Poll Question 275 – Do you play SP mods with friends in the room?

18th May 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

None of my “real” friends, and by real I mean people I see in real life, play video games. We do other stuff together; we play Frontenis, walk up Anboto or just relax at the beach.

But what I would really like to do is have some friends over and play some SP mods or games and experience the interaction of others who love it as much as I do.

Now, I recognize that it happens with Multiplayer mods and games but it’s probably less common with SP stuff.

We watch TV shows and films together and I know of people of who read the same book as their partner at the same time, so why not video games?

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  1. Deadrawkstar


    Once upon a time I played Nightmarehouse 2 with a buddy of mine sitting over my shoulder. With the lights off of course.
    Other than that…
    Basically whenever my roomates wander in the room.

    I really wish it happened more though. I do admit I personally hate watching others play games . Especially when they suck/don’t know what to do.

  2. Derbler

    I think I did this when I was a kid occasionally, before the mega-popularization of online gaming. But not anymore…

  3. Hec

    Never once we tried to play Age of Empires 2 in a cyber cafe that has that game, a kind of a tournament, but the conection sucked too much and so we gave up, and never tried again…

  4. Friends ??
    Who is that to me 🙁

  5. I never have, or never will play SP mods with anybody, period. It’s a private affair. They can watch, but don’t touch! Otherwise, I’ll just play MP, alá land party, which I never do. Strictly SP, alone, and no one else…:)

  6. I prefer playing multiplayer games if I have friends over, if we do play games. I would rather take my time and absorb a single player game on my own time.

  7. Ade

    Same, before multiplayer age (we’d help eachother cross levels in mods..) As for recently, does having lived with someone count? No? What about a cat in the room 😀

  8. Usually alone due to the lack of friends who also play video or computer games.
    And it’s a better experience when you can fully concentrate on the map or mod, if it has a sophisticated story.
    That’s why I also hate it when watching a movie together with friends and one of them keeps talking and I can’t focus on the film anymore. Sigh..

  9. hapopy

    I used to, well, still do in a way. I have one friend and my brother that would do that, my brother not anymore and the friend, well generally we share the link for the mods and no longer sit together playing it in the same room.

  10. Grey Acumen

    My fiance likes to watch me play, but we have so little time together, and I have so little time to play mods anymore.

  11. interesting question:

    it’s quite ‘specific’. the title single player games would suit it better, but I know what you mean.

    i do like to watch someone play a single player game, if they’re very good at it.
    it is akin to watching a good film, sometimes!:).

    some people get nervous with someone hovering over their shoulder, whereas when they’re both enveloped in a multi-player title, they are both too absorbed going their own thang to worry about things like that, I suppose..

  12. 2muchvideogames

    The advent of modern game development has pretty much blocked this from happening.

    For example, in the past one game CD can be installed on several computers so that my friend and I can play with each other, in the same room. However things like Steam and CD-Keys and what have you has ensured that one CD is strictly for one individual. And games nowadays do not have LAN as an option.

  13. As much as I like singleplayer mods I still have to admit they arent really that entertaining for watchers.
    I would rather choose a good multiplayer game or some funny videos parodying games on YT as well (as long as we are talking about videogame related stuff).

  14. AlterIWnet

    Never. I want to play in peace.

  15. Nope, huge part my friends don’t play SP mods.

  16. WizardExt

    I like to play alone. I have watched my girl friend play Half-Life 2 through. That was really enjoyable. I don’t like talking too much during game time, rather have the discussion afterwards. I would rather watch someone play Dear Esther than actually play it, for me Dear Esther was dead-boring to play but I think I would have liked the experience much better just watching it. The Uncharted games can be quite interesting to spectate, as they feature a lot of great cut scenes and in-game dialogue.

    But mostly I prefer to play alone. I don’t mind people watching, but I don’t want to have any talk during the game. I want to be fully immersed. I don’t like watching people play games that I haven’t played, that I am interested in. I feel spoiled and I have a hard time relaxing as I feel I want to have that experience they have, but different, in my own way. I do like watching other people play good games, that I have already played. It’s interesting to see how they experience it and I also don’t feel frustrated while watching since I already had the experience. It becomes really enjoyable afterwards to talk about the game aswell, since we both played it, but most likely had different experiences with it. Makes for a great talk.

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