Audio Interview with Patrick Murphy

4th April 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I was lucky enough to have a chat with Patrick Murphy, the maker of Precursor, a highly-rated new single player mod for Episode Two. It’s one of my longer interviews and we talk about a number of things but really focus on the mod itself and various aspect of it.

Patrick has agreed to stop by and respond to any comments, so feel free to ask him your own questions.

Listen to the interview



  1. Hec

    Well hi Patrick, i’d like to ask you if you are planning to do some other mod within the HL Universe environment???, ihope so because this precursor mod was so well recived, and i’d love to play some more works of yours!!

    1. The answer you’re looking for is around 49:30

      1. Hec

        OH txx, i’ll hear that!

  2. I kept thinking you were saying “charging his flatulence”, Phillip, when talking about the hunter near the beginning of the cast 😀

    is the custom weapon still in the code? if I try to give it to myself in console will it work? I know that a lot of the default halflife2 weapon code depends on having properly timed animations, so that might mess things up a little (seeing as there’s no model or animation).

    And about the pulse rifle in the parking structure, I think that the muzzleflash was so obstructive was because the area wasn’t so well lit. When it’s used in hl2 and other mods, it’s usually in an area where you can clearly see the enemies, but it’s a bit harder in the structure.

    Great interview Phillip and Patric 🙂

    1. SvDvorak

      Actually, the weapon is still in the mod as a hidden feature (I think Puddy forgot to mention it). Its got a model and animations but no texture; it turned out that the way the model and animations were created made it impossible to add the texture without reworking them. But the weapon is fully working, with HUD and everything. Type “give weapon_rifle” in the console to get the weapon and use “givecurrentammo” for more ammo (can’t remember the exact name right now for the individual ammo boxes).

      I wrote a small rant about it; it’s not too specific about the problem, I was focusing more writing about what to take from it all. You can read it here:

    2. It threw me too!

      Phillip, they’re flechettes; pronounced flesh-etts, not fletch-lets! 😉

  3. WizardExt

    I like how weirdly excited Phillip got when talking about Easter Eggs, hehe. Too bad we won’t see a new HL2 mod from him. Great interview. I love these audio things.

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