Awards 2015 – Stage One

1st January 2016

Okay, so here we are Friday 1st January 2016, so time for the Awards 2015!

Just a reminder before we get started: These awards will consist of three separate stages, each a week long. Full details can be found here: Awards 2015 Format.

Stage One: Nominations.
Stage Two: Elimination
Stage Three: Winners

There are 5 awards on offer: “Best Source Release”, “Best GoldSource Release”, “Best Ville Entry”, “Best Moment in a Release” and “Most Anticipated Release”.

What you need to do now, is look through the sections below and if you feel that I have missed a nomination, make a comment and if at least 3 people agree, it will be added to Stage Two, next week.

Now that I have written the post, I am wondering whether we should separate the *Villes into their own new category. It seems a little unfair on the mods create by one person to have them compete against mods created by multiple authors. What do you think?

Best Source Release

One of the problems with Source is that haven’t been that many new releases and a lot of the top downloaded mods are the Ville mods. Also, remember that in the section are Half-Life 2 and Black mesa awards. In An Ideal world we could have an award for each game, but the reality is that so few mods are released it’s just not worth it.

Best Ville Release

There will not be any nomination stage for this award as all the Villes will be included. This means they can all be voted upon from next week.

Best GoldSource Release

I’m surprised that there have only been 9 new GoldSource releases in 2015. Have I missed any?

Best Ville Entry

Let me be clear, this award is NOT about the best Ville mod, but the best entry WITHIN a Ville mod. I will eventually list all the entries, but you can see the Villes released in 2015 below. It’s nine and I think that’s great!

Best Moment in a Release

Have to admit, I am a little stumped for this category. I’ll ponder some more and post a few soon.

Most Anticipated Release

Clearly, these are all taken from ModDB. I am sure you will be able to add more. In addition, this award is for both Source and GoldSource engines.


There are new icons for each award, courtesy of Jeff Muñoz (Homepage, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr & LG). HUGE thanks to him for his hard work.


  1. Bastion

    AWARDS 2105 AS THE IMAGE ;_;

    Quick, fix it before anyone sobers up.

    1. Did Half-Life 3 come out yet? XD

      1. Zekiran


      2. The prize for the first HL3 joke of 2016 (or 2106) goes to Maki!

    2. I didn’t even see the mistake when I read your text. Fixed now, thanks.

  2. Mr.Walrus

    Awesome to see the awards coming up! However, the header says “Awards: 2105” instead of “2015” (though I hope we’ll still be cranking out Source & GoldSource content by 2105!).

    As for whether the Villes should be put into the “best Source mod” category, I agree that they should be put in their own separate category. Mods with a multi-map storyline and a sole creator/team seem very different from competitions with single-map entries and multiple creators.

    I’d also like to suggest the nomination of a small host of mods for Source:

    – Silent Hill: Alchemmila (
    Antlions Everywhere
    – Altered Transmission (
    – Hangover (

    1. I have added them all except Altered Transmission because that is still in demo releases. But I will add it to most anticipated release category.

  3. Zekiran

    Yes separating the Villes into their own department works for me. I’ll have to go through and look up whether I’ve played all the other entries and refresh my memories if I haven’t!

    2015 was in fact a really good year for mods, I think.

  4. Hec

    Antlions Everywhere is not nominated????

    1. It hasn’t had that many downloads and that’s one of my main criteria for selecting the original list. But that’s why we have this week’s stage, for readers to nominate other releases.

      1. Hec

        Oh OK then I suggest that one 😉

  5. I have decided to create a “Best Ville Release” award for this year.
    I will remove the Villes from the Source list.

  6. Zekiran

    In looking back for my comments and votes on some of these, I’m wondering if many of my reviews have gone missing over time. Either I’ve completely neglected to review all the Villes (which I did PLAY) or some reviews just up and vanished. I know I occasionally have difficulty (particularly when using spoiler tags, apparently they mess things up for my posting) and sometimes I just cannot post *at all*, but… Honestly I remember reviewing more of these things than I can find comments on.

    That said, my nominations:

    Best Source Release: Avenue Odessa. I just loved this one so much.

    Best GoldSource Release: Military Duty. There are others that are certainly longer or have much more ‘conversion’ going for them but I actually *enjoyed* this one, and it didn’t have issues running or figuring out what to do that I had with some.

    Best Ville Entry: VerticalVille / TRUSS. Magnificent entry overall, I didn’t vote for it in the ville competition but it stands out as being truly one of the best maps I’ve ever seen.

    Best Moment in a Release: CityStreetsVille / Memory Lane. Pretty much that sinking scary feeling when you realize you’re reliving over and over… That was quite amazing, and highly artistic.

    Most Anticipated Release: I honestly have no opinion on these because until they’re actually out, I never, ever step aboard the hype train.

    1. Well, thank you for your kind words. 🙂

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