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20 Mar 2013 Anti-Citizen The action in this map continues all around you, making it feel like a fluid experience, as oppos...
02 Mar 2013 Poll Question 292 - Could Half-Life 3 be a Freemium game? It's more of a multiplayer model, but you never know how Valve might try to shake things up. I k...
07 Jan 2013 Poll Question 288 - Will HL3 be released in 2013? I think it will take another couple of years. It's pretty much just a guess, but with how little...
18 Dec 2012 Poll Question 287 - Are you waiting until they release the final (Xen) section to play Black Mesa? I might be thinking of a different part, but are you remembering that you can turn off the crushe...
18 Dec 2012 Poll Question 287 - Are you waiting until they release the final (Xen) section to play Black Mesa? I'm too impatient. I downloaded it as soon as I could.
11 Aug 2012 Poll Question 281 - Is it important to play the HL games in order? If someone hasn't experienced Half-Life by now, I wouldn't recommend it unless they're specifical...
25 May 2012 Poll Question 276 - Would you rather have lots of maps with low quality visuals or less maps with high quality? That's a tough choice, considering that the more frequent maps in the given scenario, while less ...
19 May 2012 Poll Question 275 - Do you play SP mods with friends in the room? I prefer playing multiplayer games if I have friends over, if we do play games. I would rather t...
29 Apr 2012 Poll Question 272 - Which would you prefer to see in a new SP mod? If I to choose just one, it's the well-told story. Games and mods with good stories stay with y...
22 Apr 2012 Poll Question 271 - Should modders give weapons or ammo first? It never really mattered to me. I've always trusted that significant weapons would be in pretty ...
21 Apr 2012 7 Things I wish Steam would allow me to do - The 7 Series I want Number 1 so damn badly. I don't want to spam people on my friends list with messages ever...
08 Apr 2012 Poll Question 269 - Would you pay more to get a game early? I shouldn't...but I would want to. It depends on how well I can resist the temptation, which unf...
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