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  1. Sniper Elite I II III
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Latest 25 Comments
08 Dec 2017 Operation Rosenberg Demo I agree with you. I could not get into the storage room I had to noclip in and once I got in, the...
14 Oct 2017 Entropy Zero I could launch the game but as soon as I clicked on options, the game would launch a VR error pan...
23 Jan 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 - Challenge 1 - DefendVilleTwo Sorry to hijack as I have nothing to add to the subject except ... Mr. Marlowe you have exquisit...
04 Apr 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Wow ! I played through the whole mod twice before deciding to review it. Casting aside persona...
08 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure I have not finished playing yet ...I am just where I have to kill the scientist through the glass...
28 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Thank you LEON and Philip . I've played right up until the underground elevator going up. So f...
05 Nov 2015 POSSIBLE changes on the site. I come here for the mods and SP maps. ..everything else is secondary and besides the point. I ha...
23 Feb 2014 Lost Under the Snow After reading 7683 threads about 4896 problems running mods after the different STEAM updates, I ...
12 Feb 2014 Exit I really liked this mod. It was a refreshing change from dark rooms and zombies which in my opin...
12 Jan 2014 Baryonic Predicament I am getting totally frustrated with installing mods thast don't work or are missing textures as ...
29 Dec 2013 Lost Under the Snow I still could not get theis mod to work after trying ALL the posted gameinfo fixes. If anybody h...
08 Dec 2013 Lost Under the Snow Thanks for the prompt reply ... ;) although I didn't see anything related specifically to Lost...
08 Dec 2013 Lost Under the Snow It seems that with the various updates to STEAM, many of the mods/maps no longer work. I cannot ...
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