Poll Question 288 – Will HL3 be released in 2013?

7th January 2013

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

There’s lots of talk about the Steambox and other Valve related stuff but let’s not forget HL3 – not that I thought you had!

In case you didn’t know there’s a Twitter account called IsHL3OutYet to let you know. Not that you would actually need it as I am sure everybody and their cat will hear about it within 1 minute of the official announcement.

Anyway, do you think it will be released this year? I’m not sure but obviously I hope so. My biggest concern is that I will need to buy new hardware to run it, which is going to be a serious problem for me.

Time to vote


  1. bobdog

    Although I would love to have HL3 come out this year, I think Valve will wait until the next series of consoles come out from Sony and Microsoft to best fit into their plans, so they can realize greater sales from both PC and console. I do think we’ll see it in 2014, however.

  2. William

    I went with probably not — I have no doubt though that they will announce EP3/HL3. But as for a 2013 release… not likely.

  3. The above two comments, by Bobdog and William, make a lot of sense to me. Even if Valve were to make an announcement today regarding HL3’s release, it would be next year before we saw the game. Just look how long Portal 2 and CS:GO took after they were announced.

  4. No way it is released this year, hell they havent even announced they are making it as far as I know.

  5. Nope. Maybe we might get some kind of announcement later in the year, but then again people have said that exact thing for the past five years.

  6. lj4linux

    I don’t think it will be available this year 🙁
    BTW “new hardware” – I actually bought a new laptop – (my desktop just “died” last year) – and I hope it does not become obsolete till HL3 comes out.

  7. That’s a tough question. Since they have not shown anything its hard to say. Either they don’t have much to show or they are being really sneaky and BAM! it comes when we least expect it.

  8. I think it will take another couple of years. It’s pretty much just a guess, but with how little information we’re given, can we really do any better than guess?

  9. I expect there to be a delay of 1 year once HL3 gets announced and when it is released.

  10. Giles

    I’ve been holding off buying a new PC until HL3/Ep3 is announced – which is why I’m stuck with a sucky XP machine that has seen better years, let alone better days. But I think I’ll have to bite the bullet soon, whilst Windows 7 is still available.

  11. Hec

    Yep I voted YES because I only bet to the 201″3″ year, we have the number “3” in the year iself :). I just have the strong hunch of it…

    1. Hey Hec, didn’t you know? Valve don’t do “3”…

  12. Herr_Alien

    I voted “Probably not”. My main reason is the Steambox: linux is not an easy to tame beast, and they WILL have to provide some sort of compatibility layer (think Wine) for games that are not compiled under linux.
    Add to that the effort in finding the right hardware that has enough performance margin to run future games well and also be cheap, and Valve has its plate full, if you ask me.
    Steam bring enough revenue to keep the company afloat, so they can afford not releasing HL3 this year.

    Or at least that’s what I think :D.

  13. AI

    I voted “Maybe” BUT as they say(I still don’t know who they are??) “Good things come to those who wait” but at my age, I hope something happens!
    It took along time for “DNF” to come about, it was worth the wait! So I will probably be in a nursing home when it’s released! if ever! Anyway my computer is ready for what ever comes! None of that “console” stuff for this old dog!! 😉

  14. Honestly, Valve might want to wait before announcing anything, until after the release of Bioshock Infinite in March. We are likley to see some brand new mechanics never before seen in an FPS game, and if I were Valve I would want to see that game first, to see what mechanics HL3 might need. Then Valve might be able to formulate some kind of time table. I’m being completley serious here.

  15. Its truely beyond belief that a company with so many employees can keep secrets,,,

    Hey Gabe!

    5 years is a long time between drinks,,

    and I’m not getting any younger—

  16. What if HL3 will be linux exclusively, since Gabe’s been whining about win8 eating his lunch lately.

  17. lj4linux

    You can play Half-Life on Linux (think Wine for connoisseurs). I’m glad to see that linux is a topic. 😀
    General chat was a good idea. HARDWARE and OS could be another good idea.
    I still vote “NO” for HL3 this year…

  18. I’m beginning to doubt It’ll EVER be made, let alone released anytime soon, anyway, I’ve lost momentum now and have’nt played anything HL related in a long time. It’s been too long and I’ve lost interest. Hell, I don’t even get in here much now…nothing new to see or do…(from my perspective that is, I know you mappers like the competitions and stuff)

  19. Gummypedobear_291

    I voted “Maybe” Who knows, it might be released in 2023 for all we know. We’re not gonna change anything if we keep talking about it, I myself gave up on the thought of it being announced anytime soon. But We should never lose hope because VALVe never let us down, and you never know what to expect from it.

    VALVe, I trust you’ll provide us with the game we’ve long waited for soon, right?

    1. ..because VALVe never let us down”

      REALLY?? Wow. You could play Steam Half-Life while you waited – oh wait; that’s right, valve screwed it. Never mind, you could play HL2 mods instead. Oh wait, vlavle screwed them too. But there’s always jigsaws..

  20. Looking at what they’re currently fiddling around with, and the nature of their previous releases, I don’t think valve have any real interest in finishing HL3/EP3. They’re always going to have some more “fun” distraction to spend their time on, and big fixed-story epics like HL2/3 don’t fit into their current frequent-update, dynamic content game model. Besides, there’s no hats in it. (Yet).

    Sadly, I seriously doubt we will ever see it; I think it will be still-born if not aborted.

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