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10th April 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

“You woke up in an apartment high-rise building. You don’t remember anything, even your name. You have deep cuts all over your body… you are bleeding heavily.

On the floor and walls is lot of blood, obviously, not only yours. You need to find something to sew up the wounds, and then try to understand why this nightmare is going on…”

Basic Details
  • Title: Comatose
  • File Name: hl2-sp-comatose.7z
  • Size : 123.06MB
  • Author: Aspik
  • Date Released: 04 February 2011

If you have only EP1, just change in gameinfo.txt app id 380 in the gameinfo.txt file.

Download Options

Download to your HDD [123MB]

Manual Installation Instructions
  • Copy the comatose folder into your SourceMods folder.
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • Comatose should now be listed in your Library tab.

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.


The playthrough below is provided by Custom Gamer. See more of his playthroughs on this site: VP: Custom Gamer


Click on the thumbnails below to open a 1024 pixel wide image.
WARNING: The screenshots contain spoilers.

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Phillip's Favourite

    It’s been over a year since I played this and I review it over on MotW, which is now closed, but I remember loving it.

    If more mods were produced like this I think the community would be stronger for it. Too many modders get carried away and try and produce some Opus work, when instead they should be creating smaller more polished work and getting recognition and experience.

    Anyway, enough ranting.

    It’s a mod where you are really not sure about anything and I do remember having trouble finding what to do next, but as Robert Yang would probably say “So what? Do all mods have to have an obvious objective?

    And for once I agree with him. Although this mod does have objectives, they just might not be clear to you when playing it.

    I admit I didn’t replay it for this posting but I am pretty sure many readers will have already played it, so if you get stuck just ask, I am sure we can help.

    Remember, this is a total conversion, so the puzzles and combat rules will be different from anything set in Half-Life. View that as a positive not a negative.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, once I got over the frustration at the beginning.

    Highly recommended.

  2. Hec
    Personal Favourite

    Yeah I also played this one more than a year ago, and let me tell you it was a great one!, very shock and deep, with a hell fantastic story, and a rushing full of excitment and action end.

    Sometimes the puzzles may be kind of hectic but all the work done building that great confuse brain atmosphere interacting with you the player conpense most of the little lacks this TC mod may has.

    So I can tell you there’s a basic rule here in Comatose, look pretty carefully everywhere, evrey single and little detail counts, because the puzzles are clever and really important for the mod flow and the story plot.

    Also this work is not the biggest one you can play but, oozes quality and has it’s own artistic heavy touch.

    I’ll look if the author has some other projects going on, they should be good, but for now, Comatose is a really good mod that you have to try.

  3. Avoid It!

    Firstly, thanks to the author for sharing his work with everyone, clearly a lot of effort went into it. That said, I am truly at a complete loss to explain the rave reviews; I personally found this mod to be a tedious chore, frustrating, boring, pointless, unrewarding and really just no fun at all. The “continuously dying” mechanic was about as welcome as the tedious infinite-spawning-whilst-trying-to-complete-a-task gag, and you soon get the depressing feeling that every single item of trash must be picked up, looked at/under, “used’, rubbed up against doors, stacked, balanced on head etc. in order to proceed. I missed the first key (couldn’t see it against the scarf it was on), finally made & used the “acid”, found the window handle (what??), got stuck on the “balcony” & noclipped (pointless, nothing to see), fought a few combine dressed as cops whereupon it degenerated into a comic-strip story board at which I point I lost the last shred of compulsion to continue & deleted it. You’d have to pay me (lots) to play it again, it’s basically another “escape the room” but now with added tedium. There are so many good puzzle maps & mods that compel you to complete the puzzle, even if only for a humorous outcome (notably Miigga & Leon/Spy) that you need not waste your time here, unless masochism is your thing. Sorry matey, but I vote “Avoid it”.

  4. I to played this last year and kind of liked it but I do remember being bugged by some colour issues, so I will give it another go. Here is my review then.
    “I was waiting for this mod to come out around Christmas, but better a little late than never,
    A nice intro scene led into the first room. A very yellow room, nice effect but the light blue shadows bugged the hell out of me and made it impossible to see the keys without the light on. That led to a whiteout near most objects. All my others mods play fine so I was a little let down by this.
    Not bad for a puzzler with a double end but the colour problem ruined it for me.”

