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Latest 25 Comments
06 Nov 2016 Fast Detect idk if this is Leon style or not, but level design is not only about aesthetics. way too many fla...
23 Sep 2016 New Maps in the Hall of Fame Edge of Darkness is one of my favorite map-packs for any HL game. Almost Valve's quality right th...
18 Sep 2016 Hunt Down The Freeman Demo Already wrote something with my english before reading the reviews on RTSL and noticing this word...
08 Oct 2014 Poll Question 300 - How often do you watch videos or LiveStreams of people playing games? I used to be twitch guy, but as twitch become as amazon "beatch", i'm more for russian sc2tv.ru. ...
31 Dec 2013 MovieVille Personally I like the most of Phillip's contests, but this, obviously, something went wrong. Don'...
25 Sep 2013 Caves An old awful map. Ugly mapping, one texture on all map, very strange ending. Have some scripts an...
05 Mar 2013 BeginningVille Yes, it's definitely a good idea for the contest. I would not have been able to do here, but ther...
22 Jun 2012 Poll Question 279 - What is your favourite gameplay style Mixed gameplay.
24 May 2012 Poll Question 275 - Do you play SP mods with friends in the room? Nope, huge part my friends don't play SP mods.
23 Apr 2012 Residual Life Sure it is fantastic. Don't reading, just playing this mod anyway.
20 Apr 2012 Poll Question 271 - Should modders give weapons or ammo first? Really for me. At first I search HEV.
04 Mar 2012 Poll Question 264 - Have you ever immediately replayed map or mod? Sure, once or twice every year.
12 Feb 2012 Poll Question 261 - Which Digital Content Delivery systems do you use? Only Desura. I hate Steam. Desura like as Moddb or Indiedb.
25 Dec 2011 Resublimation Polish + Russians. Idea was born at Polish Community, our Russian stupid kids helped they.
21 Dec 2011 Resublimation ", you name it". I would not say that they are the worst. The Challenger Deep has a lot of bugs...
10 Dec 2011 Poll Question 253 - Do you replay mods to get alternative endings? Yes, but only if the modification does not suck. As you know, the crap mod can not be replay valu...
03 Dec 2011 Freemans Escape That map for 10-15 minutes. Design below the average, light stupidly done. However, there is in i...
03 Nov 2011 Grass House Disgusting quality mod, but not so bad. Among all these pseudo_horror poor mods, "Grass House" wi...
31 Aug 2011 Construction Modification of questionable quality. Walk on a square room, killing soldiers in small numbers. E...
24 Aug 2011 No regret Bearing in mind that this is an old mod, he can be forgiven much.
24 Aug 2011 No regret It seems that the author did not think about modification as a mapping, simply draw of stuff, man...
03 Aug 2011 Blood Bath This is a strange mod. I do not even know what the story, how I got to these places and . I had t...
03 Aug 2011 Vengeance There are two news: good and bad. We begin, of course good news. This mod has a lot of new conten...
31 Jul 2011 Route City Not a bad modification, caused me to positive emotions, and some fun gameplay. But it lacks the f...
30 Jul 2011 Ispitatel 3 This part not climbed out of the demo. And I think, thank God. It is the worst of all the parts. ...
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