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Don't like games that can't be won, no matter what you do. Talking to you, Chris Fox: Day 15. That being said, I still enjoyed the game...dammit!


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Latest 25 Comments
17 Sep 2020 Deeper Down Got to the part where you cross the bridge and see Alyx through the windows in the building but s...
24 Aug 2020 Cosmonaut A very well-written and well thought out mod. Really enjoyed it...twice! Thanks very much, Do...
21 Oct 2019 Seizure Of Power A bit glitchy - had to noclip to get away from the helicopter. Language was all in Russian so co...
21 Oct 2019 Seizure Of Power All audio is in Russian so it was unclear what I was supposed to do.
14 Oct 2019 Cosmonaut Well-written and I didn't discover any flaws. One of the better mods on this site.
29 Jan 2018 Hells Mines Hi Phillip Oddly, when I went back and tried again, that glitch had stopped. No idea what was...
27 Jan 2018 Hells Mines Hi Phillip No not the first time. I've had this happen with a number of mods, though not all ...
19 Jan 2018 Hells Mines Had an odd glitch with this one that I have had with some other mods. When using the movement ke...
14 Jul 2017 DownFall I enjoyed the game to a point. It was well made with a good deal of detail. The point at which ...
03 Mar 2017 Dread City This mod actually gave me shivers a couple of times. Very creepy. Some difficulty finding out w...
30 Jul 2014 Crow Avenue Very easy mod and disappointed with a couple of things. 1. Unrealistic popping in of zombies fr...
09 Jun 2013 The Citizen 2 Never seen this issue before. I downloaded the zipped file, extracted it to my Source Mods folde...
08 Jun 2013 Deep Down This game binds right-click to take down the combine force fields. I'm left-handed. While the g...
04 Jun 2013 Comatose Just no fun. Tedious.
02 Jun 2013 Minehole Not much to it really. A watered down version of Ep2 main mine area, trying to save Alyx. Bette...
03 Jun 2010 Forest Ambush I enjoyed the game until I got to the 3 rebels (one wounded on the ground) surounded by the tanke...
01 Jun 2010 Offshore This was one of the best mods I've played from here. Some issues with lag on some levels was irr...
14 Apr 2010 Unexpected Conclusion Well, my unexpected conclusion was that I could not get the file to de-compress. I tried the ori...
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