Awards 2015 – Stage Two

9th January 2016

Okay, it’s time for some actual voting.

Below you will find polls for each category. This will last until next Saturday. Each poll allows a maximum of two or three votes, depending on the category.

The final stage will only allow one vote per category. Think of this stage as an elimination stage. At the end of this stage there will only be two entries left for each category.

Best Source Release

Here are your choices. If you need to remind yourself of the mods, the links are below.

Best GoldSource Release

Another difficult choice. If you need to remind yourself of the mods, the links are below.

Best Ville Release

This vote is for your favourite OVERALL Ville mod. If you need to remind yourself of the mods, the links are below.

Best Ville Entry

This vote is for your favourite ENTRY from a Ville mod. I have chosen the winner from each challenge, plus any others that came very close to winning. If you need to remind yourself of the mods, the links are below. Avenue Odessa was considered for this category but since it was released separately as is in the Best Source Release category. You know, this is a grea set of maps. If I get time next week, I will probably create a mod with all of them and release it.

Best Moment in a Release

This is a REALLY tough category to get nominations from. From this moment forward, I will be keeping a list of these to make it easier to create the category next year. I have added the ones I remember and I REALLY wanted to create a video for this but have NO time, sorry.

Most Anticipated Release

RTSL does not currently list in-development mods, so the links below all link to ModDB. I do wish there were more mods to choose from but I promise to make sure we have a lot more next year.

Phew, that’s it

Voting for all categories ends, 23:59 GMT Saturday 16th January 2016.
If you have any doubts or questions, just ask.



  1. Not sure how the voting works.. Typing your votes in here? Because I can’t see any of mentioned polls…

    1. You might need javascript enabled.

  2. Oh I feel silly now.. πŸ˜›

    Ya my noscript blocked parts of your site.. ^^

    Let the voting begin.. πŸ™‚

  3. Woop. Votes cast. And in case you’re wondering: No, I didn’t vote for my own mod. πŸ˜›

  4. Zekiran

    Yay, voted! I … guess I missed the part about the overall best Ville? O.o I don’t recall that one on the prior page but whatever!

    1. It wasn’t but I asked on the page if readers wanted me to remove the Ville releases from the “Best Source Release” and make a new category and a few people said yes, so I did.

  5. S.anchev

    Even if it’s more a cosmΓ©tic mod, Brutal HL is my personnal winner.

    The pleasure to finally kick enemies in deep pits 17 years after dreaming about that in the original release, is just… unmeasurable.

  6. Mr.Walrus

    Voted! A very good year for Source and GoldSource modding. Huzzah for 2015 and onward to 2016!

  7. Thanoshld

    Go Military Duty and HR:A Fever Dream! I wish you both good luck πŸ˜‰ . Of course, good luck to everyone else as well. Let the voting begin!

    Ooops, forgot to login in.

  8. Voted! Let’s hope this will be a great year for HL modding.

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