Poll Question 240 – Do you snack when playing?

2nd September 2011

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I used to be snacking all the time, I was an eating machine. But one thing I never did was snack when I was playing video games. I was too immersed in the game itself and I wanted to keep my fingers clean too, so that I wouldn’t have to clean my keyboard!

But if I were to play something like Nintendo’s Wii with friends then a bowl of chips or similar would all be part of the ritual and fun.

Of course, my gaming sessions don’t last for many hours or into the witching hour, but I suppose you young’uns need all the sugar you can get!

One thing I do always have on my desk is a bottle of water though, certainly couldn’t live without that when playing.

The Poll


  1. Dias

    I’m prone to snacking if I’m playing a multiplayer game or a sandbox thing like gmod, where there’s pretty much no immersion anyway. It also gives me something to do during respawn time. Sometimes I have a drink, but mostly just when I’m very hot.

  2. Herr_Alien

    Usually no, but sometimes I do have some biscuits or dark chocolate, if I do my gaming early Saturday morning and the plan is to have a late breakfast. I need something to keep me going until then.
    No liquids though. Nothing pisses me off more then when I need to break away from the game to go to the bathroom (no puns intended :P).

  3. Eventually a cold beer

    1. Pedro_the_swift

      a nice chilly XXXX bitter 🙂

  4. If I’m deeply immersed then I generally don’t consume anything. However, if I’m playing something multiplayer or something that has crazy loading times, then I sometimes snack while I’m waiting. Though, most of the time it’s just water.

  5. neozyem

    I like my hands clean, so if anything it’s some type of beverage.

  6. Arma

    I always just have a drink, anything else makes your hands feel strange.

  7. Kyo

    I usually don’t because I don’t like getting my keyboard dirty with crumbs, but I will often have a ton of coffee or a glass of water on hand which I’ll sip subconsciously during loads or downtime.

  8. AI

    I like to crack open a couple of “Hineken” and away we go!! 😉

  9. Hec

    Some times with a good can of dr pepper, altugh I don’t like to eat near my pc because im kind of pig, and I can spill on it, so the answer is sometimes.

  10. I personally have nothing against eating while I play. In fact I frequently bring food into the computer room with the intention of eating while I play. But what usually happens is that I end up getting engrossed in the game and forget about my food. A couple of hours later (or a premature death later, in a multiplayer game) I’ll realize that I have food to eat and I’ll eventually chow down.

  11. Rikersbeard

    Maybe a cup of tea to sip during the odd lull in the action.

  12. Major Banter

    It used to be snacks, but greasy fingers just weren’t my thing.

    Now it’s a litre glass of mighty blackcurrant squash and the occasional bowl of cereal.


  13. lj4linux

    I voted “sometimes” because I eat when playing only if I’m starving 🙂
    The game is far more important than food.

  14. SiPlus

    I like to snack Cheetos with ketchup taste or eat ice cream or fruits when playing.

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