Poll Question 264 – Have you ever immediately replayed map or mod?

3rd March 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I have no idea where this poll question came from, it just popped into my head.

I rarely replay mods, even after months or years, so playing it again immediately after is totally alien to me.

I do know that many readers replay the games regularly, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to replay mods.

Let me know of any interesting stories or anecdotes you have of replaying stuff.

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  1. EmoLevelDesigner

    If the map\mod feels very short then I replay it immediately to compensate its short length. Other than this, I don’t remember replaying maps\mods these days, because there’s so many of them. But I replayed maps\mods that I really enjoyed a lot, when I had slower Internet so they were harder to get.

    When I finish replaying Mirror’s Edge I will probably have to replay existing custom maps, because it’s not likely that a lot of new ones will appear.

    When I played Prey I also had to replay existing maps a lot, because there are very few maps for it and people don’t make new ones, unfortunately, despite it being great and unique game 🙁

    1. BoDva

      The adaptation of the young-adult novel Hunger Games also saw its first spike in buzz this past fall, with initial trailer hitting the web in November. A new trailer was released in February that’s racked up over 6 million views.

  2. keywc

    Sometimes, I replay levels of other games like rayman origins or super meat boy to improve my score, but I never immediately replayed any mod. If I replay a mod it’s often months later.

    I do not even imagine who will vote the “Yes, always” option.

  3. There are mostly 2 reasons that I return to old maps or mods instantly after they end.

    1) Alternate endings.
    2) Something innovative – level wise.

    1) Some mods or maps prefer to have more than just 1 exit , like the mod CUBE from SAMRA will have possibly 2 endings , [spoiler]where you either escape the lab , or take it over.[/spoiler]
    One of the more recent situations like this was the “Missing Person” entry for Halloweenville , but I’m not going to spoil the second ending for you.

    2) Altho every signle idea of the HL2 universe was shiped and is being re-used now more than you use the toilet paper , there are still a few mods and maps that manage to find something new you can do with the Source engine’s capabilties.
    For example it might be a nice new design like in EyeOfTheStorm , it might be the fact that you changed sides like in the long-ago relased Combine map.
    Or just the fact that the creator caught my eye with it’s perfection and I just need to spam the hell out of my noclip key.

  4. it’s something I’ve only been doing for around a year now, if a mod/map is short and I’m left thinking “is that it?”, I play again with cheat’s on to see if I’ve missed anything. Twice now I’ve found things that could only be got with noclip, they gave the impression that the author’s had decided not to use them but not deleted the code. I can’t remember which mods/maps they were but if I find any more I’ll include them in a spoiler tag.

    As a side note what’s happening on the NewBlackMesaVille front?

    1. As a side note what’s happening on the NewBlackMesaVille front?

      People are building their maps.

      1. Phew! I was getting worried as it doesn’t yet have its own page like the other Ville comps.

        1. I won’t be creating pages like that any more.

  5. Hec

    I had my own rule that I call “The Replayability Value” a mod can own, that being the case I had replayed some mods but not right away or inmediately.

    For example just a couple days ago, I replayed the fantastic Rumpel’s Afraid of monsters DC, because that mod has multiple paths and altern endings that worths therfore it’s replayablity, and I plan too replay theat mod untill I can reach the 4 altern endings, but as I said not inmediately.

    Sweet half life was another one I replayed a couple of moths ago, because I want to experiment the altern end with the UFO scenario instead of passing through the xenian way.

    With HQ well I only replayed the first one and “the present” because I played them a long time ago.

    My favourite of all times Heart of Evil indeed I replayed it like a year ago, because I wanted to solve it all from the beggining to the end without cheating like stupid me did like 5 years ago or so.

    On that list i’m planning to replay They Hunger just because I can’t remember well its maps, and one I played once called HL Wanted set in the old wild west scenario.

    In conclussion my replayability value fits when a mod is so cool and is open to multiple endings or realistic missions not sticked to a cannon like the fantastic Hardwire CSS I replay some random missions of that one and I love them.

