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Maps and mods that are still in beta, or demo releases, even ones that have been released unfinished.

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Dead Lab

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Set in a research facility, where experiments were performed on non-human organisms, you find yourself fighting the things you were supposed to be protecting.

Do you go to the surface for help or deeper into the complex?

Alone and confused, you must make wise choices and use your skills carefully.


Total Downloads: 2709th August 2018
13 Comments and 5 recommendations, 2 say "Play It Later"

Hill Valley 2015

for Half-Life 2

You have a task. Kill Breen. The place you find yourself feels like something from an old movie.

It’s not pretty but it is functional.

The layout requires careful observation to get where you need to get to.

Don’t forget about Breen!


Total Downloads: 23529th July 2018
10 Comments and 6 recommendations, 2 say "Maybe?"

City 14

for Half-Life 2

Life in City 14 is less user-friendly than in City 17. Civilian Protection are more and more oppressive, and civilian beatings are commonplace.

You are teleported into a weird building and you have lost your memory.

Your awakening and arrival will cause some events that you need to deal with.


Total Downloads: 27128th July 2018
30 Comments and 9 recommendations with no significant bias

Area 17

for Half-Life 2

Fight your way through an unfinished and shockingly lit early map.

Remember, this is from 2004, so do not expect anything amazing.

Mappers were still getting to grips with how things worked and what was possible.

That said, this is still pretty basic and badly designed.


Total Downloads: 23018th July 2018
11 Comments and 9 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it

Operation Rosenberg Demo

for Opposing Force

At the end of Blue Shift you escape with a few scientists. Dr. Rosenberg is one of them.

In this mod, you continue that story.

You are Corporal Timothy Collins, an HECU marine sent from Black Mesa to the mysterious Area 99.

Your mission: recapture Dr Rosenberg who escaped from Black Mesa and go to A-99.


Total Downloads: 5303rd December 2017
42 Comments and 2 recommendations, 1 say "Play It Later"

Enslavement of Vortigaunts Demo

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Soon after the 7-Hour War, with Humanity defeated a survivors join the nascent rebellion.

After escaping Nihilanth’s control, Vortigaunts are forming the alliance with rebels, hoping to defeat the common enemy and return back home.

As a player, you’ll play a role of the man who survived the war and join the rebellion and prevent Alliance from completely conquering Earth.

Total Downloads: 4868th October 2017


for Half-Life 2

Gordon Freeman finds himself on the sea shore with a terrible hangover.

He is surrounded by empty beer bottles a few Headcrab corpses and a bicycle.

Does not remember anything about how he got there or what happened there and the night before.

Sets off to find out and as usual gets into a bunch of “fun” activities along the way.


Total Downloads: 2,32025th March 2016
39 Comments and 9 recommendations, 4 say "Play It Later"

Black Silla Assault

for Half-Life

An abandoned horror mod.

It only contains one map.

I have no idea if there was ever going to be a story.

WON and Steam versions available, but the Steam didn’t work on my Steam installation but the WON did!


Mods like these are still being added because the stated objective of the site is to list and review EVERY SINGLE SP map and mod released, no matter how terrible they are.


Total Downloads: 63329th March 2015
5 Comments and 4 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it