Poll Question 265 – Do you keep mods until you are in the right mood for them?

10th March 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? But I wonder if players put certain mods to one side until “they are in the mood“.

I certainly have to be in the mood for difficult Portal mods, I just can’t play unless I am in the right frame of mind.

But that’s about it for me, everything else I just play when I need to play it.

I just play everything as it’s released, assuming I have the time.

What about you?

Quick note: I’ve been pretty ill this week and spent all day in bed yesterday and plan to do the same Saturday and Sunday. This is the only update the site will have for at least 3 days, maybe more. Sorry!

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  1. Hec

    Yes sometimes, sometimes some mods are just overwhelming, that’s the reason I rarely decide to try some Portal mods, all about puzzleing and sometimes frustrating traps, I hate them ,Portal mods should be happy and not hardest, I only try them if they are well balanced in fun and difficulty if not, I don’t even think on try them!! the same for when replay stuff is available!

  2. I mostly download mods and then I just don’t feel like I want to play them anymore.
    I return to them later , but it’s just these moments when Im like “Do I really want ?”
    Most of these mods are related to Portal, it is a good game and it’s mod community is one of the more expanded in the VALVe series.
    Yet those mods tend to become frustrating and get on your skull when you try to solve something for the 10th time.

    But most of the mods I download are made for “Instant in and instant out.”
    Meaning that I download them when Im sure that I will get trough them.

    PS : Get well soon 🙂

  3. Soylent Bacon

    Sometimes, but of course I never seem to be in the mood until after I finally delete them to make room for other stuff.

    If a mod’s hard though, I’m not the type to intentionally put off the challenge for later. Depending on the difficulty and my interest in the mod, I will either stubbornly keep at it or ragequit and uninstall. That’s not to say I’ll never get back to them, but if I do, it’s because spontaneously decide to later on, and not because of a conscious decision that I need a break.

    PS- Get better soon!

  4. Noface/GeorgeC

    Defintely. I have to be in the mood to play all maps/mods. And yes ofcourse different moods for different games like puzzles in portal. May games just sit there waiting to be played. However, I play maps/mods which have high ratings usually no matter what mood.

  5. smod_adik

    I used to get excited on certain types of hl1 mp mods that have bots support.
    Same thing happened when I found pezbot…bot for cod4.
    Then finally someone fix rcbot2 for hl2dm, wow!

    For sp mods like the rescent overly hype Cry of Fear as well g-strings mod, played with them a little but got a little bored I went back to hl2 and after 8 years played it again with kick ass custom weapons on smod. Although some months back I lost interest playing smod as well but bec.
    I really didn’t like most of the weapons though smod-tactical was very compeling but still wasn’t satisfied with their weapons they had until I discovered how to create my own smod armory
    and script the guns in a crazy fun manner.

    So yeah I keep other mods to play later and with better mood.
    Don’t wanna force myself to a mod that gets too boring unless
    I might read a certain review or good stats that might bring in a new fresh interest.

  6. AI

    I keep ALL the mods/maps I DL, I have one drive dedicated to games that have been collected over the years! I can therfore play ’em whenever I want to kill something on the screen!! I don’t collect Portal, tried it on a friends PC, and found it rather boring! ;-(

  7. I voted sometimes like most, as I really could not decide.
    I still have not been in the mood to restart ” episode 2″ to get past the timed strider hunt; as it annoyed me so much the first time. it’s a bit like most ” portal” mods that have sections that are just too damn hard and it becomes an unpleasant chore just to get through and I am rarely in the mood to suffer that!
    I was in the mood to play “G-string” until the news of an upcoming fix put me in a quandary!
    I have downloaded some mods and have had them in my literary for quite a time before I feel that right moment has come to play them through. In fact “Nightmare House 2” was in my library for a good few months before I actually played it through!

