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Awards 2015 Winners

Single player maps and mods are often considered the little brother of multiplayer releases. But not here on RTSL. They take the centre stage and deservedly so in my not-so-humble opinion.

Below you will find the winners of the RTSL Awards 2015 in 6 categories. Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the non-winners.

This was a great event and will only become bigger next year.

Oh, and talking of winners, have you seen and played the 2015WinnersVille mod? It contains the winners of all the 2015 RTSL Mapping Challenges.

For those interested, the previous three stages can be found here: Stage Three, Stage Two, and Stage One.

25th January 2016 6 Comments

Awards 2015 Stage Three

Okay, here we are, on the final stretch of the Awards.

This stage sees the two most popular choices from each of the award categories go head-to-head in the final vote-out.

Each reader only gets one vote for each category.

Winners will be announced next Sunday.

Good luck to everybody!

For those that missed the previous stages, they can be found here: Stage One and Stage Two.

17th January 2016 5 Comments

Awards 2015 – Stage Two

Okay, it’s time for some actual voting.

Below you will find polls for each category. This will last until next Saturday. Each poll allows a maximum of two or three votes, depending on the category.

The final stage will only allow one vote per category. Think of this stage as an elimination stage. At the end of this stage there will only be two entries left for each category.

9th January 2016 10 Comments

Awards 2015 Format

This years awards will try a new format. It will be split into 3 one-week voting stages. I’ don’t like the idea of complicating things but I want to make sure it’s fair and open.

This year there will be FOUR awards: Best Source Release, Best GoldSource Release, Best Ville Entry and Best Moment in a Release. Last year there was best overall release, but that didn’t seem fair as the engines for Source and GoldSource are so different.

Voting will be like the standard Poll Questions systems. I like the idea of limiting it to members who have used at least 25 recommendations during the year, but for now it will be public.

In additions, there are new icons for each award, courtesy of Jeff Muñoz (Homepage, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr & LG). HUGE thanks to him for his hard work.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, now is the time to make them as once the voting starts it is highly unlikely I will change anything.

12th December 2015 8 Comments