Operation Rosenberg Demo

for Opposing Force

3rd December 2017

At the end of Blue Shift you escape with a few scientists. Dr. Rosenberg is one of them.

In this mod, you continue that story.

You are Corporal Timothy Collins, an HECU marine sent from Black Mesa to the mysterious Area 99.

Your mission: recapture Dr Rosenberg who escaped from Black Mesa and go to A-99.

Basic Details
  • Title: Operation Rosenberg Demo
  • Filename: of-sp-operation-rosenberg-mod-demo-v1.3.7z
  • Size : 184MB
  • Author: FedeShepard_HLOR
  • Date Released: 18 November 2017
Important Notes

This mod contains an introduction video, which is located in the root of the mod’s folder.
There is also a PDF and text file explaining how to install, and play the mod.

Download Options

Download to your HDD [135MB]

Manual Installation Instructions

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.

  • Copy Half-Life Operation Rosenberg DEMO folder into your …\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\ folder.
  • It should now be listed in your library tab.


Here’s my blind playthrough of the training section and the early levels.


Coming soon, after I play it.


Coming soon, after I play it.

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  1. I installed and tested this yesterday and it seemed to work fine. I played for 2 or 3 minutes in the training room.

    I re-started it today and on the first level change in the training area it crashed.

    I am also concerned that the whole packaging of this mod is very strange. It actually asked me for my serial number. I am worried, that this works without having a base game installed and is therefore illegal.

    If anybody can provide information about this, I would be very grateful. If necessary I will remove it from the site.

  2. lj4linux

    The easy way to install and play “Operation Rosenberg”:
    – extract .rar archive
    – open folder “Half-Life Operation Rosenberg DEMO” and copy/cut “opros” folder
    – paste it to …/steam/steamapps/common/Half-Life/
    Now “Operation Rosenberg” should appear in your game list. No serial request, no crash, nada… At least for me.

    1. NO, NO, NO.

      It potentially corrupts your Half-Life installation. I highly suggest deleting it AND Half-Life.

      1. lj4linux

        Sorry to hear that. For me it worked and I almost finished the mod. I repeat: don’t extract the archive and paste it to “…common/half-life” JUST ONLY “OPROS” folder inside!. Probably the author packed the mod in a wrong way (by mistake he included the parent folder). Sorry again for any dammage.

        1. The problem is that you may get VACBanned if the author had edited certain DLL files and I wouldn’t want anybody to have that.

          1. lj4linux

            You’right it’s an illegal copy of HL packed with the mod so you probably could play it as a standalone game. I realised that later today. When I installed the mod I thought it’s a mistake. I didn’t even read the “quickstart” notice. Not nice at all, too bad for his hard work because the mod is really awsome.

  3. I have added a working and legal download. Huge thanks to Barnz for creating it from the original release.

  4. Just downloaded and installed now, after reading this. Something isn’t right? I picked training room and going down the halls I look in different directions with the mouse and it flips the view back to straight ahead? Never experienced this before, any ideas?

    1. I can’t start the mod at all 🙁 I press “new game’ and the mod crashes. Oops.

      1. Anon_1580229

        me neither

      2. same for me, click on new game and it quits..shame, I fancied a go at this..

        1. …ah, I re downloaded Opposing Force and now it has opened for me…try that.

  5. Play It Later

    Thanks for fixing the demo release Barnz.

    I must say the demo is surprisingly good for what it offers. While the mapping itself may not always be top of the line the game play in it rather good. The mod arrives with plenty of brilliant neat ideas.

    Seeing that this is only a demo gives it a minor downside to it though.
    Either way I can gladly recommend this for a play through.
    A more detailed review will follow on full release.

  6. Pullitzer

    I downloaded it but it didn’t work! 🙁

    Do I need Opposing Force to play it?

    Please heeelppp!!! I really wanna play it!

    1. I have it, so that isn’t the answer.

      1. Pullitzer

        Doug, what problem did you have playing it?