    Oh also being the case I most probably replay the fantastic and verssion 1.1 fixed Cry of Fear because I heard it has multiple possible endings, but as I am now just in Chapter 4, I have a long way o go in the maps of taht masterpiece mod still…..

    1. If you liked AoM you will love Cry of fear.I’m going to run through it again this week as there is more than one ending

      1. Hec

        Yeah I know!! pal im alredy lovin” it!!, and im by Chapter 4 so far!!!

  6. Master74

    If it is a stunning (read: awesomatic) mod, then it deserves to be replayed.
    Mods like Escape, They Hunger, Edge of Darkness, Cry of Fear for HL1 or Slums for HL2 Ep2 really make you want to come back and play through again.

  7. I often replay a short mod like the recent “Last Zombie” as it gives me a chance to enjoy the scenery and story, often after reading interviews or reviews and to compare a setting chance. Or it was so much fun I just had to have another go, like “Nightmare House 2”, immediately!
    I am replaying “Dissolution” now after reading your recent interview to compare it with my first play a while back. Not recent, but a reason to replay.
    Very short mods are often worth a replay or two, even if it is just to change a decision or take a different path.

  8. I think the only times I replay mods (and even games) straight after I finish is when they have alternative endings or paths and I’m impressed enough with the mod to find out what the other endings or paths are.

    A recent one that comes to mind is ‘the Stanley Parable’.

    Other than that I hardly replay mods or games.

  9. Derbler

    Twisted Hazard Course. favorite map. also Stanley Parable.

    1. I forgot about “The Stanley Parable”. This game actually demands to be immediately replayed a few times to examine the various ending and their meaning.

      1. Gypsy_Jim

        I have to admit I’d never heard of it, but am going there now…..wish me luck!

  10. Sure, once or twice every year.

  11. I mistakenly voted never but it should have been once or twice coz I just realized I was playing CSS SCI FI again and wil be playing a lot more in the future. Stanley Parable naturally it should be played again bec. of alternate endings it offers so this game technically doesn’t count imo hehe. HL1 played it again after learning how to make the cheats work and just wanna breeze through the campaign again in a relax manner up to the point of boredome.

  12. Herr_Alien

    There were cases where I re-played mods at a short time interval after finishing them. In one case this was due to the mod having alternate endings, in others it was due to me being a tester for them, and I wanted to also play the finished product.

  13. I wouldn’t say I replay “Immediately” except when after reading the reviews I thought I may have missed something or if there was an alternate ending or way to play. Some maps/mods I do replay shortly after but I change the difficulty setting. When there is a lull in releases of new map/mods and I’m up to date on any new offerings I go back as I’m in the process of doing now, page by page

  14. Since there aren’t a lot of new maps or mods right now, I am going through my collection and seeing what still works on Steam and what doesn’t. If it’s broken I try the fixes on the Steam forums that PP linked to earlier. If it works I am filing it under the appropriate category (bad/good/great) which I guess I should have done earlier 🙂

  15. Hec

    I have to re-think this question again, well I finished CoF at last, and due to this mod it has more than one ending plot, and I have tasted just one of them, and altough that’s just freakin intriguing!!!, I just don’t feel like playing it all over again!!, and less with that saving system it has no F6 quick saving key at all!!!!

    Also u can unlock some relevant altern-character storys to play with, that gives you more gameplay time, but again!!, im kind of sick of having to play only COF for more than a week!!, well that’s too much of what I actually can stand stranded in one mod, even G-String was not that FULL time demanding as COF is!!!!, and we’re talking about G-String, the longest mod ever in HL history!!!!

    So i’ll move on to some other maps and mods, I actually miss the classic HL1 and HL2 maps and mods, i’ll play COF altern storys gameplays in some more months!!!!

  16. Good question Phillip. Answer: ABSOLUTELY!

    If it is a good sp mod that makes it to my hard drive, I will replay it a second time, usually to look for exploits and secrets. Then I’ll play it a 3rd time (or more) on hard mode, until I can defeat it.

    I may return to it a year or two later, and do it all again!

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