Awards 2015 Format

12th December 2015

This years awards will try a new format. It will be split into 3 one-week voting stages. I’ don’t like the idea of complicating things but I want to make sure it’s fair and open.

This year there will be FOUR awards: Best Source Release, Best GoldSource Release, Best Ville Entry and Best Moment in a Release. Last year there was best overall release, but that didn’t seem fair as the engines for Source and GoldSource are so different.

Voting will be like the standard Poll Questions systems. I like the idea of limiting it to members who have used at least 25 recommendations during the year, but for now it will be public.

In additions, there are new icons for each award, courtesy of Jeff Muñoz (Homepage, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr & LG). HUGE thanks to him for his hard work.

Stage One: Nominations.

For the Best Source Release, Best GoldSource Release award category I will list the top ten or so possibilities, which will be taken from the Recommendation System. Readers will then be able to make their own nominations. If a nomination gets at least five other readers nominating it, it moves onto the next stage.

For the Best Ville Entry and Best Moment in a Release, I will make some suggestions but again, readers will be able to make their own nominations and if a nomination gets at least five other readers nominating it, it moves onto the next stage.

Stage One nominations will start on Friday 1st January 2016.

Stage Two: Refine

Voters will be able to make 3 votes for each category.

At the end of this stage there will be just two options left in each category.

Stage One nominations will start on Friday 8th January 2016.

Stage Three: Winners

This final stage will allow voters just one vote in each category. The two options will fight it out for the right to be called “WINNER 2015”.

Stage One nominations will start on Friday 15th January 2016.

Final Thoughts

There may be prizes for each category, but only Steam Games.

For 2016, I would REALLY like to award really good prizes but that depends on whether I can raise some extra income or not.

I considered running a short donations campaign to raise money for good prizes but because it is Christmas many readers are strapped for cash it seemed pointless and I want to run another donations campaign for the new mapping challenge series early next year and I hate asking for money as it is.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions related to the Awards format, now is the time to make them as once the voting starts it is highly unlikely I will change anything.


  1. s.anchev

    When you can count the releases of the year on the fingers of both hands, I don’t think this is really interesting to do Awards about it, but hell, at least we’ll who is “number one”.

    1. You must have huge hands to have 49 fingers.

      1. Zekiran

        ^^ that.

        There were so many this year I was hoping to see a concise list, actually.

    2. You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s fair to say the Half-Life Modding community isn’t in it’s golden age anymore, but it’s very much alive and well. You only have to look at RTSL, LambdaGeneration, r/HalfLife, Goldsrc Gold, Sourcemodding or any of the smaller project sites to see that.

      The only way the Half-Life modding community will die is from people saying it is. So let’s keep the energy flowing.

  2. Sounds lovely.. I don’t think prices are really required and if you can’t afford any don’t even think of any. I think your dedicated readers will vote so or so. For the mappers winning such an event which then will be specially mentioned in your mod list here should be price enough for their ego.. 🙂 😛

    I agree with @Zekiran an official list would be nice so we can see all of the mod releases this year in advance prior to you writing about them. That just because some mods take hours of playtime as time is usually for most people especially with x-mas closing in a luxury. That because you get your family reunions spend your last days working like a madman in your companies etc.

    I suspect the gold source sector will be rather short with less than 10 mods released & so will the black mesa source engine. It’ll possibly come all down to the ep2 source mods.

    Looking forward to the results..

    1. The official list will simply be taken from the PLAY archive with the RELEASED column filtered to “2015”.

  3. The award should be prize enough. Something the mod can wear with pride 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the lineup.

    1. Yes, I agree, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like a really good prize too?

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