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11 Dec 2011 7 Console Commands for Players - The 7 Series r_drawothermodels is less confusing than mat_wireframe, it does the same, just without transparen...
25 Nov 2011 Poll Question 251 - If you see a Steam friend playing a game or mod you haven't heard of, do you search for it? Most of the time, yes.
23 Nov 2011 HalloweenVille Missing Person was really good, loved it so much that it's now my personal favourite! [spoiler]T...
04 Oct 2011 HalloweenVille Mapping Competition Lol xD if anyone makes a horror map in fullbright it would be a winnier in my eyes :)
10 Jul 2011 Poll Question 232 - How do you reload? I usually melee and reload afterwards. But I'm very conservative about my ammo.
27 Jun 2011 StriderVille I am so terribly sorry, I did not enter. However with exams and such being in the same period I h...
07 May 2011 Poll Question 223 - Do you think Valve will ever sell normal applications through Steam? I don't think sandboxes counts as game but as game related, and they are all ready selling ebooks...
04 May 2011 Beyond Portal 2 I think that mods will be about as popular for Portal 2 as it was for the original. (if not less)...
06 Apr 2011 Roundtable: The Future of Source Modding @open sourcing mod code I'm not saying release the code before the game, I just think it's a lon...
05 Apr 2011 Roundtable: The Future of Source Modding I deffently think they care, and I don't think they are understaffed either. I think it's bec...
04 Apr 2011 Roundtable: The Future of Source Modding Very nice feature. And wow a good discussion, I like the thing they said, it was like, indies ki...
30 Mar 2011 Precursor I did my hardest to find stuff I didn't like, it's almost impossible. I found myself getting ove...
30 Mar 2011 Precursor Question, did the mod team re-skin the crates or did Philip? And is it just in the panorama pictu...
27 Mar 2011 Poll Question 217 - Would you like Episode Three to include co-op gameplay? No, I hope not. (I pressed the maybe by mistake xD) People Can't follow me because I'm to fast, I...
21 Mar 2011 Poll Question 216 - Has Source modding peaked? I voted no because if it did peak, it peaked long ago. I thought it peaked back at Get a Life (R...
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