    Here’s hoping for a better one!

  5. Maybe?

    I have to agree with Sparks, even though I would not be that harsh.
    I played Comatose quite a while ago when it was first released (and please forgive me if my memory is sometimes a bit cloudy) and found it to be frustrating and confusing.
    I think Sparks” comparison to an “Room Escape” game is quite good. I would compare it to a bad Point’n’Click game where you cursor-hunt for the single pixel (or in this case the key) that lets you advance to the next room.
    And this is where the mod becomes irritating. I felt like I was always in search for some tiny key that fell in some corner of a dimmed room while being under time-pressure. Actually, I revise that statement, because you don’t even know what you are actually looking for. Most often I stumbled across the puzzle pieces by pure luck, because there is most often a complete lack of direction.
    The acid puzzle for example was quite ok. You get some tips for what you have to do and where you want to go, but then he just hides the items behind some boxes and buckets so you end up rummaging through every physics object in hope that you find one that is useful. This is neither challenging nor very interesting, just tedious.
    And while there is nothing particularly wrong with the used game elements (exploring, puzzle solving, timer based puzzles) it just isn’t very well executed in Comatose. Therefore I ended up just reading a walktrough so I could find out what happens next.
    Sadly there wasn’t much waiting for me. After a quite average shooting sequence with some cops (depending on which ending you choose) the mod just ends with some exposition in form of comic strips, a short glimps of a room and some text.
    I was really interested in the story after the first view minutes but at the end nothing is explained (except that you are apparently crazy and there are dead people, or something), there is no real arc and your just left in the dark. Although I really liked the credits with the barebones of the sets, that was a cool idea and reminded me of Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy or whatever you fancy Americanos call it) for some reason.
    The graphics and sound was really good. It had a great intro with good music which pulled me right in and got me exited. Overall the music was really well chosen. The visuals were mostly good, too. Sometimes a bit lacking but just in a view places. The only thing that was really horrendous was the color correction. I know that it was because he was hurt but it still looked like Micheal Bay’s DP was in charge of the post-effects. MOAR ORANGE AND TEAL!

    So, overall: Maybe play it, but don’t expect a great story or interesting gameplay.
    PS: First review, I hope you like it.

    1. Well, it was frustrating because there is clearly significant potential that has not been realised. However, I stand by my point that a map/mod should be fun. If I’d wanted to spend 20 minutes rummaging through a room full of mouldy crap, looking for nothing in particular, I’d have cleaned out my garage instead! To illustrate further, I replayed some of Miigga’s excellent gm_cool[insert name] maps, and gm_cooldiradical is a fine example. Each puzzle is inviting, sometimes challenging, sometimes tricky – but overall FUN! You want to solve it, to progress, to show you can, to see what happens when you press the button.. grabbing the manhack with the gravity gun & using it to slice a critical rope – genius! Finding the letters required to open the door – fun! Navigating the mine maze – great! No random constantly-dying timer; if you get it wrong BOOM, properly blown to bits. This is how a puzzler should work; anyone who enjoyed the ‘mousetrap” board game really should try all the gm_ maps. If Aspik could incorporate some of this flavour he’d be on to a winner, but Miigga’s boots are hard to fill!

  6. Think Twice

    It’s challenging but not in a particularly good way. It’s a puzzle maps and most of the puzzles seem exceedingly arbitary, the gameplay is somewhat lead by text hints which do help understand what the hell is going on. A few puzzles require you to find keys which are pretty realistic in proportion meaning they’re easy as piss to lose, especially when the screen is doing funky shenanigans as part of the bleeding out effect.
    The tone of the map seems to be all over the place (junctaposition is fine but here it mostly comes across as odd)
    The environment looked decent and I liked the idea behind the bleedout timer although but there wasn’t enough of a sense of direction or purpose.

  7. Jim Partridge

    I don’t know how to make the acid that for some reason is required to open a door I could probably just kick down…

    …what’s more I don’t want to know how to make the acid… I tried throwing myself through the windows… if only to end the pain of the annoying screen effect. Alas it the windows were not breakable…


    1. Well, that’s a perfectly natural response! I tried too; there is a window you can climb out of in the next room, and it is very satisfying to leap out of it and plunge to a splattery end. Goodbye throbbing-retina effect, hello welcome oblivion!