    1. Noface/GeorgeC

      Yeah pretty annoying, I played hours and hours of the mod, then got an error message, then heard of a patch but she is also re-making (well, adding better stuff) the mod.. and fixing the error, so must wait for the patch xD Oh well

  8. I keep a “Downloads” folder for my HL files and put any new mods or maps I find there. Then when time permits I go try them out. Lately I have been also doing an inventory of old maps and mods to see what still works

  9. andyb

    I”m ashamed to say I hated portal when it came out.Now I cant get enough so I never save them for later.On the other hand I played cry of fear when it first came out and finished it but I need to play it again because I missed things and there are different endings depending on your actions before.Now I have it so thats what I play if there is no portal/portal2 maps to play

  10. andyb

    Are you all downloading the same portal mod or something?There are not that many that are hard.Portal 2 has even less hard ones.I’m a clumbsy player and made it through portal portal pro (not sure if I did on the end map thou) so I figure give it a shot.I have played it numerous times and I actually get better each time.I hated portal when it came out now I’m an addict

  11. Anon_387154

    G-string – got hype! played it…got bored …stop!…later myo.
    Playing it again now with full force after intergreting it with SMOD!
    Myo now in full rambo mode using an m60, ak’s, m4’s, an rpg with full auto
    capability LoL!…all fun fun fun!!!…so that’s it for me playing mods lately…I only get excited again to a mod if there’s room for tweaks and customization. FPS Modders should always think about that so people with some advance knowledge to mods get truly interested….semi modding is fun…sorry got off topic already.

    1. Noface/GeorgeC

      Do you… well, who remembers playing the Half Life’s for the first time (especially HL1), and spending lots.. and I mean LOTS of time wandering around, trying to figure out what to do next (how to solve a puzzle etc.)…?

      Because I think people have forgotten, and anything hard nowadays (not just puzzles, also finding your way from A to B) get’s brushed off as boring, because developers are conscious and want people to enjoy the game and therefore make it kinda easy… if you know what im saying.

  12. I only ever download a mod when I’m intending to play it immediately.
    Then I either complete it or get frustrated or bored and stop.

    The only exception to this is Portal Maps which I do go back to. As mentioned by others. A good Portal map is like a crossword or rubiks cube. You can dip in and out of it as much as you like. Worth keeping until completed I think.

    I tend to then remove mods if I’ve given up on them or completed them so as not to clutter my Steam Games screen.

  13. The nearest I get to downloading a Mod to play later is if I see it but haven’t got time to play it straight away. About the longest between download and starting playing I’ve had, is about two days as I had to go out when the download finished, needless to say I played it almost as soon as I got back home. I usually play as soon as I’ve got it.

  14. Duke

    Firstly, sorry to hear you are a bit under the weather, so to speak, get well soon. I do download things I think look ok, but not necessarily to play straight away, I usually save them for a rainy day, sometimes I’m pleased and other times disappointed…

    My personal feeling at the moment is that episode 3 will never come to light, or by the time it ever does, many will have moved on and lost interest in the whole thing. Mod’s are getting fewer and further between for what we already have and we are scraping the barrel now just to find something new in the HL universe to play. HL will of course die a death eventually, I’m just wondering if it’ll be sooner rather than later.Please SOMEBODY prove me wrong.

  15. I never leave a mod for later, but I do this for full games.

    It’s like this: I play the game when I’m in the mood => download most interesting mods and play them all 🙂

  16. Better keep the mod and play later than wait for eternity for mods such as black mesa to be release as well ep3/hl3.

  17. Jim P

    All these comments about Ep3 never happening are silly. I can’t see Valve ditching their primary franchise at a cliffhanger point in the three part story.

    I agree it was rather silly of them to leave such a huge gap between episodes but don’t doubt that Ep3 is coming and most people will still be very enthusiastic to play it.

    Plus.. it will be fricken awesome!!!!

  18. Usually I don’t wait for the right mood or something like that, I just download mods, pick the tiniest and play until all mods are finished.
    (Meaning I select via filesize)

    As sometimes you never know what to expect if playing a new mod, it’s hard to keep them for the right mood, right?

    Only very rarely I do replay already finished mods, which were just awesome.
    Such as “Poke 646″ (+”Vendetta”) or “Life’s end” for HL1.

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