        1. See my Dec 3 post above. It happened twice and I haven’t played again, fearing that the mod will ruin HL (as talked about in the early posts).

  7. @dougjp: It must be on your end.. I just tested it with the fixed version (my review was based upon his illegal copy.)

    And it works fine in steam with the fixed release. If you’re attempting at playing this in WON Half-Life try creating 2 new folders in your mod folder.

    cl_dlls << containing client.dll
    dlls << containing opfor.dll

    just copy these 2 folders from opposing force to that demo mod folder. Other than that I can't imagine why it would crash then. If it continues to crash a fresh re-installation of Hl might be in order for you.

    1. It isn’t me that has it crashing, that’s a number of others. I have and use the Steam version of HL, OF and all HL universe games. No problems playing any mod except this.

      My problem is, when I move the mouse to look left or right, it snaps the view back to straight ahead. All the time, repeatedly 🙁 As nobody else has reported this specific problem, I’ll look at settings first, then uninstall, re-download etc.

      1. shark

        Yep happens to me too. Mouse view snaps back can’t turn to look…

  8. FedeShepard_HLOR

    Hello everybody, first of all, I apologize for the inconvenience of the bad HL version I uploaded with the Operation Rosenberg first release (My mistake sorry!).

    Thanks to Barnz and PlanetPhillip for the help in making the HL: Operation Rosenberg Steam version.

    Hope you enjoy the DEMO version, the FULL one will be available shortly.


    1. lj4linux

      From my point of view your mod is one of the best Half-Life mods I’ve played in the last years. I was lucky because for me it worked without problems as I said before. Thank you!

      1. I wish there was a walkthough, I can’t seem to work out how to get past the first map without using noclip, I’ve clicked on and read everything I can find and talked to all my buddies…what ya supposed to do ?

        1. Hi Duke! Are you talking about the first level on the tunnel or the second at the entrance with the control tower?

          The tunnel is easy to pass, the second you need to look carefully at the side rock walls…
          Are you having trouble to find the secret code to the entrance?

          1. I’m talking about where you start, get out the vehicle and the troops are there, I can make my way through the collapsed roof to the outer area but the guys can’t follow me, no idea where the codes are, so what to do ?

            1. FedeShepard_HLOR

              Oh! That’s easier than you think, check in the storage ;)…

            2. found the first codes, bit hard to get at without noclip, got in but can’t get any further…I’ll come back to this one day I think, see if a walk through appears. At the moment sheer frustration is outweighing any joy I might have derived from it.

      2. FedeShepard_HLOR

        Thanks to you lj4linux!

        Ok Duke, it is not an easy mod I thought it to be a brain-breaker 😉

        1. I agree with you. I could not get into the storage room I had to noclip in and once I got in, there was nothing of use … crates could not be broken and I found nothing.
          Once I got outside the best I could do was get 3 team members to follow. I found the area in the rock wall but could do nothing with what I had to break the wall. I’m stuck there right now. I deleted and re-installed this mod 3 times with the same results. The last install was with the 2 files the author included in a later post. How does one get into the storage room correctly and past the main gate?
          How can you get this to run in OpForce ? I tried copying the folder into gearbox and it doesn’t show in my library
          This mod seems to run OK for some people and for others not at all.

  9. I think this addon is for HL_Opposing Force, not for Half-Life.

    1. Anon_1581840

      yes defo opposing force it plays fine now i reinstalled it

  10. FedeShepard_HLOR

    Ok guys, some tips for the ones that couldn’t solve the puzzles…
    1) There are 2 storage rooms in the first level… once is useless the other has something to let you bring your troops to help you in the next level.
    2) To pass the second level you need to find a code to open the door with the keypad.

    Good luck and use your brains more! Hehe 😉

  11. There is a lot of potential here, but a lot of polishing and fixing is needed. The author didn’t get the transitions between maps correct in many cases. You will be approaching towards a closed door when you trigger a map change. When the next map loads the door you were looking at is now open, or sometimes you are transported beyond that door and your viewpoint is adjusted by 180 degrees.