      1. The jumping out the window to your death is the first ending I tried, once I had accidentally found the window handle, but you just reappear to suffer more purple rage and those infuriating blue, blue shadows.


    2. I just removed the vein and blood core textures from the materials folder and removed the colour correction file from the colour correction folder and now it looks quite good, although you may have to remind yourself every now and again that you are dying in this makeshift patch.

      1. Jim Partridge

        Ha Love it… if you don’t like it, hack it to your desired outcome!

        1. Agreed, Jim! Nicely done Dysprogue, maybe you should do an article akin to “get mods working again” – maybe “unbreak your flaky mod“?

  8. Play It Now!

    I also have to agree with some of “Sparks” points, but playing this a few minutes ok I also found it ridiculously easy! I remember it being such a struggle the first time I played it, so maybe this is a play once only type of thing?
    And the colour thing. AGH!

    So play it and enjoy the double endings, but I’d think twice about a replay later.

  9. Think Twice

    I also played this prior but gave up on it. this time I chugged thru but must also mirror sparks review. I didnt get any enjoyment out of it, not to say some players surely will.
    with a larger 120mb dload I expected a lot of gameplay and gametime. there isnt much here.

  10. Screenshots “lightbox-wise” view is out of order, Phillip. I can only surf the Screenshots singularly, not slideshow-wise…
    Sorry for out of topic post!

      1. Thanks Phillip, I never miss a screen shot. Working as I expected!

  11. lambda

    I have wanted to play this mod for awhile now the only problem is there is no way to play it without HL2 or EP1. I tried loading it with episode 2 (app id 420) but that doesn’t work.

  12. Avoid It!

    Bleah… I usually agree with Philip… but not this time.
    This mod is short, unpolished and terrible.

  13. Play It Later

    This is really hard to rate.
    While I liked the story and idea behind it and I even liked the “escape the room” gameplay, there were so many small things that made the mod seem unfinished or unpolished. And it was waaay too short. I expected something more…. well…. just more…. this could have been great, but how the mod is now it just barely gets an “PIL” from me.

  14. Just no fun. Tedious.

  15. Hi! This mod looks amazing but I’m having a bit of a problem. When I launch the game, it gives me an error message saying something about a back round logo not being found. I would love to play this so someone please help me!

  16. Unknown

    I really enjoyed the setup for Comatose it puts you right into a serious situation as soon as you start. It gives that unexpected element of “surprise” and “critical thinking”.

    Most Half-Life 2 modifications I have played build up to that point slowly, and are sometimes “unsatisfying” in the sense you find a simple way to come over the obstacle, and move on to the next section. You really don’t have a choice with Comatose though it you are “forced” to confront a dire situation or perish.

    I am not disappointed with Comatose, but it is another Half-Life 2 modification that feels like it was setup to lead to something greater or a continuation at some point. Comatose definitely feels like it was eventually going to become a series with new parts over time to help build the story.

    I would absolutely recommend this modification to a friend who may want to have a good experience while playing his first Half-Life 2 modification. It is simple, but allows enough detail for a first time-player to become enthralled especially if that person has only played the original Half-Life.

  17. Play It Later

    Same author as Attempt to Survive, it’s mainly focused on the story, the first part is hard because you don’t really know what to do and the blue colours can make you nauseous, anyways it deserves a try…

  18. Play It Now!

    This was good and fun! I remeber playing it at home of a friend (he makes mods so he was finding some ideas) and I rember I played this for like 1 hour trying to understand what to do!
    9/10 Would play again for hours trying to finding some keys.

  19. RC

    Avoid it. Waste of time.

  20. Tom Clifford

    After not playing comatose for a number of years, I tried it recently.
    Trouble getting it to run, but have that solved.
    However, now in the apartment after waking up, I find that I cannot move, and moving
    the mouse will not change my view.
    I don’t wake up with a view of the ceiling, but of the floor, centered on the knife.
    Anyone come across this ?
    It may be the older copy of comatose. I have the original rar file, and I copied
    the steampipe fix files from the zip file into the sourcemods\comatose directory.
    I’ll try the 7z file to see what I get.

    1. Tom Clifford

      Finally turned out I had to download the 7z file from
      planet phillip, then put the steampipe fix over the top of that, then copy the materials and models folder from the comatose/cstrike folder to the top level comatose folder.
      It works… :>

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