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19 Mar 2015 RaiseTheBarVille - Joint Mapping Challenge with MapCore I guess this begs the question: how do you define a scene? Some of the examples above are very br...
02 Apr 2013 Poll Question 293: How do you feel about Valve's Early Access initiative? I agree with you on that point to an extent. Most bigger developers will have in-house Quality As...
02 Apr 2013 Poll Question 293: How do you feel about Valve's Early Access initiative? I feel I should add my views here as I'm an indie developer trying to get my game Luminesca on St...
02 Apr 2013 Poll Question 293: How do you feel about Valve's Early Access initiative? I'm admittedly in a biased position here, but how is helping someone a privilege? You help someon...
15 Jan 2013 Poll Question 289 - Would you play HL3 on a lower setting or wait until you had a better PC to play it properly? I've pondered this dilemma before... I think I would just do whatever I could to scrape up the mo...
11 Nov 2012 Overawe I loved this one! It was short and simple, but the level design and layout was excellent for what...
11 Nov 2012 Silent Escape This had potential but I found a lot of the combat to be poorly designed, particularly the design...
23 Oct 2012 Poll Question 282 - Should Black Mesa Source be considered for mod of the year? Absolutely, yes. I think it's perfectly fair. should treat the mod itself as discreet entity,...
11 Jan 2012 Runaway Train Looks interesting. Might have to check it out to see how closely it resembles my own train experi...
01 Aug 2011 GravityGunVille Mapping Competition Thanks! It's great fun but a lot of work, so unfortunately my Source mapping has hit a brick wall.
01 Aug 2011 GravityGunVille Mapping Competition I like this theme; the Gravity Gun is such a powerful tool that can lead to all kinds of interest...
09 Jun 2011 The Desert of Doom This sounds almost identical to one of my very first HL1 levels. It crashed the compiler so I too...
02 Jun 2011 Luminesca - Support a modder Thanks, Anton, I appreciate the support. There's only about 1 day left so get in there quick if y...
01 Jun 2011 Luminesca - Support a modder Thanks for promoting the game! Hope you all like it!
27 May 2011 Poll Question 226 - If Valve released a novel based on the HL universe, would you buy it? I'd love to say "No, because cross-media spin-offs are always rubbish", but I'd be kidding myself...
06 May 2011 Poll Question 222 - Do you think Valve will ever sanction a commercial mod set in the HL universe? Valve are full of surprises. They're officially endorsing L4D campaigns, supporting Black Mesa (o...
11 Apr 2011 Audio Interview with Patrick Murphy It threw me too! Phillip, they're flechettes; pronounced flesh-etts, not fletch-lets! ;)
11 Apr 2011 Precursor It's been a while since I played a HL2 mod but I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about. I e...
25 Mar 2011 R.I.P. Jasper Truly sad news. My condolences to his family and loved ones. Jasper gave me some really kind feed...
30 Dec 2010 Sebastian Sebastian is perfectly condensed so as not to feel dull at any moment, and showcases some interes...
20 Nov 2010 Poll Question 199 - For mod media, do you prefer screenshots or videos? Screenshots first. If it looks good or if I'm undecided then videos.
21 Feb 2010 Poll Question 160 - Should there be swearing in Half-Life games and mods? I wouldn't go so far as to say a non-expletive is "better" or "more effective" than an expletive....
21 Feb 2010 Poll Question 160 - Should there be swearing in Half-Life games and mods? I'm with MikeS on this one. I too feel almost embarrassed when people I'm with swear in public an...
15 Dec 2009 Poll Question 150 - Do you play fullscreen or windowed? Well, actually I do both. I play full-screen if I'm playing to enjoy the game. I play windowed if...
18 Oct 2009 Poll Question 143 - Delay Episode Three for a new Source engine? I think the current engine (with the incremental upgrades like HDR or cinematic physics) should s...
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