Poll Question 235 – Which HL gaming location would you most like to visit in real life?

30th July 2011

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We all have our favourite locations in Half-Life games, but I wonder if the place you enjoyed playing in the most would be the place you would like to visit.

For example, I quite enjoyed Nova Prospekt but I wouldn’t want to visit it. Same for Ravenholm.

Perhaps this questions is a little deeper than it first seems. What we do and where we go in gaming doesn’t have to be fantasies we would like to see brought to reality. I mean, just because I enjoy shooting alien grunts in Black Mesa doesn’t mean that when I wake up tomorrow that’s where I would like to be.

Otherwise gaming would be people sitting on beaches and relaxing!

So, which HL gaming location would you most like to visit in real life?

The Poll


  1. Hec

    Wooow, I really like this poll!!, I voted for Highway 17!, I mean there’s a part where u get to an enormous bridge where u are attacked by gunships, I love to be on those scaffoldings were gordie fights the flying bugs, also I love the idea of being on that highway and actually see the beautifull views and that sea with huge shores getting dry by the CMB, I know it’s maybe not the safest place to be due to cmb patrolling and antlion possible attacks but with a good jeep and some weapons sure its the place for me!!!

    Also i’d love to visit the old part of Aperture Labs, the ones that were active from the 50’s untill the 80’s!!

  2. Derbler

    The place I would want to visit is not on this list, but we do see it in Episode 2. The Borealis, in the arctic. Finally figure out what the hell is on it so I don’t have to wait until 2035 when Episode 3 comes out.

  3. I would like to visit Xen. Even though it was painful in parts with all the jumping puzzles, I still think it would be awesome to see such a strange looking world and observe the unusual wildlife.

    I also wouldn’t mind observing the happening as Black Mesa or Aperture Labs. They would have to be doing some pretty cool experiments.

  4. ASG

    This is like choosing where you would like to die. Nova Prospekt.

  5. Rikersbeard

    I would love to wander the halls and bowels of the Black Mesa facility exploring as I go. Taking that long monorail into the base before signing in and heading deeper.
    But first, a long look at the register to make sure G. Freeman is not signed in, I would not like to be around after his day at work!

  6. Definately Xen, that place is crazy.

    Plus, I need some reference for my mod 🙁

  7. It’s gotta be Black Mesa. It’s where it all started!

    I bet there’s some interesting rebel bases scattered about, too. Can’t wait to get on board the Borealis.

  8. Great poll question! I found it difficult to pick a location since all of them have something unique and intriguing to explore. I ultimately picked City 17 since it has nice mixture of familiar urban architecture and combine structures. Black Mesa and the Citadel were my other close choices.

  9. Easily Aperture Science Laboratories, the thought of having a portal gun, and the possibilites is about to make my head explode.

    1. Arrh, but I never said you get the toys to play with too.

  10. Oh man…

    Highway 17 is just awesome. But so is the strange dimension of Xen. I guess both?

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