Poll Question 236 – How does the weather affect your gaming?

5th August 2011

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Maybe the questions isn’t as clear as it should be, but what I am asking about is the frequency rather than any reference to “style”. That could be a whole other topic!

To be honest, I play as much as I want as often as I want, in fact, I generally prefer it when it rains, so I don’t feel guilty sitting in front of my PC when the sun is shining.

I get the feeling that gamers schedule their life around gaming, rather than gaming around their life, at least in many cases.

So, how does the weather affect your gaming?

The Poll


  1. Nihillo

    I prefer to play games at night, so the weather doesn’t really affect me. I like to play suspenseful games during storms though, it’s an interesting experience.

    1. like you, I prefer to play games at night. It’s like the world stops late at night, there are no distractions, no cars drive by, nobody’s talking, it’s just me, my air conditioner and my game.

  2. I never really thought about that, but when the sun is there I often take my bike for a 40-50 Km ride instead of gaming.

  3. The weather does affect my gaming to some extent…if it’s bad outside and I can’t or don’t want to work (self employed, luxury of choice) then rather than get bored with farcebook…sure, fire up a game…nothing much else to do anyway…depends also on what the game or mod is of course, sometimes I can’t wait to get on it…others I’ll save for a time I can’t find anything else to do…that’s not a complete breakdown of course…always something to do, but even I get days when I can’t be bothered to go out riding my bike. Other times I’m buried in my office with paperwork, and just need a couple of hours gaming to chill…or maybe I’m just staying out of the way of ‘she who must be obeyed’….

  4. Derbler

    It usually doesn’t affect me, which is what I selected in the poll. However, in some cases, if the weather is REALLY bad, I will shut down my computer ( an option not in the poll ) to prevent damage. My electricity is really shoddy and likes to cut out all the time during heavy storms, even sometimes during perfect weather.

  5. Anon_268253

    I like the sun. However it doesnt change when I game. For some reason I also like rain, and I can stair out the window or go outside in it for 5 minutes and feel refreshed etc. but if I am at home I play games on impulse not paying attention to the weather, and I go outside on impulse too.

  6. Frohman11

    Well by me it mostly affects the outcome of my maps.

    When its pouring down I start up SourceSDK ,get some cherry flavored Tea and a nice blanket, then I put on the CD with a endless loop of a fireplace on my TV and im ready to make the best maps ever.

    When its sunny I most of the times say that im going to acomplish something today … the result is me watching You(Tube)Poop for the rest of the day with the SDK in my background.

  7. The Joker

    I work better and prefer to work either at night or in the early morning (8 AM to 12 PM)

    Its just the sort of atmosphere and mood I get. The world isn’t bustling and isn’t going crazy or speeding to get somewhere, everything is quiet. I enjoy that. I play and work better, and I enjoy it.

  8. Hec

    When I feel like, but sometimes when raining, I get worried because a voltage variation can fy my HDD and I don’t want that happen, so I avoid playing when is heavy rain that’s for sure!

  9. LolmartSecurity

    I prefer playing during light rain or thunderstorms, it really calms me down in case things aren’t going my way, and I really hate playing when the sun is out because it makes me feel really lazy and my room faces the direction of the sun from 3am to 6pm, not to mention the huge amount of sun glare from across the street.

  10. I sit in my room all day no matter the weather

    no effect on me I guess

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