". If anything, I'd argue it isn't going very well at the moment. A pretty ...
27 Mar 2011 Poll Question 217 - Would you like Episode Three to include co-op gameplay? A solid "No" from me. Half-Life is all about the player's experience, and the way he/she literall...
27 Mar 2011 R.I.P. Jasper This is incredibly sad and very shocking. Jasper was an awesome person, even if I only knew him f...
15 Mar 2011 Poll Question 215 - What would you most hate to happen in Episode Three? It's anyone's guess, at this point.
13 Mar 2011 Poll Question 215 - What would you most hate to happen in Episode Three? I voted "Alyx Vance dies", because that would be rather... well, unneeded. We've already gotten r...
25 Feb 2011 Poll Question 212 - How well do you know the details behind the HL universe? Shu'ulathoi.
25 Dec 2010 The Citizen 2 Hmm. Interesting, but it was certainly rather immersion-breaking. No one mentions anything about ...
25 Dec 2010 Poll Question 204 - Should mod makers replace the voices of established characters? That would have been a great idea!
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