Poll Question 259 – Will you use the new Steam Mobile service?

27th January 2012

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Just launched my feed reader and saw that Valve has introduced a Steam Mobile service.

Here’s their blurb… ” gamers around the world may chat with Steam friends, browse community groups and user profiles, view screenshots and user-generated content for their favorite games, read the latest gaming news, stay up to date on unbeatable Steam sales, and more.”

Sounds pretty cool and I was thinking of installing Steam on my new netbook, even though I can’t run games on it, I thought it might be nice to chat with people etc. Just because I can’t play games on the netbook, doesn’t mean I don’t want to stay connected.

Now, I don’t have a smart phone but if I did, this might be a pretty cool new app.

So, will you use it?

Time to Vote!


  1. Niuva

    Yup, anything that makes a geek like me more social is good.

    1. “Social geek”. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  2. Derbler

    I’m not sure what to select in the poll. I WOULD use it, but don’t have the right kind of phone, so I can’t. But if I were to get one, I would install it right away.

  3. Unq

    I’ll certainly try it. I kind of want another poll option – I expect to get the app but I doubt I’ll actually use it much. Being notified of Steam sales is nifty, although I’m kind of in the same boat as a lot of others – too many games already, too little time.

  4. Bramblepath

    I was looking for something like this for a while, but I rarely use my phone (call me spoilt, but I did get it free – technically illegally, too, but parcel force didn’t want it back!) and there’s not that much advantage to it.

    Still, a lot of my friends use Steam exclusively for chatting and I miss catching up with some of them. Steam runs terribly under Linux and so it makes me loathe to open it. If Valve made the Steam chat protocol useable in other applications, I would definitely use that. As it is, a mobile application isn’t that useful to me.

  5. Nah. I still have a life when I’m not home. And I already have one at home, too. And having an Iphone is already too antisocial IMHO, so that I don’t want to be much “connected” that I’m already.

    I’ve already a comprehensive wife who let him wander on the computer most of the time, I don’t want to go to the restaurant or at party with her or friends, and constantly being tempted by this steam mobile thinggy.

  6. WizardExt

    Since I was away from home and computers most of late december I would loved this app during the crazy Christmas sales. I will definitely have it on the phone, but I have no idea how much I will actually use it. Still nice to have the option. Will be interesting to see what it offers and what new features will be added later on.

  7. Steam belongs on my desktop, and nowhere else. No Steam for me on my smartphone, even if I had one (smartphone). Hello! Hello!, is that Steam? No, you moron, you just can’t call Steam just likle that……. 🙂
    I voted No

  8. OK, we’re talking smart phones/devices here and yet another App of dubious usefulness. Will my life be lessened if I don’t have this App?

    Err! Let me think for a minute!


    I don’t have or want a so called smart phone. I’m smart enough to work out things for myself and I don’t want to become one of those Zombies who walk down the street, stooped over and tapping away at their phones unaware of anything less than 6inches (15cm) around them!!!!

    Now just don’t get me started on the iPrat, oops sorry Pad.

  9. Yes and in fact I’m using it right now, got my key from doug yesterday. We will be giving out a key to live listeners of Podcast 17 tomorrow (sorry for the shameful self promotion). Honestly though, it’s still in it’s infant stages… I wish it could some how determine if I was on my computer and turn notifications off on my phone, gets annoying getting messages on both devices. This is a good app to have though if you’re sitting on the toilet wanting to check what the latest deals are.

  10. Hec

    Well I use a nokia x3-02 touch and type, which has symbian 40 series, and a really loosy, slow and primitive basic WLAN conection, so if steam would provide games for that loosy op. sistem, i’d definietly try it, but as I don’t have any i-phone, i-pod touch, i-pad, or even tablet, or smart phone with android where I could try, I just can’t use that new steam service, looks pretty cool, and in the future when I upgrade my mobile tech devices, I definitely will use it…

  11. lj4linux

    Two years ago I bought a smartphone: WiFi, GPS and so on…
    I used the GPS only once in two years
    I used the internet about 50 times in two years (that includes mail, messenger, skype…)
    I never used any other application included
    Next phone will be one with a large keyboard and a large display (precisely large characters) because… some of you will understand me, I’m sure 🙂
    Getting social on the move?
    NOPE – that’s not for me!
    Like other guys said – we still have our lives, partners, friends…

  12. Soylent Bacon

    I’ll probably use it for chat someday, since that’s my main use of Steam whenever I’m not playing a game. I won’t be installing it any time soon though, since I still have a flip phone.

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