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27th August 2005

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“The point of this map is, as the name says, rejecting grenades (pick up, with “use” key, one thrown by soldier and reject it as if it were yours). some clips lie around although, so you shouldn’t worry about ammo if you decide to play it standard way. your target is to find five levers handling wooden doors near your start position. there is a hidden area behind central pillar in the hall shown on 3rd screen. you must walk down the stairs and crawl over an edge surrounding that pillar. use your weapons wisely, snipe with pistol and get the crowbar as soon as you can. combines’ grenades are also useful for blowing out creatures. “

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  • Title: Reject
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  • Size : 3.5Mb
  • Author: macik
  • Date Released: 20 August 2005
  • Download: Filefront
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  1. Mel

    Help needed:
    If you load a saved game within this map you get “A.1. Disable” which defeats the object of the game. Does anyone know a way around this, short of playing the game without save/load that is.

    I noclip through this game and while it’s no classic it does however looks interesting enough to play.

  2. Open the console and type AI_Disable 0

    For a permanent fix depending on the mod or game.

    “Go into your hl2\cfg\ folder, and create a txt file, inside this
    text file, write the following lines.

    ai_norebuildgraph “1”
    ai_disable “0”

    Save, then rename the text file to ai_fix.cfg, right click the file
    and set it to read only.

    Next, open up valve.rc in notepad, you should see the following
    // load the base configuration
    //exec default.cfg
    // Setup custom controller
    exec joystick.cfg
    // run a user script file if present
    exec autoexec.cfg
    // stuff command line statements
    // display the startup level

    under “exec autoexec.cfg”, add this line
    exec ai_fix.cfg

    Save the file and your done!

    (Copied from another source whom I forget.)

  3. open console and type AI_Disable 0

  4. Mel

    Thanks andyb, that worked so managed to play through the game. Will add some notes about how it played.

  5. Mel

    First of all this map has one major problem, if you load a saved game within the map the AI get Disabled, which kinder kills the point of any game. But thanks to “andyb” you can go into the console and type AI_Disable 0 and get the action back. I found that you need to do this each time you loaded a saved game, so it pays to save a lot but load as little as poss.
    The author’s notes on the listing are not to clear and what with the AI issue it may be apt to give a few hints on playing this one through. From the start look behind and you will see 5 dark slots in the wall, the object being to find the 5 levers that light up the slots.
    Alongside the slots in the wall is a door which is not too clear to see, when all the lights are triggered this will open and the game will finish when you go in and pickup the bag.

    From the start turn left, there are passages off to both the left and right, keep going straight as possible and you will come to a citadel type door, and you will need to shot open this door bit by bit. The reason for taking this route first is that the only crowbar in the game is to be found in this section and you will need it. it’s a matter now of finding the 5 levers, use ammo sparingly and use the crowbar when ever possible. The only other issue I found is one door that did not trigger, well not for me, if back at the start you go in the opposite direction down the main centre passage you will come to the door in question, there is a route around the door to the left which you will need to take sometime, on this route you can jump down and work your way back to the other side of the door, but I found it took to much damage so opted to noclip the door, either way you must do this section.

    Conclusion; the map is playable with a degree of game play but is far from being a classic map. I like a mixture of shot and kill coupled with search and find hence the reason I slogged this one out, AI disable and all. Only play this map if you are short of a fix, there is nothing new and it’s all basic design and textures, but I enjoyed it.

  6. EddieLee

    Received 404 error

  7. Received 404 error


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