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Latest 25 Comments
07 Oct 2021 Southernmost Combine Very well laid out and planned. Thoroughly enjoyed!
16 Jan 2016 Omega Prison It's not bad. Not too plain looking, quite a professional finish overall. Some of the puzzles wer...
08 Jan 2015 Liberation Well I had enormous fun. Good length, good shootouts and I quite enjoyed the standoffs with the A...
28 Sep 2014 The Masked Prisoner I really enjoyed this map. The setup allowed for good, fun combat with nothing feeling forced or ...
16 May 2013 Station 51 Easily one of the better maps. All the levels had a good, realistic feel. Not too sparse, yet no ...
04 Mar 2013 Spherical Nightmares Very well crafted mod. Kept me interested till the end.
24 Oct 2012 Poll Question 282 - Should Black Mesa Source be considered for mod of the year? Hmm, good call. They deserve though...
31 Jul 2012 Baryonic Predicament What a superb collection of maps. I was so pleased each time I went through a door only to find t...
19 Feb 2012 Magellanic Stream Thoroughly enjoyed this. Detailed scenery, some crafty but not stupid puzzles and a nice bit of f...
19 Feb 2012 Half-Life Dreamcast This is largely a waste of time. I bothered to play it to the end. I saw NO new content that I no...
18 Dec 2011 Daylight Loved this mod, love the real action hero moment. Kept me interested all the way through, puzzles...
16 Oct 2011 Missile Strike Imminent Not awesome, but some well laid out levels and passages. Not very complex combat. The most annoy...
29 Aug 2011 Sile Nicely laid out and continually interesting. Some good intense fire fights, but not too overwhelm...
31 Jul 2011 Poll Question 235 - Which HL gaming location would you most like to visit in real life? It's gotta be Black Mesa. It's where it all started! I bet there's some interesting rebel base...
24 Jul 2011 Whoopservatory Awesome map. As said, a little short, and a tiny bit laggy on my laptop, but I didn't turn the de...
17 Jul 2011 Lab Ex Well designed overall. Some spaces were a little sparse, but most had a good feel to them.
19 Sep 2010 Eye Of The Storm 2 Uncompleted So disappointed this won't be finished. Was a fun map to play and looked very polished indeed.
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