Audio Interview with Magnar Jenssen plus Live stream

31st July 2012

Just to let everybody know that I will be having an audio interview with Magnar Jenssen on Saturday 4th August at 2:00PM GMT. That’s 3:00PM Central European Time. Please check your local times.

In addition to recording and posting the interview on here, it will also be streamed live on the Podcast17 YouTube channel.



  1. Ade

    Errr it shows it’s Sunday at 4:50 AM for me? That can’t be right..

    1. You are two hours in front of me, right? If that’s the case, it will be 5:00PM for you.

      1. Ade

        Ur supposed to set it in ur local time, don’t think of it as Steam pdt or w/e. Then it will be displayed for each user in their local time.

        1. Vic

          Yeah, the time on the Podcast 17 scheduling event was broken. It was showing the wrong time for me as well.

          I’ve just fixed it, though.

  2. Might wait for the recording,,
    will be midnight here 😉

  3. Ade

    so.. where do we listen in?

    1. Apparently here:

      But we are experiencing technical difficulties atm

      1. Ade

        why weren’t you in the podcast17 group ;(

        1. I can’t see speak and read/type at the same time!

          1. Ade

            I wasn’t gonna ask you to, but we were so few in there and didn’t know where to listen to the interview..

            1. It’s my first time doing that, sorry about that.

              1. Ade

                You lil virgo haha np, we only missed the first minutes 😛
                And usually with the group chat you can get like additional questions from the audience.

                1. Yes, I didn’t realize that it takes about 30 seconds from pressing “Broadcast” to it actually start recording.

                  I also knew that group chat gives questions, but I never said that was part of the interview process.

        2. Sorry, I forgot because of the tech issues at the beginning.

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