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Latest 25 Comments
19 May 2022 Deeper Down No it was rejected by the Steam admin service. I never got a reason why... 😕
23 Feb 2021 Daylight oooh wow i'll work with Unq to see if we can spot the problem!
20 Feb 2021 Deeper Down THANKS FOR THE REVIEW AND THE ISSUES LIST... HERE'S SOME RESPONSES -Transition from map 1 to map...
20 Feb 2021 Deeper Down I've updated this now. - The broken level transition is fixed - The AI Disabled bug should be r...
28 Oct 2020 Deeper Down Thank u for letting me know i will investigate.
10 Oct 2020 Deeper Down Kill Steam in the system tray. Or reboot your computer. It should show up once you kill Steam ...
27 Sep 2020 Deeper Down Also can you provide more info on any bugs you found... we should have resolved most by now.
27 Sep 2020 Deeper Down Yeah i dont really know how to script alyx properly so had to make do with what i could make happ...
25 Sep 2020 Deeper Down Hey I'm so glad you liked the mod. I'm sending Don updates when they come out and he is apply...
21 Sep 2020 Deeper Down I'm rebuilding maps 4c and 4d. stripping out all the navigation nodes and rebuilding all the nav ...
19 Sep 2020 Deeper Down Oh and if you're replaying... keep your eye open for hidden caches...
19 Sep 2020 Deeper Down Hey Im so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks to your review I think I know the problem with Alyx. At ...
17 Sep 2020 Deeper Down There's an elevator to the left of the room with Alyx in. Will add some flashing sprites there to...
20 May 2013 Trauma The only thing traumatic about this was how boring it was...
20 May 2013 Station 51 Just played through this and I have to say I found it rather frustrating. It looks great and Sam...
03 Jun 2012 Half-Life: Black Mesa Inbound This map is all about portents and expectation settings. It demonstrates everything that Valve...
24 May 2012 Station 51 Hmm... bit torn on this. Looks great! Mapping is top notch as is the level of detail and the l...
29 Apr 2012 Departure A tasty chunk of classic HL2 gaming. I enjoyed it a lot. Looks good, plays well and it's 30 mi...
25 Mar 2012 City 21 This mod is good! For me to say that is no small thing. I'm normally very very picky about the...
12 Mar 2012 Poll Question 265 - Do you keep mods until you are in the right mood for them? I only ever download a mod when I'm intending to play it immediately. Then I either complete it ...
24 Feb 2012 Mod Community Funding I have seen many mods that I feel people would have been happy to pay for as expansion packs to o...
24 Feb 2012 Last Zombie Dammit... this mod is annoying and it shouldn't be!!!! When the map first loads I went squee w...
16 Feb 2012 A Collection of Resources and Curiosities SMOD to enhance the original HL2 game experience?
16 Feb 2012 Precursor Finally got around to finishing this mod. It's a fun mod to play and just for sheer length it'...
11 Feb 2012 Lost ... this message was brought to you in association with MapTap.. for all your TapMapping needs!
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