World War 3 (Mission 1)

for Half-Life

4th February 2001

Basic Details
  • Title: World War 3 (Mission 1)
  • File Name: hl1-sp-world-war-3-mission-1.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 1.22Mb
  • Author: Evan3k
  • Date Released: 04 January 2001
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  1. shawn

    I’ve downloaded and unzipped this and it doesn’t appear on my custom game list…

  2. I have played (long time ago) a full pack name ww3 full containing the 3 releases but it was quite average

    for a review :

    I’m pretty sure it’s not steam compatible

  3. I just tried it & the exe file doesn’t work properly.

  4. Right click the file and select properties.Go to compatibility and select Windows 98/ME.

  5. shawn

    Just tried that, andyb, but in Properties for that file I have no compatibility option–I’m running XP Home, btw.

  6. Sorry that was for godess to extract the file.For me it extracted and I put the file in steams half life folder and it shows up.It takes a few clicks to get through the installer(forgetit means yes I think) and it only installs to C:\SIERRA\Half-Life so you would have to manually move the folder.If you dont have those folders it may of made them for you.

  7. piledriver

    Ran the exe. Very quick message (100ms) saying wait a minute WW3 is unpacking. Searched. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Did the Win 98/ME compatability thing, got “runtime error 216′. Same for WW3 mission 2.
    Andyb, How did you get the installer to run?

  8. Ten Four Reviews

    World War 3: Mission 1 is the first release by Evan Broder (aka Evan3k), brother of Daniel Broder, author of the recently reviewed Death=Power. I see many of you are cringing already, and with good reason. WW3 is a really poor map, even considering it is a first-time effort.

    I knew WW3 was bad news when the loading screen lagged as it scrolled to the top when I first loaded the level. Right away the r_speeds were well into the 1000s, and the framerates were just abysmal. It wasn’t just the wide-open design that killed the speed; it was also the sheer number of enemies in the small map. “So at least it’s got some good, tough combat?” you ask. Nope. Even with the huge number of grunts that await you, you also have a lot of Barnies on your side. Every time I played through this map (an excruciating 3 times), my army of Barnies would decimate the grunts before I even left the bunker, leaving me with easy pickings (especially with the supplied turrets). Go Barnies!

    There isn’t much to the design, either. The entire map consists of a bunker (which you start in) and a battlefield that is fairly flat and too large for the HL engine to handle – you can’t see from one side to the other. When you reach a certain corner (whether or not you’ve cleared out all the grunts), your mission is complete and the level mercifully ends.

    Keep an eye out for the high points of this map:

    • the deadly barbed wire, which will kill you in about 2 seconds if you touch it
    • on the bright side, you can jump over the barbed wire and right into the sky as an alternative means of ending the misery of playing this map
    • the deafening cricket in the middle of the desert battlefield. I searched for it in vain, thinking I’d take care of it, Top Secret! style.
    • the scientist permanently embedded in his chair, perhaps from a catastrophic sexual experiment

    In retrospect, the high point of this episode is definitely the main menu screen and the new set of buttons, although they are nearly unreadable. Just think, without these features, this map could have been just another poor first release! Instead, it’s another poor first release with flashy menu graphics! And had the author left them out, he could have shaved nearly a megabyte off the download! But no! We got all the extras in this one.

    No matter what size file this one could be, it’s not worth the download. Even worse, the author threatens a Mission 2…

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Tuesday, 23rd January, 2001 by Unquenque.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  9. Avoid It!

    This isn’t actually an “Avoid it” due to the bad gameplay, mapping or anything like that, this is a mod that you have to avoid because the installer has a Trojan virus, or at least that’s what my antivirus claims, it COULD be a false positive of course, but I’m not taking any risks here, I will update my score once a clean version appears, but for now, AVOID

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