Poll Question 251 – If you see a Steam friend playing a game or mod you haven’t heard of, do you search for it?

25th November 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I don’t use Steam Friends as much as some, but that’s true of Facebook, LinkedIn or Skype etc.

For those that seem to spend their entire life online (I’m looking at you Au Heppa!) they may not pay much attention to their friends list.

I do. I don’t know why but I do.

Recently, I have removed most of my “friends”. If you are one of these people, please don’t feel bad. It’s not that I don’t like you anymore, it’s just that we never talk and I am the kind of person that needs a clear desk and mind to work properly. The same can be said for my virtual world.

Anyway, where the headcrab am I going with this?

As I was removing “friends” I started to noticing what people are playing. Especially if it says “In mod”. I have a quick look at the name and see if I recognize it. If I don’t, I do a search.

I know others do, because a few times, people have messaged me and asked what mod was I playing. But I am wondering how many people actually notice or even care.

If you were one of the people who got scammed by me yesterday, please accept my apologies – it was just an experiment.

Yesterday, I created a fake mod and called it BMS Final Beta to see how many people would contact me. Before the mod had even finished the intro video I had 3 people online asking me. I then went out for 3 hours and left it running. When I came back I had another 4 messages.

Now, this is perhaps a little unfair, as something with “BMS” is bound to get people excited but other names might not have got so much interest.

so, back to the question…
If you see a Steam friend playing a game or mod you haven’t heard of, do you search for it?

The Poll


  1. ASG

    Voted “No” because my friends are not intelligent enough to play mods. If someone plays a mod I have always played it before him.

  2. I voted Yes, sometimes because there are only two people on my friends list that actually play mods regularly and one of those doesn’t even play anymore. On top of that I have usually at least heard of the mod.

    One of the people on my friends list, Petrick (who also introduced me to this site) has played some very obscure mods that I would never have even thought of playing, and thanks to him my knowledge of mods has greatly improved. Big thanks to him!

    Anyway, I have seen the two people in question play many mods, most of which I have heard of, and by searching the ones I haven’t heard of I have found some real gems, such as the brilliant Life’s End and Nightmare House 2 (if you haven’t played either, then do so now) and so if I haven’t heard of the mod I will usually look it up.

  3. Where the hell did you get a copy of my secret mod “Bored: Midnight Snacks” ???

    I just realized I could torture people for a few minutes – or hours – if I created and played a fake mod called “Half-Life 2: Episode Three”.

    1. I just realized I could torture people for a few minutes — or hours — if I created and played a fake mod called “Half-Life 2: Episode Three”.

      That’s exactly what I did with the BMS mod. Of course, if it says “In Mod” then they would know it’s not a game.

      1. andyb

        Not sure if you can still do this but used to be able to.Steam would let you run any game on your pc whether it was a steam game or not.All it did was launch the executable.So if you could make an executable game(just simple game or app) with a tag of EP3 it should show up as a game rather than mod if steam still does this

        1. Nic

          This still works, but I think it says “In Non-Steam Game”.

  4. lambda

    Yes always,

    If I was on yesterday (Thanksgiving in America so bad day for you to run that experiment), I would have asked you what mod you were playing. I would have searched for it but I would have known that no results would have come up because it was probably a dev build or limited release.

    I am infamous for asking people with a new game or mod,” how is it? do you like it? what is it?” Even though I keep up to date on most mods, it is still very interesting to see what people are playing (for example someone I knew had NMRIH )before it came out. I asked and he was shocked because he wasnt suppose to be showing that he was playing it.

    Most of the time though, this happens with games as I do not have the money for everything I want so I usually ask more about them as the mods are easy to find and rarely played among most of my friends.

  5. Nic

    I usually read the game/mod name, but I only search if it seems particularly interesting. Also, if I’m waiting for something to install, update, etc. then I’ll sometimes open the friends list just to see what people are playing.

    Does anybody else do this: when I get back to my PC after being away for a short time I sometimes see a Steam Now Playing alert box slide down just before I can read it; so I open my friends list to try to find out what it was, based on what I saw of the avatar or game/mod name. I’m not sure why I do it, aside from curiosity, but I often do.

  6. Duke

    I don’t have a single ‘real life” friend that is a gamer…not one. All my friends ride motorcycles and are bemused that I spend hours online, let alone “playing games’…they think I should get out more…maybe they’re right….lol…

  7. Au-heppa

    I admit I almost fell for it and asked what it was about, but it was such an obvious trap. So, there.

  8. Most of the time, yes.

  9. Kyo

    D’oh! I should have known better. Yes, I was one of the unlucky “victims” of Phillip’s little scam. I guess sooner or later, he’d figure out how to press the Create a Mod button. X)

  10. Hec

    Im probably a totally clue less guuy in the world so I missed totally what people is playing it, myself is different some guys had called me the “Mod guy” because if there’s a mod i’ll be there. so conssidering that, I voted NO.

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