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I am the founder of AlphaTechnologies and the woman behind our invention of Cyber Tech. Of course, many people ask "Why have you committed your life to Cybernetic technology ? Well, the answer is simple. I saw the vision of a world where I was a goddess, able to gift sight to the blind, intellect to the defect, legs to the disabled. Nature has forced upon us imperfections and flaws, but my goal is to reject nature's limitations and evolve humanity by coherent symbiosis with it's greatest invention, technology. For that we live, and continue living. For a neon dawn...
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I prefer stealth over direct confrontation. You may see me in the shadow as I glare into your eyes with a large silenced sniper rifle. May not always work out due to the game being railroaded and tailored but I do my best to be the mist of death.

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It began after my VAC ban of 2008 that I learned to take gaming more seriously along with game development.

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  1. Skyrim
  2. Sims 3
  3. Dex
  4. Cookie Clicker
  5. Mirror's Edge


  1. Minerva Metastasis
  2. Portal: Prelude
  3. Research & Development
  4. Nightmare House 2 (2015)
  5. Missing Information

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  • Mapping: A lot
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  • Writing: A lot
  • Sound: None
  • Music: None

Additional information

I have wild imaginations but due to a block I fail at making them a reality.

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