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Latest 25 Comments
08 Jul 2024 Combine Attack The truth is that I liked him despite his spam of enemies
08 Jul 2024 Tinje It's fine for 10 minutes but outside of that it's pretty meh
08 Jul 2024 Nuclear Bunker Honestly, I found the solution when I talked to one of the citizens, it was very obvious... I gue...
28 May 2024 Project Einstein This was a bit of a weird map. I mean, it doesn't have an introduction like I'm used to and yo...
28 Mar 2024 Gut Reaction I like this mod, it's pretty good, there were some errors but I played the mod quite a while ago ...
12 Mar 2024 Space Prisoner A good mod... but not that good I mean, I thought it was fun but there are quite a few problem...
12 Mar 2024 Someplace Else This Mod really surprised me I wanted to relax for a little while playing something shorter th...
03 Mar 2024 One Room - Map Labs Test Tube #1 well well well... let's give this a little review [recimage id=2] Well, where do I start... ...
09 Feb 2024 Drew Mobley's Prison Break this mod is... pretty fun In parts I got trapped because I'm bad even at this game but it's al...
09 Feb 2024 Military Duty Military Duty was a... real surprise To be honest, I didn't expect anything from this game and...
09 Feb 2024 Arctic Incident Artic Incident is... surprising It is incredible what can be done with personalized textures a...
09 Feb 2024 Sweet Half-Life What the hell did I just play? It's a good mod, I don't deny it, but the final part becomes......
09 Dec 2023 Seek and Destroy Mod Seek and Destroy is a pretty... good mod First of all I have to say that I am quite an intelle...
01 Dec 2023 Bridge The Gap This mod is literally "Crossing a Bridge: The Mod" I honestly don't have much else to say othe...
01 Dec 2023 Hunt The C-nt HTC is the beginning of a Trilogy For the beginning, I liked it a lot, it has some moments of ...
01 Dec 2023 Half-Life: Anti-Climax Anti-Climax is a very curious mod There are things that we can rescue from this mod I love ho...
25 Oct 2023 Tunnel Vision This map is pretty good and it's fun in its own way I like that it is full of details and secr...
23 Sep 2023 Half-Life: Echoes HL: Echoes is a good mod... Halfway I must say that the first hour I didn't enjoy the game at ...
23 Sep 2023 TWHL Tower 2 TWHL Tower 2 was... A quite remarkable experience a mod that I had pending and seemed like som...
19 Aug 2023 Beast I loved this map especially for the number of puzzles it has It's not a big deal but I like ma...
18 Aug 2023 Bridge the Gap 2.0 this map is short and concise To be honest, I played this map in multiplayer with my boyfriend...
18 Aug 2023 Half-Life: Field Intensity Field Intensity is a This mod includes many weapons, references to other expansions, small d...
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