    There are also a lot of spots where the player can get into trouble if he doesn’t follow the exact correct path and gets stuck. This is bad design and should be corrected. I ended up having to noclip out of the ventilation area with all of the fans because I couldn’t see a way out; maybe I missed that one.

    In the end the mod crashed on me after I got past the toxic goo and I exited the decontamination shower. When I triggered the next map it complained about a missing model.

    If the author got some dedicated testers and fixed the rough spots this might be a good mod. I have to stop playing now as I can’t proceed past the crash.

  12. I am finding this mod really frustrating. There are some many bad design decisions that require restarts. I really don’t understand why the author thinks that sort of gameplay is fine.

    For example, when you go to the second storage area right at the beginning, if you push the box to the side with the door, you can’t push it next to the fallen concrete, so you have to re-start.

    I am stuck too. Once outside at the beginning, I can’t find a way past the electrified fence. The doors won’t open. I can see a pass card by the scientist but can’t get into the main area to get it. Any suggestions?

    1. You have to jump on the little sign that says “DANGER Confined Space” and from there onto the fence and quickly jump off it again or you die. At least that’s how I did it, don’t know if this is the official way.

      1. Thanks, I tried that but couldn’t make it. I’ll try again.

        1. If you go over to the far side you should see a series of tiny ledges on the wall you can climb onto. Once you get high enough you jump over the fence. The author puts these in the mod in several places.

          1. I did see those but didn’t think to use them. They should have been built into the training, in my opinion.

  13. Phillip says Avoid It!

    I’ve stopped playing Operation Rosenberg. It’s too frustrating. It’s not a demo, it’s a beat and a beta with too many issues for public release. Gaming should be fun and that wasn’t.
    My partial blind playthrough with commentary should be up later.

    I don’t often give AVOID IT! recommendations but this is too buggy. perhaps there are some good ideas later but I don’t feel I should have to struggle through to reach them.

    Enter a code wrong and you die immediately. Mappers SHOULD NOT be encouraged to do that sort of thing. The final straw came when I pressed a lift button and waited until it rose so I could check under the floor for secrets and found I couldn’t call it back down again.

    The author tells me to search but punishes me when I do. Any game or mod that requires you to load a previous save almost every interaction is no fun.

    I fear the author won’t listen to any feedback regarding this, as in my experience authors who make these sorts of maps don’t care what people think.

    Let me repeat it. If you are the kind of player who likes polished, sensible mods, avoid this one.

    Finally, just to be clear, a demo is a release that demonstrates what the final product will be. It is NOT an early, unfinished version. That’s a beta.

    In some ways, this mod has re-inspired me to get back into mapping as I am sure I can do better than this.

  14. FedeShepard_HLOR

    Guys thanks for your feedback. I will rethink and redo the maps that are difficult. Also rethink about the tough paths and things to discover. Hope I can do my best.

    1. It’s not that we don’t like difficult maps, it’s just they have to be fair. For example, why kill the player if they enter the wrong number? Why not drop some enemies to fight. That way the player is punished for errors but not killed. Also, use the training to teach the player things that are new in this mod, not things they already know. For example, it seems I was supposed to use little ledges to get over the electrified fence. Put a section in the training that teaches players to do this.

      1. FedeShepard_HLOR

        Fine you might be right… Now that I see the difficulty you are experiencing I decided to redo and redesing most of the levels.
        Hope to fix all this issues in the last release.
        Thanks people!

  15. asterixer

    To run this under Linux:

    Try replacing the “liblist.gam” file with these lines:

    gamedir “opros2.0”
    game “Operation Rosenberg”
    startmap “of0a0”
    trainmap “ofboot0”
    version “1”
    size “96000000”
    svonly “0”
    hlversion “1108”
    type “single”

    //cldll “1”

    gamedll_linux “../gearbox/dlls/opfor.so”

    fallback_dir “gearbox”

    1. Anon_1908329

      Sorry you have to download the actuall Version from moddb first.

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